Klarus XT2CR - 1600 Lumens


The flashlight that Klarus is calling the King of Tactical Lights in 2017, the Klarus XT2CR! It’s an upgraded version of the Klarus XT2C, another beloved tactical flashlight that is popular among users. The XT2CR is compact and filled with a ton of features! First of all, it delivers up to 1600 lumens! It’s a little less than 5.5 inches in length so it’s incredible to see such a small tactical flashlight delivers so much power. This tactical flashlight is operated using a dual tactical tail switch. You have the main switch which turns ON and OFF the flashlight and gives you access to momentary-ON as well as constant-ON. The secondary switch allows you to cycle through the brightness levels and gives you access to one-touch low or one-touch turbo depending on which program you set the flashlight in. Which we’ll talk about in a bit!

The XT2CR features four brightness levels and two specialty modes. It has turbo - 1600 lumens, high - 400 lumens, medium - 100 lumens, low - 10 lumens, and a strobe and SOS mode for emergencies. With the wide range of brightness levels, the XT2CR can be used for a variety of situations from law enforcement to casual use. The XT2CR also features two programmable settings: the Tactical Mode and the Outdoor Mode.

Tactical Mode: In this mode the main switch will turn ON and OFF the flashlight and give you access to momentary-ON. The secondary switch, when held down, will access instant strobe. You can also click it to cycle through the brightness levels.

Outdoor Mode: Similar to the Tactical Mode. In this mode the main switch gives you access to momentary-ON and turns ON and OFF the light while the secondary switch gives you immediate access to low when held down. Simply click the secondary switch to cycle through the brightness levels.

With these two programmable modes, the XT2CR is unstoppable! Pick which setting you like best or switch between the settings to fit your situation better. The XT2CR is also USB rechargeable which is always something we like to hear. It features an intelligent charging system that monitors the charging status, prevents overcharging, and is fast. You also have a battery capacity indicator/charging indicator on the side of the flashlight that gives you an idea what the charge is at. When the flashlight is plugged in the indicator will glow red to indicate that the battery is charging, glow green when it’s fully charged, and flash yellow when it needs to be inspected. When it’s not charging, the indicator will glow green when the battery is over 70% charged, orange when it’s 30-70% charged, red when it’s less than 30% charged, and flashing red when it’s 10% or less charged.

To sum up, the XT2CR is one amazing tactical flashlight! It is very versatile and can be used for a myriad of purposes.


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED delivering up to 1600 lumens with a max beam distance of 240 meters
  • Features a dual tactical switch with momentary-ON
  • Features six total outputs:
    • Turbo (1600 lumens) - 1.2 hour runtime
    • High (400 lumens) - 4 hour runtime
    • Medium (100 lumens) - 14 hour runtime
    • Low (10 lumens) - 200 hour runtime
    • Strobe (1600 lumens) - 2.4 hour runtime
    • SOS (100 lumens) - 42 hour runtime
  • Features two programmable settings:
    • Tactical Mode: One-touch turbo, one-touch strobe
    • Outdoor Mode: One-touch turbo, one-touch low, one-touch SOS
  • USB rechargeable
  • Has an intelligent charging system that charges quickly, monitors the charging status, and prevents overcharging
  • Features a battery capacity indicator/charging indicator
  • Has front and rear internally mounted springs to protect against shocks and drops
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
  • Crafted from 6061-T6 Aerospace aluminum alloy with Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing
  • Has a durable stainless steel strike bezel
  • Has a tempered glass lens with AR film plating for scratch resistance
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Klarus 5 year warranty

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 18GT-36 18650 3600mAh battery
  • Holster
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring

• CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED, 50000 hours lamp life

• Tactical Setting shipped by default
• 4 lighting levels, 2 flash modes
• Input: 2.5V-8.4V
• Battery: CR123A x 2; 18650 battery (protected) x1
• Charging: charging time varies depending on batteries used
• Formula: charging time=(capacity of battery/1000mA+1H)
• Reflector: Mirror polished
• Switch: Dual-Switch Tail Cap
• Size: Head (25.6mm /1.01") x Body (25.4mm/1") x Length (139mm/5.47")
• Weight: 88.5g (3.12oz) (Excluding battery)
• Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
• Waterproof: IPX8 waterproof rating
• Lens: Hardened, AR-coated lens, scratch-resistant
• Included accessories: charging cable x 1, lanyard x 1, spare o-ring x 1, 18650 battery x 1, holster x 1, clip x 1

User Manual

FlashlightZ Opinion

Author : Carolyn

Topic : Tactical Flashlight Review: The Klarus XT2CR

I’ve been so impressed with Klarus and their tactical flashlights. They’ve been doing a great job of creating versatile flashlights that many people can find practical use out of. I particularly like the programmable settings that you can choose between. This next flashlight that I’m going to talk about is the Klarus XT2CR. Klarus is calling this beast the “King of Tactical Flashlights for 2017.” So I’m pretty pumped to be talking about this flashlight. As usual, I’ll talk about the light, give you the pros and cons, and final thoughts. Then you can decide if you think it’s really the King of Tactical Flashlights for 2017.

Why the Klarus XT2CR?

The XT2CR is an upgraded version of the classic Klarus XT2C, a straightforward and compact tactical flashlight. For the most part, it seems like the XT2CR is keeping the body style of its predecessor but is upping the power and features! So I want to start with the look of the flashlight. I really like how the flashlight head and body are nearly flush with each other. I do like the style you often see in more tactical flashlights where the head is slightly bigger than the body, but this style speaks to me a little more. It’s a little sleeker in my opinion. Unlike the original XT2C, the XT2CR has a stainless steel bezel on the head which is an excellent upgrade. I really like the bezels on the XT11S and XT11GT so I was excited to see that the XT2CR had one.

Moving onto the power of the flashlight, this compact tactical torch delivers 1600 lumens! I was impressed to see that. I was expecting a smaller number and was pleasantly surprised by how powerful it is. It has a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED and has a maximum beam distance of 240 meters. So it’s not the best tactical flashlight for beam throw which is something to keep in mind. However, 240 meters is still pretty cool.

Multiple Tactical Features

The XT2CR has a total of six outputs: Turbo - 1600 lumens, High - 400 Lumens, Medium - 100 lumens, Low - 10 lumens, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. I know older Klarus tactical flashlights often just had the strobe mode. I really like that their flashlights include an SOS mode as well now. I also think that four brightness levels offer a good amount of versatility. You certainly won’t be needing 1600 lumens all the time. I could see myself using the medium and low modes a lot.

To add to its versatility, the Klarus XT2CR does feature two programmable settings which are excellent. Before I get into the programmable settings I want to talk about the switches for a minute. You operate the XT2CR using the dual tail switches. The main switch turns the flashlight ON and OFF and gives you momentary-on, an important feature to have in any tactical flashlight. The secondary switch, or mode switch, is like a paddle switch and it lets you cycle through the brightness levels and gives you access to immediate strobe or immediate low, depending on which setting you have the flashlight in. Ok, now let’s get into the settings.

First, there’s the Tactical setting which is, I believe, the factory setting. In this setting, the secondary switch gives you access to the Instant-Strobe by holding it down whether the flashlight is ON or OFF. If you’re using this flashlight for more tactical purposes or are wanting a self-defense tool then this setting is the one for you.

The next setting is the Outdoor setting and my personal favorite. In this setting, the secondary switch gives you access to the Instant-Low brightness level. Just hold the secondary switch down and you have access to the low brightness level! I really like this setting because I do use that low brightness level frequently. I always love powerful and bright flashlights, but when it comes down to it, I prefer conserving the battery and not disrupting my night vision too much.

So you can pick which setting you like best and keep your tactical flashlight in that setting or you can switch back and forth between settings depending on your situation. Switching between settings is pretty easy. Hold down the secondary switch for about 10 seconds and the indicator light will blink letting you know it’s ready to be programmed. Then, while still holding down the secondary switch, you press the main switch and you’re in the other setting. What’s cool is that if you accidentally start this process, the flashlight will auto-exit the process after 5 seconds or you can exit it manually by releasing the secondary switch. With this in mind, you don’t need to worry about accidentally changing the setting.

Best Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

The XT2CR is USB rechargeable which is music to my ears! I still love many flashlights that aren’t USB rechargeable, but I love the convenience of charging my flashlights easily. Of course, the XT2CR does have that silicone cover over the micro USB port to protect it from dirt and grime. It also has a cool charging indicator/battery power indicator. When it’s charging, the indicator light will glow red when it’s still charging, green when it’s fully charged, and yellow when something isn’t quite right.

When the XT2CR isn’t being charged the indicator light will glow green when the battery is over 70% charged, orange or yellow when it’s 30-70% charged, red when it’s 10-30% charged, and flash red when it’s under 10% charged. This function is fantastic. It gives you a pretty specific idea of where your battery is at and helps you decide on your usage.

Pros: There’s so much to love in this light. I really like the UI and especially the programmable settings. While I prefer the Outdoor Setting, I could easily see myself getting use out of the Tactical Setting. The USB charging function is excellent and so convenient along with the charging/battery indicator. I especially like the design of the XT2CR and I like that it has a smaller head.

Cons: The biggest complaint I have about this flashlight (which isn’t actually that big) is switching settings. When you’re in the Tactical Setting and you switch to the Outdoor Setting, you’ll be strobing for 10 seconds so you have to be very aware of where you’re aiming the flashlight so you don’t blind yourself or someone else. Not really ideal, but it’s also not that big of a pain either.

Final Thoughts: The XT2CR is one excellent tactical flashlight. I’m really liking the Klarus brand because their flashlights are durable, unique, and versatile. I know I’m getting a high-quality flashlight when I get a Klarus flashlight. If you’re looking for a new tactical flashlight or a flashlight for outdoor adventures like camping, definitely check out the Klarus XT2CR.