It's only been a few years now since I've actually owned an LED flashlight, and I can honestly say I don't know how I ever lived without it. Before I owned a high-quality LED flashlight, I'm one of those people who had just those, I don't know, $5 flashlights that you could find at Walmart. They just had that low-quality plastic body, had that really ugly yellow light, and I used it only in times of emergency. Unfortunately, half the time I would find that the batteries were out, I would need to replace them, or it was broken and the flashlight didn't come through for me. So here I thought I was saving all this money not buying a high-end flashlight, and it turns out I bought a tool for $5 that I could hardly ever use. It ended up being really pointless.

However, now I find myself using that high-quality LED flashlight that I purchased so frequently. I found that the light goes out in my attic, I immediately reach for my flashlight. Or if I'm working outside at night, I need that flashlight. I have done so many things with this flashlight, I don't know what it would be like to not have one anymore.

Okay, so what is so great about these flashlights? Why are so many people considered flashlight enthusiasts? There are a lot of different reasons. One of the greatest is that the amount of power you can get from an LED flashlight is so impressive. At FlashlightZ, we have this compact, tactical flashlight, the Klarus XT11GT, and it bursts forth 2000 Lumens of power, which is insanely bright. That's a lot of power to have in such a compact light that you can easily carry on your person or just hold in your hand. The Cree LED technology is truly amazing. With these flashlights, they can get the most out of this simple illumination tool.

Besides power, obviously there are a lot of reasons for certain people to own flashlights. For example, if you are a hunter, you're clearly going to want a flashlight. If you are camping or hiking, any outdoor enthusiast would greatly benefit from the flashlight. In law enforcement, security, search and rescue, all of these jobs require illumination. But for your average civilian, you might wonder if you really need that illumination.

I'll say right now that I have two keychain lights, two mini everyday carry lights, and quite a few handheld flashlights in various rooms in my house, and I can tell you I use all of them, and I do not have any of these jobs, nor do I find myself going camping or hiking, or doing a lot of outdoor activities at night. And yet I find myself using these flashlights so often, there have been times when I have dropped something in the grass at night, whether it was a ring, or I don't know, just something that I just dropped in the grass at night and thanks to my keychain LED flashlight I was able to find it. Not sure what I would do without it to be honest.

Many LED flashlights will come with a flashing strobe mode, which is great to disorient any attackers, and in all honesty, just makes you feel better when you are walking at night in an area where it maybe it's not just a great area, or maybe it's just not a place you feel comfortable. I've had to walk through parking lots in the dark, and the whole time I have a feeling of dread, and when I'm holding a flashlight or when I know I have a flashlight ready to go, it's not, I don't feel that fear any longer. I know, you know, someone comes up to me I can immediately strobe them, disorient them and run. And it's really great to have that feeling of power.

LED flashlights range from category to category. You can find anything from a tactical flashlight to rechargeable, to an everyday carry, to a keychain, and everything in between. There are so many features that can be packed in to one small illumination tool that it's really mind-boggling. Take the Klarus XT11GT. This flashlight actually has three programmable settings. Three different operation settings that you can choose from. That's a wonderful, versatile tool that you can use in any situation. Whether it's a more tactical situation, or whether it's just outdoors, hunting, what have you. Not to mention that if you get a rechargeable flashlight like the Klarus XT11GT, you're all set, you don't have to worry about changing out the batteries, which is definitely one of my favorites and a big problem I had with any of my flashlights.

Another great thing about LED flashlights is a lot of them are made from really durable material. Typically you will find a lot of flashlights constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finished, and that just allows the flashlight to last so much longer and look newer for a significantly longer period of time. I have flashlights that are several years old now, and many of them look brand new. Granted, I don't often go outdoors, go camping or hiking, so I don't really know if my flashlights would look worse if I bought the cheaper ones, but I think they would.

The flashlight brands also know what they're doing when they make these tools. There are so many components that they put in this flashlight to make sure that the flashlight doesn't overheat, that there's no damage to the battery or the flashlight itself, and even to withstand extreme conditions outside. A lot of these flashlights, you can drop them on the ground several times over and they'll be fine, they'll work just as well as they would've if you didn't drop it. Several of these flashlights are waterproof, or at the very least water-resistant, so if you had to go outside in a storm or in the rain, you don't have to awkwardly shield your flashlight from the water. You could even drop your flashlight in a puddle and it would be fine. You can watch these YouTube videos where these YouTubers put their LED flashlights in a bucket of water while the flashlight is turned on, and leave it there for a couple minutes and the flashlight is fine. I've seen a video where someone put their flashlight outside in the rain, and just, you just watched and the flashlight was completely fine, working perfectly.

I'm always impressed to see what more these flashlight brands like Klarus can come out with. They continue to produce flashlight after flashlight with these unique and new features. Some of them are incredibly powerful, one reaching as far as, I believe it's 1,000 meters. I don't even think we can see that far, but it can reach that far, that's very impressive. Of course I don't think your average civilian necessarily needs that long beam throw, but honestly, just having a simple LED flashlight by your side can really help out in ways that you probably wouldn't have thought of before.

I find myself using my flashlights almost on a daily basis, just because you always need to see. You rely on your sense of sight so often that when you can't see, you're going to want a really good illumination tool that can help you. And I think LED flashlights are the way to go for everyone. I think everyone could benefit from having this high-quality flashlight, and there are so many to choose from that you can absolutely find one that is completely perfect for you, or perfect for a loved one.