• Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X
  • Klarus XT21X - 4000 Lumens - FZ-KLXT21X

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    LED: CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED

    Max  Output: 4000 lumens

    Max Beam Distance: 316 meters

    Max Runtime: 200 hours

    Battery: 21700 (5000mAh)

    Work Voltage: 2.5 - 6.4V

    Waterproof: IPX8 (2 meters submersible)

    Lighting Levels: Turbo/High/Medium/Low/Moon/Circle

    Weight: 158g / 5.57oz (without battery)

    Dimensions: Head Diameter - 41.0mm (1.61"), Body Diameter - 27.5mm (1.08"), Length - 161.0mm (6.34")

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    FZ Opinion: Most Powerful Compact Tactical Flashlight

    Author: Carolyn

    We all knew that Klarus would be coming out with a massively powerful tactical flashlight for 2019, but we were not expecting quite so much power when they finally announced the flashlight. The Klarus XT21X is a powerhouse flashlight that is still compact enough that you could carry it around. We were amazed with this flashlight when we finally got it into the store. So let's take a look at the flashlight, what it has to offer, as well as some pros and cons.

    4000 Lumens of Intense Power

    4000 lumens is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, you'll be blown away by the sheer power of this flashlight. It has a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED and, coupled with the 21700 battery, you have one amazingly powerful flashlight. The beam pattern on the XT21X is very wide and dispersed. The idea of the XT21X is to illuminate everything around you rather than to pinpoint anything far into the distance. So rather than a more focused beam it definitely has a floodier beam with this flashlight. 

    Tactical User Interface

    Just like many other Klarus flashlights, the user interface on the XT21X it's incredibly robust. It's built so that any user can operate it the way they would like to. To start with, the XT21X does come with three switches, two tail switches and a side switch that functions independently. So this is going to allow you to use the side switch or the tactical tail switches whenever you feel like it. The switches can easily be locked out to prevent any accidental illumination which is great because you certainly don't want a 4100 flashlight turning on by accident.

    So you're going to get a couple different features depending on which switch you use. With the dual tail switches, you'll have a momentary-on, an instant turbo, and an instant strobe or an instant low. With the side switch, you're going to be getting a built-in memory function as well as an instant  low. That mode memory function can be really handy especially with the side switch because it allows you access to the lower brightness levels immediately. For general use, professional use, outdoor use, that feature can be extremely useful.

    Multiple Outputs

    The XT21X does feature multiple outputs and two programmable settings that you will find in many Klarus tactical flashlights. With the XT21X you have seven total outputs and that will include five brightness levels that range from 5 lumens to 4000 lumens, giving you quite a range. You also have a strobe and an SOS mode just in case of emergencies. The maximum run time using that moonlight mode is going to be 200 hours at most so this flashlight can last you an extremely long time before you need to charge it.

    As I said before, this tactical flashlight does have two programmable settings which is a Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. It's important to know that the side switch is not affected in either setting and that the settings will only affect the tail switches. In the Tactical Setting, the secondary tail switch will give you an instant strobe when pressed and held down. It will also allow you to cycle through the turbo, high, medium, and moonlight brightness levels. In this setting, using the side switch, you’ll be able to cycle through all five brightness levels rather than just four.

    In the Outdoor Setting on the other hand, when you press down the secondary switch and hold it down, it will enter instantly into the moonlight brightness level. You'll also be able to cycle through all five brightness levels using either the tail switch is or the side switch. Switching between the modes is pretty quick and fairly easy, but I recommend keeping that manual handy just in case.

    USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    The XT21X is a rechargeable flashlight and features a USB port located just below the head of the flashlight. This makes charging that 21700 battery extremely easy and convenient. While you have the flashlight plugged in, you'll see an indicator glowing around the side switch. It will glow red if it's charging, green when the charging is finished, and yellow if something is interfering with the charging. This indicator also doubles as a battery capacity indicator that will glow a certain color and give you an idea of how much charge you have left in that battery. This indicator is great because you can plan how much will be using your flashlight based on how much battery there is left.

    I mentioned this before, but the XT21X does come with a 21700 battery that has a 5000 mAh capacity. It’s an extremely powerful battery and we are excited to see Klarus use is in such a compact flashlight. The flashlight is larger than an 18650 flashlight, but not by too much. It will only run on a 21700 battery, however. This can be something of a downside, especially if you prefer flashlights that can run on multiple battery types.

    The XT21X has a lot of safety features in place to make sure the flashlight is long lasting. So you're going to have a thermal protection system which will automatically adjust the output based on the temperature of the flashlight and this is going to protect the LED as well as the internal electronics of the light. It's also crafted from an aluminum alloy and is extremely durable. The XT21X is going to last you a long time and we are extremely impressed with this tactical flashlight.


    You have a lot going on with the Klarus XT21X because it was designed to have robust features that allowed it to be used in many different situations. Between the powerful output, multiple brightness levels, programmable settings, and triple switch design, you can use this flashlight however you want to whenever you want to. It does not limit you in any way and that's one of the great aspects of this particular flashlight. The user interface does take a bit of time to learn, so if you're looking for a simple and straightforward flashlight, the Klarus XT21X is not going to fit that ticket. It's also a bit larger and can be clipped onto a pocket but you may feel more comfortable carrying it with the holster. Speaking of the holster, it does feature a little cap in the holster where the tail switch fits in that way the flashlight does not turn on accidentally. That is an awesome holster that's included with this flashlight. If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile, and long lasting tactical flashlight, the Klarus XT21X is it.