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Klarus TR12 Remote Pressure Switch
Retail: $19.95
Price: $14.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLTR12 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus TR12 Remote Pressure Switch is designed to fit the following Klarus Flashlights: XT2C The Klarus TR12 remote pressure switch provides multiple outputs and tactical momentary-on function.  The constant on switch also allows access to high-mid-low modes and strobe.  The TR12 offers a signal controlled switch which provides no power loss to the flashlight power source.  

Klarus White Traffic/Diffuser Silicone Wand
Retail: $5.00
Price: $4.00
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLWW -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus traffic/diffuser wand is used to turn a flashlight into a simple glowing wand. The Klarus wand is made from flexible silicone which makes this wand easy to fold and carry around. There is an opening at the end of the wand which allows the flashlight to still have a long beam throw if needed. It can be used in multiple situations to direct traffic, signal to others, or even in emergencies. It is a terrific accessory for your flashlight! The Klarus wand is compatible with...

Klarus XT11GT Flashlight Bezel
Price: $5.00
Availability: In Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT11GTBZ -

This stainless steel bezel is included and compatible with the Klarus XT11GT and Klarus XT11S flashlights. It's simple to take on and off of the flashlight head and adds a layer of protection for the LED. The bezel diameter is 34.9mm.

MecArmy B12 Battery Case for CR123A/16340 Batteries
Price: $6.99
Availability: In Stock
MecArmy Item #: FZ-MAB12 -

The MecArmy B12 is a sturdy and durable battery case for CR123A batteries and 16340 batteries. You can store up to six batteries in the case and carry it with you easily. Crafted from polycarbonate plastic, the case will protect your batteries no matter what. The B12 is IPX8 waterproof, drop resistant, and scratch resistant so you know your batteries will be safe. 

MecArmy B20 EDC Box
Price: $17.99
Availability: Out of Stock
MecArmy Item #: FZ-MAB20 -

Arguably, one of the most important accessories for flashlight enthusiasts and tactical users is an everyday carry box. The MecArmy B20 is way more than just a container for your EDC gear. The box is made from ABS plastic that's 4mm thick and is non-toxic. The B20 is ultra heavy duty, ready for the roughest of excursions. It has a matte anti-scratch finish, is impact resistant, and has a neoprene o-ring that allows this box to be waterproof up to 2 meters in the water. Not to mention it can...

Micro USB Key Chain Charging Cord
Retail: $14.95
Price: $5.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: FZ-MUSBKC -

OUT OF STOCKThis charging cord is a small and useful key chain USB charging cord. It's not only helpful for charging any rechargeable flashlights like the MecArmy key chain flashlights, but it also helps to charge Android phones and tablets. Just attach it to your key ring and you're all set!

Tactical Stocking
Price: $14.99
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Item #: FZ-TACSTK -

OUT OF STOCKThis tactical stocking is perfect for any tactical nut whether they’re a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, law enforcement professional, or serving/served in the military. The stocking is made from durable nylon with a large capacity interior for stuffing all the tactical gear you want into it. It features a double sided vertical zipper to open the main compartment. This stocking allows you to attach many different accessories that you would want. It’s outfitted with PALS webbing and...

USB Charging Cable - Black
Price: $3.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLUSBB -

OUT OF STOCKThis charging cord is about 12.5 inches long so it's perfect if you're looking for a charging cable without any excess cord. It's compact and can easily fit in a purse or pocket without getting tangled on itself. Use it with our rechargeable flashlights like the MecArmy key chain flashlights or the Klarus RS11, RS16, RS18, or the XT12. It is also compatible with most Android devices.

USB Charging Cable - White
Retail: $10.00
Price: $4.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: FZ-USBCW -

OUT OF STOCKThis is a simple and clean white USB charging cord that can be used for many of our rechargeable flashlights such as the MecArmy key chain lights. This charging cable has a longer cord for extra reach so you can fiddle with your flashlight or phone while it's charging and not have to worry to much about pulling at the cord. This USB charging cord is also compatible with most Android phones and devices.

MecArmy TR25 - Tritium Glow Bar
Retail: $65.90
Price: $49.90
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MecArmy Item #: FZ - MATR25 -

OUT OF STOCKThe MecArmy TR25 is a unique super mini green glow bar pendent that uses advanced Tritium technology allowing it to automatically glow in the dark without consuming the battery.This convenient automatic glow makes it useful when searching for keys or small objects in the dark. It has a TC4 Titanium alloy shell with a corrosion and scratch resistant finish. It has high brightness and is designed with three side windows making it look snazzy while being powerful. With the special...