Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens

Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens (FZ-KLXT21X)

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View the Klarus XT21X on Amazon Get ready for one of the brightest tactical flashlights for 2019! Klarus has gone above and beyond in creating the Klarus XT21X tactical flashlight. It delivers an incredible 4000 lumens of power that will vanquish...
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Southlake, TX

Excellent multi purpose light

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I really like this light. 21700 battery for longer run time, an interface that lets me disable the side button and set the two tail cap buttons to turbo and moonlight, and a nice lanyard hole. Super bright, nice beam pattern. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Incredible power

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My first over 2000 lumen flashlight and I’m impressed. TheXT21X is a well made light. All the functions are easy to command in both side and back switch. Light throw is amazing, this thing lights up my yard, my neighbors yard and a few yards to boot. This light will get hot pretty quickly, after about five minutes you’re going to want to back it down from 4000 lumens, which is alright since you have 5 different settings. Time can only tell on durability, but having a 5 year warranty backing it up helps. I wish they would come up with a nice polymer holster that could be adjusted for more than one light. I give it four stars, because they need to work on heat dissipation other than that I love it. Nice carry light that will definitely blind any attackers that come you way.


It is NOT DOA. You must further tighten the tail cap!!!

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The slightly increased diameter of the body is more comfortable in the hand and this is the first Klarus with a dual switch tail cap where you do not accidentally reduce the output of the light by inadvertently pressing the strobe/adjust button right after you press the main on/off center switch. I like it very much and would love to see a 26650 version. I also want to mention that Flashlitz offers outstanding customer service. in the past they have gone far above and beyond to help me purchase specialty parts.

Klarus XT21X

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Nice flashlight I'm impressed.

WOW!!! Very Powerful!!!

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Klarus latest innovations in tactical flashlights quite amazing. The company's entry into the 21700 battery powered flashlight is versatile and extremely effective.Very effective in ANY SITUATION where a strong powerful beam of bright light is needed. Let's take a detailed look this powerful handheld illumination device.

The presentation of Klarus XT21X box is great. The quality of box is on par with Apple and Samsung phone retail boxes.The construction is very thick material. Not flimsy cardboard. Pearl White matte finish with picture of flashlight and hand rendered picture soldier/officer gives a great visual appearance of Klarus XT21X. The box presentation includes all pertinent information about the XT21X. Klarus company warranty. information, accessories included with flashlight, and Industry ANSI Specifications.

What comes in the box :

Klarus XT21X Flashlight

Klarus branded 21700 5000 mAh branded battery

Pocket Clip

Spare " O " ring

Micro USB charging cable.

Instruction manual in different languages

Klarus branded lanyard

Neoprene holster with anti accidental turn on prevention.

The base of holster has cup at bottom to prevent light accidentally activation " on " when carried in holster.

The build quality on this flashlight is TOP NOTCH. Made of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy. The hard anodized type 6061-T6, Mil-Spec HAIII protects flashlight from EXTREME environments. The CNC machining is EXCELLENT. CNC Milling of heat surface area grills helps aid in dissipation of tremendous heat produced by this light. New type of diamond knurling helps aid in grip of flashlight in hand. . Dual firm brass springs on tail cap and head area greatly aids in conductivity from battery. Also helps battery from rattle or recoil if gun mounted. O rings seals prevent any type of moisture entrance into flashlight. The front of flashlight head is encased by a stainless steel strike bezel. The strike bezel protects Anti Reflective coated lens. Stainless steel bezel can be used DEFENSIVE TOOL in case of emergency. Fend off attackers, use as STRIKING TOOL in ANY DANGEROUS situation. The pocket clip is rugged and not flimsy so flashlight can be attached easily with very little effort. The pocket clip hold has firm grip once attached.

The Engineering is WELL DESIGNED with emphasis on safety.

Intelligent Thermal Protection System(ITS): monitors and auto-adjusts outputs in real time. To protect LED and components from overheating and damage.

Intelligent Charging System (ICS): Micro-USB charging port with real-time monitoring to prevent overcharging, over-discharge protection, high current protection, high temperature protection.

The switch indicator ring illuminates different colors so visually one can see battery power life status.

Green light indicates : 70% to 100%

Orange light indicates : 30% to 70%

Red light indicates : under 30%

Red flashing light indicates : less than 10%: severely low power needs recharging.

Reverse polarity protection : protects damage of flashlight if batteries are inserted backwards.

Tail and side switches can be put out on " lock out " mode. Lock out mode could be accessed by pressing switch for 5 seconds to activate " lock out " feature. The other way to activate " lock out " feature is manually unscrewing tail cap 1/4 turn from full tightness.The safety feature prevents accidental turning on of light, saves battery drains from storage/ travel, and avoiding serious eye injury.

The Klarus XT21X manufacturing specifications are clearly indicated with very detailed information about flashlight.

The LED light source : CREE XHP 70.2 P2 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours

6500K Cool White light beam

Output : 4000 lumens

Working Voltage: 2.5V-6.4V.

Reflector: Orange Peel. For balanced dispersal of light beam

Anti Reflective tempered glass coating lens. Scratch resistant.

Dimensions: Head – 41.0mm (1.61”) diameter Body – 27.5mm (1.08”) diameter Length – 161.0mm (6.34”)

Weight: 158g (5.57 oz )

Klarus XT21X specifications as per ANSI/FL1 standards.

The flashlight has 5 light mode levels and 2 flash modes.

Turbo : 4000 lumens Run time : 1.2 hours Candela : 24964 Beam Distance : 316 Meters

High : 1200 lumens Run time : 2.3 hours Candela : 7400 Beam Distance : 172 Meters

Medium : 400 lumens Run time : 6.5 hours Candela : 2450 Beam Distance : 99 Meters

Low : 100 lumens Run time : 21 hours Candela : 600 Beam Distance : 49 Meters

Moonlight : 9 lumens Run time : 200 hours Candela : 30 Beam Distance : 11 Meters

The 2 flashing modes include Strobe and SOS

Strobe : 4000 lumens Run time : 2.4 hours

Sos : 100 lumens Run time : 63 hours

IPX68 Rating:: Waterproof : Water submersible to 2 meters

Impact Resistant : 1 Meter

The light has 2 modes programmed for use in different situations

Tactical Mode : Law Enforcement, Military

Outdoor Mode : Outdoors, Every Day Carry

Changing between Tactical and Outdoor Modes : Press side switch and paddle rear switch simultaneously to switch from the different modes

The orange peel reflector design disperses light beam evenly with great lighting whether near or far distances. The center hot spot is evenly dispersed with VERY LITTLE light artifacts. The hot spot is not tight focused and decent sized allowing for good throw distance and flood of light beam. Light beam is Cool White and pleasant to eyes.

Operation of light is controlled by 3 switches.

Tail cap Main Switch

Paddle rear switch

Front Side Switch

The user interface is pretty simple and can be controlled by any one of the 3 switches.

In Tactical Mode.

Tail Cap Main Switch: Gentle half press for momentary " Turbo " Full press click locks in full " Turbo "

Paddle Rear Switch : Full press for full " Strobe ". Once light is " on " pressing Paddle Switch cycles through turbo, high, medium, and low outputs.

Front Side Switch :Short press to activate " on ". Short press again to cycle thought light outputs. The sequence is turbo, medium, low. Long press turns light " off ". Double click for Strobe. Double click again for SOS . Standard click returns to regular mode.

In Outdoor Mode

Tail Cap Main Switch : Gentle half press for momentary " Turbo " Full press click locks in full " Turbo "

Paddle Rear Switch : Gentle half press for momentary " Moolight " Full press for 3 seconds locks in full " Strobe ". Once light is " on " pressing Paddle Switch cycles through low, high, and turbo light outputs.

Front Side Switch :Short press to activate " on ". Short press again to cycle thought light outputs. The sequence is turbo, medium, low. Long press turns light " off ".Double click for Strobe. Double click again for SoS. Standard click returns back to regular mode.

Now onto the durability/ torture tests to see engineering and build quality.

The Klarus XT21X is rated at IPX68. Waterproof up to 2 meters( 6 feet ). Submerged flashlight swimming pool. Left underwater for 1.75 hours. Retrieved from pool unscrewed tail cap for visual inspection. Completely dry. No sign of water entrance into light. Turned on light. Cycled through all light modes with NO PROBLEMS.

The impact resistance rating is 1 meter( 3 feet ). Dropped light from shoulder height 3 times. 1 drop on side, 1 drop on stainless strike bezel. 1 tail cap Then took light to University concrete bleechers.. Smashed light on concrete surface 3 times. A few minor cosmetic nicks BUT NOTHING MAJOR. Turned on light. Light cycled through all outputs with NO ISSUES.

The crush test really showed how well built the Klarus XT21X is. Ran over flashlight with van. The vehicle used is Toyota passenger van.. Ran over light 12 times. 4 times in drive completely running over light. 4 times in drive mode. 4 times in reverse mode. Ran over light on 2 different surfaces. Asphalt and Cement Retrieved light. Turned on light. Cycled through all light outputs like A CHAMP!!

The Klarus XT21X is built like a TANK. Extremely durable and SUPER tough in ANY HARSH ENVIRONMENT.

The XT21X is a EXCELLENT choice for anyone looking for high quality great output flashlight.

In conclusion, Klarus Engineering Design, build material, great quality, and innovative features make them one of the top contenders in the flashlight market today.

For more information on how to get your own. Please visit flashlightz.com

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