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Nitecore Thumb - 85 Lumens
Retail: $23.99
Price: $19.99
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCTHUMB -

The Nitecore Thumb makes the ideal everyday carry work light that is small enough to clip on your pocket or just keep in a bag. It has a 120° adjustable head so you can be sure to illuminate exactly where you need to. The Thumb is bright enough with 85 lumens that it illuminates your entire field of vision, eliminating any dead spots. It features three brightness levels and a flashing mode that can be used as a location beacon in case of emergencies. With both a white LED and red LED, the...

Nitecore Tip 2017 - 360 Lumens
Retail: $35.99
Price: $26.99
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCTIPSILVER -

A monster keychain light, the Nitecore Tip is one of the brightest pocket-sized LED flashlights! Equipped with a CREE XP-G2 (G3) LED, the Tip delivers 360 lumens. It features a dual switch design: one switch to turn the flashlight ON and OFF and one switch to cycle through the four brightness levels: High - 360 lumens, Medium - 150 lumens, Low - 35 lumens, and Moonlight - 1 lumen. Included with the Tip is a multi-purpose pocket clip that you can use to cover the switches and prevent accidental...

Nitecore TM28 Set - 6000 Lumens
Retail: $479.95
Price: $359.95
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCTM28 -

An incredibly brilliant search light, the Nitecore TM28 will astonish you with its power. In case you were wondering, the TM stands for Tiny Monster and this light fits that description perfectly. The TM28 is equipped with 4 CREE XHP35 HI LEDs, placed in its deep reflector for a maximum output of 6000 lumens and a maximum beam throw of 655 meters. It’s truly impressive that this flashlight can deliver such power and is compact enough to fit comfortably in your hands. It features a...

Nitecore Tube (Black) - 45 Lumens
Retail: $11.99
Price: $9.90
Availability: In Stock
Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCTUBEBLK -

The perfect starter keychain LED flashlight, the Nitecore Tube has many excellent features of a high-end flashlight without the weighty price to it. The Tube can deliver up to 45 lumens which is entirely adequate for looking for items in the dark and illuminating the area in front of you. It has a side switch design and features two brightness levels: High - 45 lumens and Moonlight - 1 lumen. Simply click once and the Tube will turn on to the Moonlight mode. Another click and you can access...

Nitecore UM10 Charger
Price: $9.95
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCUM10 -

The Nitecore UM10 is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and convenient charging solution.  The Nitecore UM10 Charging System can charge a li-ion battery and power an external device simultaneously.  It's built in intelligent charging program provides efficient power transfer while the LCD display presents charging status for easy viewing.  The Nitecore UM10 is compatible with the following LITHIUM ION and IMR batteries:  10440 / 14500 / 16340 / 17500 / 17670 / 18350 /...

Nitecore UM20 Charger
Retail: $19.95
Price: $15.95
Availability: In Stock
Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCUM20 -

The Nitecore UM20 is a portable, convenient, and multi functional two bay charger. The UM20 charges a wide range of Li-Ion batteries and is able to detect battery capacities and apply optimal charging modes. For safety, the UM20 has reverse polarity protection and is designed for optimal heat dissipation. Compatible batteries: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340, 14500, 10440

Streamlight PolyTac - 275 Lumens
Retail: $70.00
Price: $50.99
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Streamlight Item #: FZ-SLPOLYTAC -

The PolyTac LED flashlight is designed with versatility and value in mind. Made of high impact nylon polymer, this light can withstand the rugged outdoors and tactical use. It feels comfortable in your hands without slipping thanks to its superior grip texture. With C4 LED technology, the PolyTac delivers 275 lumens and has a maximum beam range of 195 meters. It features a simple push button tactical tail cap for easy one-handed operation. The PolyTac has three brightness modes: High, Low, and...

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL - 640 Lumens
Price: $135.99
Availability: Out of Stock
Streamlight Item #: FZ-SLSTINGER -

If you’re looking for a flashlight that provides a wide beam so you can search a large area, then the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL is for you! Thanks to its C4 LED technology, the Stinger DS can deliver up to 640 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 297 meters! The deep dish parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. It’s dual switch design, with one switch on the tail and one switch on the side, you have some versatility. The switches operate...

Streamlight TLR-4 - 125 Lumens
Price: $130.99
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Streamlight Item #: FZ-SLTLR4 -

The TLR-4 is a tactical weapon mounted LED light that is lightwieght, compact, and a great companion for hunting. Featuring C4 LED technology, the TLR-4 delivers 125 lumens, but the amazing feature of this flashlight is the red laser that easily targets your prey. It has a three position mode selector and you can pick between using just the LED, just the laser, or both the LED and laser. With its ambidextrous momentary switch, the TLR-4 is incredibly easy to operate. The rail clamp is designed...

Surefire G2X Pro - 320 Lumens
Price: $65.95
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Surefire Item #: FZ-SFG2XP -

The Surefire G2X Pro is a compact flashlight equipped with a virtually indestructible high-efficiency LED. It provides a brilliant 320 lumen beam allowing you to see clearly in the darkness. With it’s single tactical tail switch, the G2X Pro is easy to operate with a single hand has a momentary-on for the low brightness level. The low brightness level allows you to easily see the path in front of you and conserve the life of the battery. The G2X Pro features two brightness levels: High - 320...

Zebralight H32 Headlamp - 480 Lumens
Price: $89.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Zebralight Item #: FZ-ZLH32 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Zebralight H32 Headlamp is amazingly bright for such a lightweight and compact headlamp. Equipped with a cool white CREE XM-L2 LED, the H32 has a maximum output of 480 lumens. With its durable soft-touch switch and smart user interface, the H32 is quick to turn ON and OFF and cycle through the brightness levels. It features three main brightness levels: high (H1) - 480 lumens, medium (M1) - 54 lumens, and low (L1) - 2.7 lumens. Each main brightness level can be programmed to...

Coast G19 - 54 Lumens
Price: $13.99
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Coast Item #: FZ-CTG19 -

Looking for an EDC light at a great value? Coast has one for you with the G19! This ultra compact LED flashlight is only four inches in length and comes with a pocket clip so you can carry it on your person any day. The push button tail switch makes the G19 quite easy to operate with a single hand. The G19 features a single output making the user interface incredibly simple. Thanks to Coast’s Inspection Beam Optic, the G19 delivers a perfectly circular beam with little glare making it perfect...