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Klarus XT11GT - 2000 Lumen Flashlight klarus xt11gt, tactical, flashlight, rechargeable, led
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT11GT -

The XT11GT is an upgraded version of the XT11 and XT11S, our two most popular tactical flashlights! With the newest LED, CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED, the XT11GT delivers a blinding 2000 lumens max with maximum beam throw of 316 meters! This tactical light is compact and lightweight with a removable pocket clip so it can function as an everyday carry light. Just like the XT11S, the XT11GT has three switches: the primary switch, the mode switch, and the side switch. This incredible 2000 lumen...

Klarus XT11S - 1100 Lumens
Retail: $99.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT11SUP2 -

The upgraded Klarus XT11S is a 4th generation ultra-compact, lightweight, super-bright, rechargeable tactical flashlight! Using a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, the XT11S delivers an impressive maximum output of 1100 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 330 meters! Like all the other flashlights in the Klarus XT series, the XT11S has a dual tactical tail switch for easy and simple non-visual one-handed operation, but it also has a side switch making the XT11S designed to satisfy any user's...

Klarus XT12GT - 1600 Lumens
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Price: $94.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT12GT -

The Klarus XT11S and the XT11GT impressed the flashlight community by taking the beloved XT11 and upgrading it into one of the most advanced flashlights! Now, Klarus has done the same thing with the beloved XT12 and introduced the XT12GT! The Klarus XT12GT is an awesome advanced tactical programmable flashlight. Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED, the XT12GT has a maximum output of 1600 lumens and has a beam throw of 603 meters! The size of the XT12GT is just a little over 6.5 inches in...

Armytek Dobermann Pro (Black) - 1250 Lumens
Price: $80.00
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Armytek Item #: FZ-ATDP -

The Armytek Dobermann Pro is an astonishing tactical flashlight that delivers up to 1250 LED lumens and 1000 OTF lumens. It also has a maximum beam distance of 381 meters! The Dobermann Pro is a compact, lightweight tactical flashlight that can comfortably fit in your hand or easily be mounted on a gun. Even with the recoil of a 12 gauge shotgun, this extreme flashlight can easily handle it with its remarkable durability. The Dobermann Pro features a tactical tail switch for easy one-handed...

Armytek Wizard Pro V3 (Silver) - 2300 Lumens
Price: $95.00
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Armytek Item #: FZ-ATWPV3 -

The Armytek Wizard Pro Version 3 is a 10-in-1 LED light for a multitude of different activities and events from personal use to travel. With an LED light output of 2300 lumens and an OTF light output of 1800 lumens, this light delivers super bright illumination! The Wizard Pro V3 features a single side switch for easy operation and mode switching with advanced operation. This amazing flashlight has four sections of modes: Selection 1 includes Firefly modes (Firefly 1, 2, and 3), Selection 2...

Fenix RC11 - 1000 Lumens
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Price: $79.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXRC11 -

The Fenix RC11 is an all-purpose flashlight that will always have your back. It's a compact flashlight that's less than four and a half inches in length and can easily be carried in your pocket or stored away in an EDC bag. It's equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED and can deliver up to 1000 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 190 meters. You can operate the RC11 using the side switch making it very convenient to learn the user interface. It also features a lockout function so you can lock out...

Fenix TK16 - 1000 Lumens
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Price: $79.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-TK16 -

A perfect blend of both performance and functionality, the Fenix TK16 flashlight built for reliability - making it one of your most indispensable tools when it comes to an emergency or while engaging in tactical operations. The first LED flashlight from Fenix to utilize the new one-finger operation Dual Tactical Tail Switch, the TK16 boasts momentary-on functionality and instant access to operating modes such as an emergency strobe setting. With four discrete brightness outputs, the TK16 is...

Fenix TK20R - 1000 Lumens
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Price: $99.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK20R -

The Fenix TK20R is an upgraded version of the beloved tactical TK20. The TK20R features a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, is capable of delivering 1000 lumens, and has a max beam distance of 309 meters. It features a tactical tail switch that has momentary-on and a side switch to cycle through the brightness modes and access the flashing strobe mode. There are four brightness modes: Turbo - 1000 lumens, High - 350 lumens, Medium - 150 lumens, and Low - 10 lumens. With these different brightness modes,...

Fenix TK22 - 920 Lumens
Retail: $108.00
Price: $84.95
Availability: Discontinued
Fenix Item #: FZ-TK22 -

OUT OF STOCKThe newly redesigned 2014 edition of the Fenix TK22 tactical flashlight features an even more powerful 920 lumen maximum output to provide even more illumination to challenging situations, sure to come in handy if you're an avid outdoorsman, providing search and rescue services, or a law enforcement official. The Fenix TK22 2014 offers flexibility in power sources, accepting either a single 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or a pair of CR123A Lithium batteries to provide as much...

Fenix TK32 - 1000 Lumen
Retail: $129.95
Price: $94.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK32 -

When it comes to a phenomenal hunting flashlight you can't go wrong with a Fenix TK32. Not only is it powerful and far-reaching with a max output of 1000 lumens and a 422 beam distance, but it also features three multicolor LEDs - white, red, and green. These different colors are perfect for hunting and other outdoor activities. The red and green LEDs are excellent for searching, hunting animals at night, preserving night vision, and these LEDs often won't disturb the wildlife. The red LED has...

Fenix UC35 - 960 Lumens
Retail: $116.00
Price: $89.95
Availability: Discontinued
Fenix Item #: FZ-UC35 -

OUT OF STOCKCombining high intensity functionality with the ease of Micro-USB charging, the Fenix UC35 rechargeable flashlight is the ultimate in compact tactical versatility. With a momentary-on tail switch, a side-mounted switch for selecting outputs and an optimized beam pattern for reaching as far as 200 meters, the UC35 boasts six output settings, including an emergency strobe setting and a maximum brightness of 960 lumens. Never be caught in the dark with this tough but tiny tac light,...

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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG20 -

The Klarus G20 is an amazing practical flashlight equipped with a CREE XHP70 N4 LED delivering up to 3000 lumens! Less than 5 inches long, the G20 can easily fit in a pocket or in an edc bag. The G20 features a tail switch and a side switch and has four brightness levels and two specialty modes. You can turn the flashlight ON and OFF and adjust the brightness level using either the side switch or the tail switch. While the flashlight is OFF, pressing the tail switch activates the low...