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    Powerful EDC Flashlight

    FZ Opinion by Carolyn

    A 1000 lumen pocket flashlight seemed too good to be true. We've seen pocket flashlights that deliver 1000 lumens but will only run for a very short amount of time so that the 1000 lumens was not exactly a useful feature. However, Klarus introduced the XT1A everyday carry flashlight and it proved that a pocket flashlight can indeed reach 1000 lumens and be useful. This flashlight is upgraded from the older XT1A model that Klarus originally came out with. The original model delivered 180 lumens which gives you a great idea of just how far LED and flashlight technology has come. Of course, there's more to the XT1A than just raw power so I want to start by talking about some of my favorite features of this pocket flashlight as well as some other important features to note.

    Favorite Features of the Klarus XT1A Pocket Flashlight

    It was really tough to pick a few of my favorite features with this flashlight. I narrowed my favorite features down to three and these features really make the XT1A stand out for me.

    Most Powerful EDC Flashlight

    Seeing this little flashlight that's less than four and a half inches in length deliver such an impressive amount of power is really astounding. Its compact size fits comfortably in your hand and is very easy to clip onto your pocket using the double sided removable pocket clip. I have been walking around with this flashlight for a while and it's definitely useful to keep on your person.

    As I mentioned before, many pocket flashlights that say they deliver 1000 lumens will only deliver that power for a very short bursts of time. I was impressed to find out that the runtime for the 1000 lumen turbo mode on the XT1A is 1 hour. This is a great amount of time for an everyday carry flashlight.

    Easy User Interface

    Klarus is known for their excellent user interface specifically with the XT series flashlights. With the XT1A you get the excellent Klarus design tactical tail switches. These switches are a user favorite and my favorite for a reason. The main round silicone switch gives you a momentary on and turns on and off the flashlight. The secondary metal paddle switch allows you to cycle through the brightness levels when the flashlight is on and gives you access to either a One-Touch Strobe or One-Touch Low depending on the setting you have the flashlight on. These switches are incredibly easy to find in the dark and the user interface is very intuitive. It's extremely easy to operate it with a single hand and you don't fumble around trying to find either switch.

    Versatile Pocket Flashlight

    Klarus designed the XT1A so that you can use it in any situation. One of the best features of this pocket flashlight is the programmable settings. You can choose between two settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. The Tactical setting, which is the default setting, gives you a One-Touch Turbo with that main switch and a One-Touch Strobe with that secondary switch. The Outdoor Setting gives you a One-Touch Turbo with that main switch and a One-Touch Low with the secondary switch. So no matter what situation you're preparing for you can easily choose between these two settings.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of the One-Touch Low option. I don't find that I need the strobe as often as I need the low mode and I prefer to get there immediately rather than have to cycle through the brightness levels to get to it. However, that being said, if I'm going to a sketchier part of town or I know I'll be walking home late at night, it's easy to switch settings so that I have access to that One-Touch Strobe in case I need it. It's very easy to switch settings and you can do it at any moment which is a beautiful feature in this pocket flashlight.

    More Features of the Klarus XT1A EDC Light

    So I listed my three favorite features of this flashlight and now I want to list other excellent features of the XT1A. Just because these features didn't make it onto the favorites list does not mean they are any less fantastic.

    Compatible Batteries

    So a great aspect of the XT1A pocket flashlight is that it's compatible with a 14500 battery or an AA battery. So if your 14500 battery dies and you really need that flashlight you can use any AA battery you have. Because these are so common and so inexpensive, many people already have them lying around the house as it is. Of course, you may not see the full 1000 lumens with an AA battery in the XT1A flashlight.

    Klarus did include a 14500 battery with the XT1A so you're already off to a great start with this flashlight. On top of that this battery is USB rechargeable so you can take the battery out of the flashlight and charge the battery directly using any standard micro USB charging cord. This is excellent because you can charge the battery and use a backup 14500 or a backup AA battery with the XT1A. You don't need to worry about buying another charger or, if you don't need any backup batteries, you can easily recharge your 14500 battery and wait. Not to mention, the XT1A does have a battery capacity indicator so that you can get a good idea of how much charge you have left in your battery.

    Durable Flashlight

    The design of the XT1A pocket flashlight is excellent. Klarus went a bit of a different route when they picked the design pattern on the body of the flashlight. Normally we see some cross hatching on the body of the flashlight to prevent the flashlight from slipping. Klarus has instead used grooves in the XT1A. I really like that design and think it feels very comfortable in my hands and prevents the flashlight from slipping.

    The XT1A is constructed from aerospace aluminum alloy and has a hard anodized finish so it is wear resistant and quite robust. This pocket flashlight is impact-resistant up to 1 meter and is waterproof up to IPX8 standards. It also features a High Temperature Protection System, reverse polarity protection, and a low battery capacity protection. This pocket flashlight will be very low maintenance and does an excellent job taking care of itself.

    Concluding Remarks

    We are all very impressed with the XT1A flashlight. Between the programmable settings, multiple outputs, and easy operation this flashlight is one of the best everyday carry flashlights you will find. Not to mention it's one of the most powerful everyday carry flashlight you'll find. 1000 lumens is nothing to sneeze at. So if you're wanting a really compact everyday carry flashlight make sure to take a look at the Klarus XT1A.

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