NITECORE flashlights are innovative, robust, super effective and intuitive illumination tools. They are designed for a wide scope of applications, including outdoor sports, law enforcement and tactical scenarios as well as industrial utilities. Nitecore flashlights make great tools for the outdoors sports enthusiast, law enforcement officers, tactical users, and more. The Nitecore flashlight collection offers plenty of choices in size, operating preference, performance and powering solution. With Nitecore, you are guaranteed to find the right light for the job.

Nitecore Warranty

  1. We provide warranty for our products for a period up to 5 years. Within the period covered under warranty, we will repair or replace any Nitecore product that has ceased to function properly. Please refer to table below for warranty periods for different products:
    Product CategoryPeriod covered under warranty
    Flashlights and headlamps
    (without built-in battery)
    60 months
    Chargers, batteries, remote switches and product with built-in batteries12 months
    IMR/NI batteries3 months
    NL batteries12 months
    Warranty is applicable only to products and accessories listed above.
  2. Limited lifetime warranty: Upon expiration of their respective warranty periods, all Nitecore products will receive continuing support through our limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty covers labor costs and maintenance with the exclusion of accessories or replacement parts.
  3. Within period covered under warranty, Nitecore will replace malfunction products with an upgraded model in the same series or one that of similar performance for customers if replacement can’t be made within due time when certain products are discontinued or for other reasons.