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Coast G26 - 120 Lumens
Price: $21.99
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Coast Item #: FZ-CTG26 -

OUT OF STOCKMade with value and utility in mind, the G26 is a lightwieght handheld LED flashlight. With its push button tail switch, the G26 is easy to operate and can be operated using a single hand. With Coast’s Utility Beam optics, this LED flashlight will be there for you night and day. It features a diffused floody beam which is great for short distances and seeing the area all around you. The single output of 120 lumens allows you to light up the darkness. The length of the flashlight is...

Coast Polysteel 600 - 710 Lumens
Price: $32.99
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Coast Item #: FZ-CTPS600 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Polysteel 600 is an extremely rugged and durable LED flashlight that is sure to impress. Equipped with an LED that is virtually unbreakable and Coast’s Pure Beam Optics System, the Polysteel 600 can deliver up to 710 lumens of pure power with a maximum beam distance of 810 feet. You can also twist the head to adjust the focus of the light. With its push button tactical tail switch, the flashlight can be operated with one hand and the user interface is very intuitive. It...

FlashlightZ BEACON® - 1000 Lumens
Price: $25.00
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FlashlightZ Item #: FZ-FZBC -

OUT OF STOCKThe new and first tactical flashlight created by FlashlightZ! The Beacon is a high-quality versatile tactical LED flashlight that you can use in outdoor activities like camping or hiking and more tactical application such as security or law enforcement. Equipped with a CREE XM L2 LED, the Beacon delivers a blinding 1000 lumens and has a maximum beam throw of 800 meters. It features an adjustable head that allows you to choose between a floody beam, a more focused beam, or somewhere...

Klarus AR10 - 1080 Lumens
Retail: $89.95
Price: $59.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLAR10 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus AR10's Unique adjustable head is suitable for a variety of applications, with a beam angle of up to 90 degrees. To provide 'hands-free' illumination, affix the AR10 to a metal surface using the magnetic interface at the bottom of the flashlight or use the clip to secure the AR10, then adjust the head to obtain the required beam angle. The AR10 can be recharged rapidly and conveniently using any USB port. With a max output 1080 lumens and max runtime 220 hours, the side...

Klarus BK30 - 1280 Lumens
Retail: $119.95
Price: $58.50
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLBK30 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus BK30 is an innovative and versatile bike light recently introduced by Klarus. It's most unique feature is the adjustable tri-head design. The two outer lights provide beam flood and the main head provides a forward beam pattern. Its extra large illumination areas leave full lighting in front of and around your bicycle for improved safety. The light also provides a lot of functionality as the primary light and sidelights can be switched on independently. It has a max...

Klarus CL1 - 390 Lumens
Retail: $79.95
Price: $59.95
Availability: In Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLCL1 -

OUT OF STOCKIf you're looking for an amazing lantern to bring with you on a trip or party then the Klarus CL1 is for you. This little lantern is also a Bluetooth speaker allowing you to listen to music while Illuminating the area around you. Let's get started talking about the lantern first. The CL1 features a 4500k High CRI LED giving a soft focus and soft illumination without any glare. It reaches a maximum output of 390 lumens and reaches out about 18 meters. With the three brightness...

Klarus G20L - 3000 Lumens
Retail: $146.95
Price: $109.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG20L -

OUT OF STOCKYou loved the Klarus G20 and you’ll love the upgraded version - the Klarus G20L! This new flashlight has some improvements that make it top notch. Equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, the G20L has a max output of 3000 lumens and a max beam distance of 300 meters! That’s double the throw of the original G20! Thanks to the G20L’s brand new reflector design, this flashlight provides both an excellent spot and floodlight. All that power and the G20L fits comfortable in your hands. It’s...

Klarus G30 - 2450 Lumens
Retail: $109.95
Price: $64.50
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG30 -

OUT OF STOCKUtilizing the latest CREE MT-G2 LED with a max output of 2450 lumens, the Klarus G30 is truly impressive. Klarus has developed a compact and highly efficient handheld spotlight. It has two mode switches, one on the side and one on the back, to allow the user to control the flashlight from multiple hand positions, adding increased versatility. You can instantly go to Turbo mode or Moonlight mode with a single press of a button, which is ideal for emergency use. With six different...

Klarus G35 - 2000 Lumens
Price: $98.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG35 -

OUT OF STOCKPrepared to be blown away? One of the most impressive flashlights of 2017 is the Klarus G35. This flashlight is an illumination beast that delivers 2000 lumens of blinding power and can reach out as far as 1000 meters! This LED flashlight can shine over ⅔ of a mile and it fits comfortably in your hand! Thanks in part to the CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED and the incredibly deep reflector, the G35 will cut through the darkness like never before.The G35 features dual independent switches - one...

Klarus H1A Headlamp - 550 Lumens
Retail: $130.00
Price: $89.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLH1A -

OUT OF STOCKMeet Klarus’ first headlamp - the Titanium H1A! This is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-bright headlamp that delivers 550 lumens. First of all, this compact headlamp is constructed from titanium for optimal heat dissipation. You certainly don’t want a headlamp getting hot while on your head! Talk about uncomfortable. The H1A is designed with heat dissipation and current control so it’s safe to use for a while at 550 lumens.The H1A features three separate LEDs - a main light, a side...

Klarus Mi6 - 120 Lumens
Retail: $19.95
Price: $9.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMi6 -

OUT OF STOCKAnother fantastic EDC light from Klarus, the Mi6 is one of the brightest AAA keychain flashlights on the market. It delivers a maximum output of 120 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 40 meters. It’s less than 2.5 inches in length, so it’s a great size to put on your keychain, carry in your pocket, or in your bag. The Mi6 features a CREE XP-G3 LED and has a professionally designed Optical TIR lens that evenly diffuses the light for a good flood and soft illumination. With this...

Klarus Mini One - 130 Lumens
Retail: $52.95
Price: $39.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMOT -

OUT OF STOCKSay hello to the Klarus Mini One, Klarus’ first keychain flashlight! The Mini One is compact enough that it can easily fit onto a keychain without adding too much extra bulk. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 16 grams and that includes the battery. It features a CREE XP-G3 LED delivering a maximum of 130 lumens with a max beam distance of 30 meters. With the specially designed optic lens, this flashlight illuminates a soft diffused light without any glare. You have two options:...