Klarus Mi6 - 120 Lumens

Klarus Mi6 - 120 Lumens (FZ-KLMi6)

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OUT OF STOCKAnother fantastic EDC light from Klarus, the Mi6 is one of the brightest AAA keychain flashlights on the market. It delivers a maximum output of 120 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 40 meters. It’s less than 2.5 inches in length,...
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Small, solid, beautiful and bright but difficult to operate

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Mi6 Review

This light is pretty much as described. The type (keychain 1xAAA), look, size, beam spread description, and two mode brightness options were all things that appealed to me about this light. The 30 lumen mode is adequate for navigating around the house at night, and the 120 lumen mode for walking outside. Two of the biggest pros for me was its size and unique look. First of all, due to its design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a smaller 1xAAA light. This thing is tiny! I have slim fingers, and the Mi6 seems to be smaller in length and diameter than my pinky finger! Perfect if like me you want something you can fit in your coin pocket. Also, I wanted something kinda special, something that didn’t look like the majority of the 1xAAA lights out there. This is that. It holds up very well to being dropped and the o-ring ensures it stays functional in the rain. Now for the cons. Even after cleaning and lubing the threads the head is so tight it still always takes me using both hands to operate it! Ive never owned a 1xAAA or keychain light that couldn’t be operated with one hand. The other thing is the battery seems to connect to the light engine intermittently when twisting it On/Off. It will always go on. But depending on how the light engine connected when UNtwisting it, it will sometimes turn on High first, then Low (if you keep twisting), and sometimes Low, then High (if you keep twisting). But sometimes it seems to bypass a mode and go straight to Low or High even if you twist it all the way around from off. Perhaps I got a faulty one? I dont know. The light works in the sense that it always comes on, but the user doesn’t always know whether they’ll get High or Low, or whether it will remain in that mode if they keep twisting. If they DON’T keep twisting to the end of the rotation then even a tap on the light can either temporarily turn the light off or change its mode (but you never know which one!) ....very annoying when you just want a solid light on a constant brightness to see with. Because of these issues I can’t recommend the light as an EDC, because its not really that handy. It is however extremely small, bright, and impact resistant. I could therefore recommend it as a backup or secondary hiking or emergency light. However buyer beware (parasitic battery drain)-the manufacturer recommends removing the battery when storing the light for long periods of time (e.g. months).

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