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    FlashlightZ Discussion

    Impressive 1000 Meter Range LED Flashlight

    Author: Carolyn

    Klarus has started 2018 with a bang by announcing the XT32 extreme tactical hunting searchlight. This particular flashlight has a 1000 meter range, is programmable, and has a host of other features that make it really stand out from your average searchlight. Not only does it have a 1000 meter long range, but it also has a 1200 lumen maximum output so it's definitely powerful enough to get the job done. This flashlight is really excellent for outdoor activities such as hunting or search and rescue or even professional work. It's really quite versatile and can be used in a myriad of situations.

    LED Flashlight Body Design

    I'm going to mix things up a bit and talk about the body design of this LED flashlight first. It's a rather long flashlight at about 9 and 1/2 inches in length so it would probably be too big to carry around. You can use the included holster which will make carrying this flashlight a lot easier. The body itself is rather thin where as it extends where the head is. Because the body is so thin the XT32 is actually able to be mounted on a weapon and you can purchase hunting accessories for the XT32 such as a gun mount, a remote pressure switch, and filters. Near the tail of the flashlight you can see a tactical ring that allows you to very easily use this flashlight with a single hand. And near the head of the flashlight you can see heat dissipation grooves to help with the extreme heat that this LED is going to deliver. Along with that, you have the really nice smooth deep reflector and that reflector helps to dish out the light to up to 1000 meters. It's equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and gives off a cool white tint.

    User Interface and Programmable Settings

    Let's talk about the user interface of the XT32. It can be operated using the tail switches or the side switch. If you prefer to only use the tail switches you can lock out the side switch or if you just want to ensure that the flashlight does not accidentally turn on you can also use the lockout function. The side switch also features a built-in memory function that turns on to the last brightness level you used. This can be a really useful feature and if you want to take advantage of it then the side switch is definitely the switch you're going to want to use. While we're on the subject, the XT32 has a total of six outputs and this includes two flashing modes. Starting with the brightness levels, there is turbo which is 1200 lumens, high that is 400 lumens, medium that's 100 lumens, and low that's at 20 lumens. These brightness levels are fairly evenly spaced out so you have a lot of options with that. The two flashing modes are strobe and SOS so you will always be prepared for any emergency situation with the XT32.

    As I mentioned before the XT32 does have to operation settings or programmable settings. You can choose between the Tactical Setting and the Hunting Setting. If you prefer one setting over the other you can simply pick a setting and leave the XT32 in that setting or you can switch settings depending on your situations if you'd like to take advantage of both.

    I'll start with the Hunting Setting because this is the factory default setting. The Hunting Setting has a one-touch turbo, one-touch low, and easy brightness level cycling. This mode is really great for any outdoor activities including camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and more. It's also particularly great for any professional work or even just casual use. If you find yourself requiring that one-touch low brightness level more than a strobe than the Hunting Setting is probably perfect for you.

    The Tactical Setting, on the other hand, features a one-touch turbo, a one-touch strobe, and easy brightness level cycling. So the main difference, as you can see, between these two settings is the one-touch low or the one touch strobe. The one-touch strobe is great for law enforcement or if you would rather have immediate access to the strobe mode. So both settings really have their uses and it would be very easy to take advantage of both of them and implement them in different situations.


    The XT32 can run on two 18650 batteries or four CR123 batteries. It's always great to have a flashlight that can run on more than one kind of battery. If ever you need to charge your 18650 batteries but you still need to use the XT32 then you can use backup CR123 batteries and continue with your work. I also like to take CR123 batteries as backups whenever I go camping. They make great backup batteries because they are very inexpensive and easier to find than 18650 batteries.

    The side switch on the XT32 also doubles as a battery capacity indicator letting you know what the charge of the batteries are. If the little indicator light is glowing green then the charge is over 70%. If the light is glowing orange than the charge is between 30 and 70%. If the light is glowing red than the charge is between 10 to 30% and if it is flashing red then the charge is under 10% and it's probably time to change out the batteries. This indicator is really great especially for professional use or outdoor activities. It gives you a really great idea of about how much longer you have to use the flashlight before the batteries died on you and you can plan your usage according to what the indicator tells you.

    Durability and Safety

    I know we talked a bit about the design of the XT32 but now I want to talk about the actual durability of this LED flashlight. The XT32 is constructed from 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum alloy and has a hard anodized finish that makes it scratch resistant and wear resistance meaning this flashlight will last you a long time. I know we already covered the heat dissipation grooves, but the XT32 also comes with an ITS temperature control system. This system will monitor the internal temperature of the XT32 and adjust the output to ensure that the LED remain safe, that the internal components of the flashlight remain safe, and that you remain safe. For those of you who may not own high-end LED flashlights, LEDs give off an insane amount of heat. For this reason manufacturers will ensure that the flashlight can take care of itself and keep it safe and working at its best.

    The XT32 also has front and rear mounted springs to keep the batteries completely in place. It's very important to make sure that Lithium-ion batteries are very well protected. We've all heard about the Samsung batteries exploding and lithium ion batteries have that possibility. That's why flashlights will ensure that the batteries remain protected to prevent this from happening. The XT32 is impact resistant up to 1 meter so you don't need to worry about any accidental drops. This flashlight is also waterproof up to IPX8 standards meaning that it can be submerged into 2 meters of water for 30 minutes and come out working perfectly. With this being the case, in an emergency rainstorm you do not need to worry about taking your flashlight out with you. This is exactly what you would want in a flashlight because flashlights are always there for emergencies.

    So we are absolutely impressed to see the XT32 as the first klarus flashlight of 2018. It has that impressive beam throw of 1000 meters, is programmable, and is packed with features that will make it last a long time in a variety of situations. Thanks to the programmable settings this flashlight is really great for law enforcement, security, search and rescue, hunting, hiking, camping, professional use, and even more.

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