MecArmy IllumineX-3 - 130 Lumens

MecArmy IllumineX-3 - 130 Lumens (FZ -MAIX3)

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OUT OF STOCK The MecArmy IllumineX-3 is an advanced and tiny USB rechargeable LED flashlight with a max output of 130 lumens. You can choose between the brass body flashlight or the copper body flashlight. This flashlight is small and powerful and...
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Beautiful and Stylish Mini Flashlight

The MecArmy key chain flashlights are all great flashlights. However, the Illuminex-3 is the most aesthetically pleasing. You can choose between copper or brass and know that this key chain flashlight is reliable as it is stylish. Not to mention that it is rechargeable and only charges in one hour. The IllumineX-3 makes a great gift. It's snazzy and is used for everyday carry.

Reviews 1-1 of 1