Klarus XT30R - 1800 Lumens

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Looking for a new hunting LED flashlight? Klarus’ new XT30R may be exactly what you’re looking for! This amazing LED flashlight is not just for hunting though. With it’s long beam throw and programmable settings, the XT30R can be used for search and rescue, security jobs, and more. It is equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED, delivers 1800 lumens of power, and has a beam throw of 820 meters! The XT30R has one of the longest beam throws of any flashlight on the market today! The beam throw isn’t this flashlight’s only attribute. It’s packed to the brim with tons of features.

For those familiar with the XT11S and/or XT11GT, this flashlight also has the dual tactical tail switch and a side switch. With this interface, you have a lot of different options in how you’d like to operate the flashlight. If you prefer only using the tail switches, there is a lock out function for the side switch. The XT30R features four brightness modes and two flashing modes (SOS and strobe). It also features two programmable settings: the Tactical setting (this is the default setting) and the Hunting setting.

The Tactical Setting: This setting is the classic XT series setting. You have access to One-Touch Turbo and One-Touch Strobe with easy access to cycling through the brightness modes.

The Hunting Setting: The hunting setting is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. You have access to One-Touch Turbo and One-Touch Low with easy access to cycling through the brightness modes. You also have access to the SOS mode.

To add even more awesomeness to this already amazing flashlight, it also has Klarus’ patented magnetic charging port. This allows you to charge the flashlight easily and securely. The charging port also features a battery capacity indicator so you always know what the battery levels are. This rugged flashlight can withstand any rough excursion. It’s made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy with hard anodizing. So if you’re needing a truly powerful and long beam throw flashlight, the XT30R is the perfect tool. (Batteries included)

  • Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED delivering 1800 lumens with max beam distance of 820 meters
  • Has a dual tactical tail switch (primary switch and mode switch) and a side switch
  • Features a special lock out function for the side switch to prevent accidental illumination
  • Has four brightness levels and two flashing modes:
    • Turbo (1800 lumens) - 2.5 hour runtime
    • High (400 lumens) - 6.62 hour runtime
    • Medium (100 lumens) - 25 hour runtime
    • Low (10 lumens) - 155 hour runtime
  • Has two programmable settings:
    • Tactical Setting: One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Strobe, easy mode cycling
    • Hunting Setting: One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Low, easy mode cycling
  • Multi-purpose with versatile functions: Straight 2 Strobe, Instant Turbo, Instant Low, Memorized Function ability, SOS mode, Side Switch Lock Function, Battery Capacity Indicator, Magnetic Recharging ability, ITS Smart Temperature Control System, Easy Mode Cycling
  • Magnetic charging function with a magnetic charging port located on the flashlight and an included USB magnetic charging cable
  • Battery capacity indicator display allows the user to control usage according to remaining charge
  • Smart ITS temperature control system monitors internal temperature and adjusts the output of maximum brightness that protects the LEDs and internal components to ensure safety, stability and the best performance
  • Crafted from 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum alloy with Military Spec HAIII Anodizing
  • Is waterproof up to IPX-8 Standards
  • Has a 5 year Klarus warranty

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 18650 Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring
  • Uses a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED with 50,000 hour life
  • Working voltage: 5V-8.4V
  • Compatible Batteries: Integrated 3400mA/7.4V battery assembly
  • Charging time: At 5V/2A, 5 hours to full, at 5V/1A, 10 hours to full
  • Body color: Black
  • Reflector: Smooth reflector
  • Switch type: Dual Tactical Tail Switch and Side Switch
  • Dimension: (Head) 58mm x (Body) 25.4mm x (Length) 250.3mm
  • 4 lighting modes and 2 flashing modes
  • Net weight: 354g (including battery)
  • Material: 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum alloy body with a military spec hard anodized finish
  • Waterproof: IPX-8 (underwater 2 meters)
  • Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass with anti-corrosion AR coating
  • Included accessories: 18650 Li-Ion battery pack x 1, magnetic charging cable x 1, holster x 1, lanyard x 1, spare o-ring x 1
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FlashlightZ Discussion

Author: Carolyn

If you're looking for a fairly compact awesome throw light then definitely look at the Klarus XT30R. This flashlight is a beast to say the least and is one of the best flashlights for throw that you can probably find on the market today. Considering its size it's equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 L E D and it delivers 1800 lumens of power which is insane. That is a very very bright light. However, the thing I'm most impressed with is that the beam reaches over 820 meters. That is quite a distance for a flashlight to reach. So, as you can imagine, the XT30R has an amazing spotlight to it. It has a powerful LED, a smooth deep reflector, and between the two it has this incredible throw that you so rarely see in such a compact light. I know I keep calling this flashlight compact. I should probably give you the actual number. Well the XT30R is about 9.9 inches in length. So this 9 inch flashlight can reach out as far as 820 meters. That is absolutely insane.

The design of the flashlight itself is really great and Klarus did a really excellent job with it. You can see near the head of the flashlight all of these heat dissipation grooves which is quite a lifesaver with a flashlight that delivers 1800 lumens. You definitely want as much heat dissipation as you can get. Also it has a very slim compact body and this is great because you are able to mount the XT30R onto a weapon. In fact Klarus considers the XT30R an excellent hunting flashlight because not only does it provide that excellent spot but it actually fits quite nicely on a rifle. It also has that really nice stainless steel bezel to it. The bezel is not too big but with enough pressure you could definitely use that in a self-defense situation. The XT30R also has that tactical tail ring which allows you to more easily use the flashlight with a single hand. This flashlight is definitely durable enough to withstand any recoil on the rifle so you really don't need to worry about that. Klarus does a really good job of making high quality very durable LED flashlights. This flashlight is great for more than just hunting. It would also be great for search and rescue, security, law enforcement, and a variety of other professions or applications.

User Interface

All right so let's talk about the user interface. It has a total of three switches which sounds kind of like a lot but they do serve their purposes. So you've got the dual tail switch and then you have the side switch. The good news is that these switches function independently. So you can choose which you would prefer using - the tail switches or the side switch - and if you prefer only the tail switch you can lock out the side switch which is just generally a very nice feature. So with the tail switches that main switch has momentary on and will turn on and off that flashlight whereas that secondary switch will give you access to cycling through the different brightness levels as well as either a strobe or straight to low brightness level depending on which operation setting you have the flashlight in. And we'll talk about that in a minute. With the side switch you can turn on and off the flashlight and you can cycle through the brightness levels. You can get into a one touch low and you can also get into that strobe. Also, the side switch does have a built in memory function so if you want to take advantage of that be sure to learn to use the side switch.

There is a lot to this flashlight so not only do you have the three different switches you also have two operations settings: the Tactical Setting and the Hunting Setting. Now in the Tactical Setting you have access to that one touch turbo which you can get to using that main tail switch and you have access to the one touch strobe which you can access by pushing down that secondary tail switch. When you have easy cycling through all the different brightness modes. In the Hunting Setting, you have the same one touch turbo using the main switch and instead of a strobe you get a one touch low using that secondary switch. And then, of course, you can easily cycling through the brightness modes. It definitely sounds like a lot and it can be very overwhelming but once you get the user interface and how this flashlight works it's really quite intuitive. It's very easy to remember and if you'd like you can pick one setting and leave the XT30R in that setting or you can swap the settings depending on your situation. That's the beauty of the XT30R: it's very versatile, you can use it for a variety of situations, and it has your back for almost anything.

OK let's talk about the different brightness levels. So you know that it has a max of 1800 lumens which is the turbo level. Next you have the high which is 400 lumens, the medium which is 100 lumens, the low which is 20 lumens, and then you've got the flashing modes, the strobe mode and the S.O.S mode. So with these brightness levels and the flashing modes alone you already get quite a bit of versatility with this LED flashlight. You could easily use it for any professional work, law enforcement, security, outdoor patrolling, and more. Between the operation settings and the different brightness levels, you'll find that this is truly an excellent tool to have at your disposal.


So believe it or not, we are not actually finished talking about the features of this Klarus XT30R. This is an LED flashlight that is packed to the brim with features. It is a rechargeable flashlight. In fact it actually has Klarus' patented magnetic charging port. It does come with a USB magnetic charging cable so you can easily plug this cable into any USB car adapter, wall adapter, or just in your computer while you're working and go ahead and charge the XT30R. This is a really great charging function because when you get the cable close enough to the port, which is about maybe an inch away from it, it will self locate and connect immediately and start charging immediately. Because it's not a micro USB port, you don't need to worry about that silicone cover. You don't need to worry about getting water or dirt or dust in it. It's completely always ready to go. An important note to make is that it does come with an 18650 lithium ion battery pack. In fact, the body of the flashlight is that battery pack itself so it's really great that you can easily recharge it. You don't have to worry about replacing that battery pack. I also want to talk about the battery capacity indicator because it's actually really cool. The magnetic port doubles as a battery capacity indicator and it will glow green if the battery is over 70 percent charged, orange if the battery is 30 to 70 percent charged, red if it is 10 to 30 percent charged, and it will flash red if it's less than 10 percent charged letting you know it is time to recharge or flashlight. This is a really great battery capacity indicator to have. It gives you a great idea of where your battery is at and it's absolutely something you want in an outdoor flashlight of any kind.


OK so finally, I want to talk about the durability and safety features that the XT30R has. I want to start first with the ITS temperature control system. Now this system monitors the internal temperature of the XT30R and is going to adjust the output to protect the LED and internal components. This is going to keep you safe and your flashlight safe as well as your battery. It's going to guarantee stability and the best performance out of your flashlight and it is absolutely something you want in any of the best flashlights you can find. This flashlight is crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy and it does have that military spec anodized finish which is really nice and gives it that really nice look. It's scratch resistant and it's impact resistant up to 1 meter so you don't need to worry about any accidental drops. If one happens your flashlight is going to work just fine. It is waterproof up to IPX8 standards which means that you can submerse it under water 2 meters for 30 minutes and the flashlight will come out working just fine. This means you won't need to worry about using the flashlight in the rain and in any of the biggest storms you can imagine. This flashlight is going to have your back when you most need it.


So all in all the XT30R is an incredible flashlight and the beam throw is amazing on it. It's excellent to find a flashlight that is more compact but still has a really great throw to it and is also rechargeable. This LED flashlight is just packed with features. So if you're looking for a flashlight for hunting, security, law enforcement, search and rescue, etc. definitely check out the Klarus XT30R.