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Fenix TK16 - 1000 Lumens
Retail: $114.00
Price: $79.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-TK16 -

OUT OF STOCKA perfect blend of both performance and functionality, the Fenix TK16 flashlight built for reliability - making it one of your most indispensable tools when it comes to an emergency or while engaging in tactical operations. The first LED flashlight from Fenix to utilize the new one-finger operation Dual Tactical Tail Switch, the TK16 boasts momentary-on functionality and instant access to operating modes such as an emergency strobe setting. With four discrete brightness outputs,...

Fenix TK20R - 1000 Lumens
Retail: $131.00
Price: $99.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK20R -

OUT OF STOCKThe Fenix TK20R is an upgraded version of the beloved tactical TK20. The TK20R features a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, is capable of delivering 1000 lumens, and has a max beam distance of 309 meters. It features a tactical tail switch that has momentary-on and a side switch to cycle through the brightness modes and access the flashing strobe mode. There are four brightness modes: Turbo - 1000 lumens, High - 350 lumens, Medium - 150 lumens, and Low - 10 lumens. With these different...

Fenix TK32 - 1000 Lumen
Retail: $129.95
Price: $94.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK32 -

OUT OF STOCKWhen it comes to a phenomenal hunting flashlight you can't go wrong with a Fenix TK32. Not only is it powerful and far-reaching with a max output of 1000 lumens and a 422 beam distance, but it also features three multicolor LEDs - white, red, and green. These different colors are perfect for hunting and other outdoor activities. The red and green LEDs are excellent for searching, hunting animals at night, preserving night vision, and these LEDs often won't disturb the wildlife. The...

Fenix TK35 UE (2018) - 3200 Lumens
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Retail: $174.95
Price: $139.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-TK35UE2018 -

OUT OF STOCKAlready a customer favorite, the 2018 Edition of the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition provides high-intensity multi-function with its durable 50,000 hour lifetime CREE XHP70 LED. Capable of delivering a maximum output of 3200 lumens with a beam length of a truly impressive 984 feet maximum, the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018 boasts five different output levels, an SOS and strobe emergency function, the ability to run on either four CR123A Lithium batteries or two 18650 rechargeable...

Fenix TK47 - 1300 Lumens
Retail: $155.95
Price: $139.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK47 -

OUT OF STOCKIf you’re wanting an awesome beam throw then look no further! Fenix produced the TK47, an ultimate thrower! Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI LED, this light delivers 1300 lumens and can throw up to 700 meters thanks to its deep reflector. A unique aspect of the TK47 is the multi-function tail light. This diffused light has a neutral white LED and a red LED and is controlled independently. So you have a tail switch that controls the tail light and a side switch that controls the main...

Fenix TK47 UE - 3200 Lumens
Retail: $199.95
Price: $155.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK47UE -

OUT OF STOCKThis flashlight will literally blow you away! The TK47 Ultimate Edition is one powerful flashlight! It has a CREE XHP70 LED, delivers 3200 lumens, and has a maximum beam throw of 400 meters. Just like the TK47, this flashlight has a main light and a diffused tail light that work independently from one another making this a multi-function flashlight. It features a tail switch to control the tail light and a side switch to control the main light. The side switch has a lockout...

Fenix TK65R - 3200 Lumens
Retail: $247.95
Price: $219.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK65R -

OUT OF STOCKThe perfect tool for security, policing, and law enforcement tasks, the Fenix TK65R is a reliable and rugged tactical flashlight. Equipped with a CREE XHP70 LED, the TK65R delivers a powerful 3200 lumens and has a maximum beam distance of 375 meters. The light is fixed with an orange peel reflector so that the beam is diffused very nicely while delivering a focused hotspot so you have the perfect balance of a good throw with a good flood. With its catapult-action belt clip the...

Fenix TK72R - 9000 Lumens
Retail: $419.95
Price: $329.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXTK72R -

OUT OF STOCKNot many flashlights can rival the power of the TK72R. Equipped with three CREE XHP70 LEDs, the TK72R delivers 9000 blinding lumens and can reach a beam distance of 286 meters. On the flashlight you have an OLED digital screen that tells you the flashlight status at any time. With this screen you can monitor the runtime, the output, and the remaining battery level. The TK72R features three operation switches. The plus (+) switch allows you to turn the light on at 5000 lumens and...

Fenix TK75 (2018) - 5100 Lumens
Retail: $274.95
Price: $219.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-TK752018 -

OUT OF STOCKYou've never seen a flashlight both as powerful and as versatile as the Fenix TK75 2018 Edition. Incredibly compact at just 18.8 centimeters yet capable of flinging a burning 5100-lumen beam of light a maximum of 850 meters, the TK75 can also run for 95 hours on its lowest setting. Perfect for shedding a little light on the situation across a myriad of activities, the Fenix TK75 is just at home in search and rescue and security operations as it is in exploring subterranean...

Fenix TK22 - 920 Lumens
Retail: $108.00
Price: $84.95
Availability: Discontinued
Fenix Item #: FZ-TK22 -

OUT OF STOCKThe newly redesigned 2014 edition of the Fenix TK22 tactical flashlight features an even more powerful 920 lumen maximum output to provide even more illumination to challenging situations, sure to come in handy if you're an avid outdoorsman, providing search and rescue services, or a law enforcement official. The Fenix TK22 2014 offers flexibility in power sources, accepting either a single 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or a pair of CR123A Lithium batteries to provide as much...