Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens

  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X
  • Klarus XT11X - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KLXT11X



TACTICAL, POWERFUL, UNSTOPPABLE. The XT11X is a true ultimate tactical flashlight that will blow you away with its superior illumination. It's a compact handheld flashlight that comfortably fits in your hands and features a pocket clip for easy carrying. With its advanced driver circuitry and the equipped CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, the XT11X can deliver up to 3200 lumens which is a blinding amount of light. It features a deep orange peel reflector so you'll get a broader beam to illuminate the entire area around you. However, the XT11X still has a great beam throw at 283 meters max. The XT11X offers a versatile operation that can be tailored to your preference. It features a tactical dual tail switch as well as a single side switch that operates independently so you can choose which style you are comfortable with. The different switches do have different features. The side switch allows you to turn on and off the flashlight, change modes, and features a One-Touch Low, a lockout function, and a mode memory function to turn onto the last brightness level you used. The dual tail switches allow you to turn on and off the flashlight, cycle through the modes, and features a lock out function, a momentary on, a One-Touch Strobe, or a One-Touch Low

The XT11X offers you six total outputs that include four brightness levels ranging from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode ensuring that you are prepared for anything. Along with these different brightness levels you also have two programmable settings to choose from: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting you have access to a One-Touch Strobe and a One-Touch Turbo. In the Outdoor Setting you have access to a One-Touch Turbo, a One-Touch Low, and the SOS. Both of these settings allow you to customize your light a little bit more for yourself. If you find yourself enjoying more outdoor activities with the XT11X then the Outdoor Setting might work best for you. If you are using the XT11X for home security or law enforcement then the Tactical Setting might be the best option. Either way you can choose what works best for you at any given time and switch back and forth if you'd like to.

The XT11X comes with an 18650 battery with a 3100 mAh capacity. However, it can run on two CR123A batteries or two 16340 batteries giving you more options. With the Intelligent Battery Identification System, the XT11X will adjust the maximum output to match the equipped battery or batteries so that you can use the flashlight safely with any of the compatible batteries. It's also USB rechargeable with an Intelligent Charging System that monitors the charging status, prevents overcharging, and limits the maximum charging current to 1A to prevent damage to the charger and allow safer charging. The side switch doubles as a charging/battery capacity indicator that you can check out anytime.

Klarus prides themselves on creating innovative flashlights that are also durable and safe. The XT11X features a high current protection, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and Intelligent Thermal Protection. Constructed from Aerospace grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish, this flashlight will resist wear and can withstand harsh conditions. It's impact-resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX8 standards. So if you're looking for the next powerful compact tactical flashlight that offers you extreme versatility then make sure to get the Klarus XT11X.


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED delivering up to 3200 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 283 meters
  • Features short orange peel textured reflector
  • Has a side switch and dual tail switches
  • Built-in memory function
  • Lockout for all switches
  • One-touch turbo, one-touch low, one-touch strobe
  • Momentary-on
  • Six total outputs:
    • Turbo (3200 lumens) - 45 minute runtime
    • High (400 lumens) - 4 hour runtime
    • Medium (100 lumens) - 16 hour runtime
    • Low (15 lumens) - 82 hour runtime
    • Strobe (3200 lumens) - 1.5 hour runtime
    • SOS (100 lumens) - 48 hour runtime
  • Two Programmable Settings:
    • Tactical Setting: One-touch turbo and one-touch strobe
    • Outdoor Setting: One-touch turbo, one-touch low, and SOS
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Intelligent Charging System
  • Intelligent Battery Identification System
  • Charging and Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Compatible batteries: 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123As, 2 x 16340s
  • High current protection, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and ITS
  • Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards

Included Accessories:

  • 18650 lithium-ion 3100 mAh battery
  • Holster
  • Removable pocket clip
  • USB charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring
  • USB wall adapter
  • USB car adapter
  • USB mini light
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• CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, lifetime up to 50,000 Hours.

• Tactical Setting by Default.
• Working Voltage: 3.0V-8.4V.
• Compatible Batteries: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A or 2 x Klarus 16340.
• Charging Time: Depends on the battery capacity.
Formula: Charging Time = (Capacity of Battery/1000mA+1H).
• Reflector: Orange Peel.
• Lens:Hardened Mineral Glass; AR coated; Scratch resistant.
• Switch: Tactical Tailcap Dual-Switch + Side Switch.
• Dimensions: Head - 41.0mm (1.61”) diameter
Body - 25.4mm (1.00”) diameter
Length - 150.8mm (5.94”)
• Weight: 136g (4.78oz) without battery.
• Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing.
• Accessories Included: 1 x Micro-USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Spare O-ring, 1 x Klarus 18650 Battery, 1 x Nylon Holster, 1 x Clip.

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Klarus XT11X

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Incredibly bright flashlight with 3200 lumens. Very durable and well built flashlight I mounted this to a rifle and it functions very well.

Corpus Christi, TX

Awesome Torch

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I did a lot of research before I purchased and the Klarus XT11X is where I came out at. I've been very happy with my decision. I use it on duty as a LEO. I like the various features to include the size, the brightness, the strobe mode (to disable suspects who might want to go on the attack), the built in clip, the micro-usb charging. You can just tell it was built very well and the packaging btw was top notch and very professional. They give you all sorts of accessories so that added to the value. I bought from Flashlightz.com because I saved a fair amount of money with a coupon code. I think anywhere else I would have paid MSRP. Shipping was ultra fast and free !


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One of Klaris's best ever! A real kick- A@! light at 3200 Lumens and a single 18650 battery. I have found that the Klarus lights are the most efficient flashlights out there - love um!

Vista Ca

Klarus XT11X-3200 Lumens

Product Reviews:
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I accompanying my Wife taking our Irish Wolfhound on night walks and was looking for a tactical light that I could count on in the event of an emergency. This flashlight delivered just that and more, it is more bright and the strobe feature makes it top of the line. I feel comfortable walking at night as I can use this to illuminate our area but can also ward off any stray dogs that might want to get too close for comfort. Well done!

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I don’t see the warranty. Is there a warranty?
Susan Larson November 17, 2018 7:13 PM

Best Tactical Flashlight - Klarus XT11X

Author: Carolyn

When we got this compact tactical flashlight in the office, we were all interested to see that 3200 lumen power. I can tell you now that we were all very impressed. It’s always exciting to see more and more brands come out with flashlights that are compact, but can pack a punch with that lumen output and the XT11X definitely does that. So let’s take a look at some features and some of our thoughts about the Klarus XT11X.

3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

The XT11X is definitely a compact flashlight, but I wouldn’t consider it an everyday carry flashlight. It's still compact and lightweight enough that you could clip it onto your pocket or use the holster. Based on its size, some may feel it's a bit too bulky to clip onto a pocket. If you've used the Klarus XT11GT or the Klarus XT12GT and clip that on your pocket then you might be comfortable clipping the XT11X to your pocket.

When it comes to ultra bright flashlights, the XT11X is one of the top on the list. It's incredible to see this LED flashlight deliver the 3200 lumens and still be compact to carry around. It's equipped with a CREE 70.2 P2 LED and features a deep orange peel reflector. This reflector will ensure that the beam is very diffused and very broad, so the hotspot won't be as defined with the XT11X. It does reach out with a max beam distance of 283 meters. I wouldn’t consider it a throw light, but it's definitely a flashlight that has a pretty good beam throw to it. You'll still be able to see pretty far into the distance with it. Nevertheless, the 3200 lumens is really going to light up the entire area in front of you. So the XT11X tactical flashlight is really great for law enforcement, security, military operations, outdoor activities, scoping your backyard, and more.

Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings

One of the greatest aspects of the XT11X LED flashlight is that it is the most versatile LED flashlight you'll find. The user interface, the multiple outputs, and the programable settings allow you to use this flashlight exactly how you want to. I'll start first by talking about the triple switch design. With this design, you have a side switch and dual tail switches that operate independently. So you can decide how you'd like to operate the flashlight at any given moment. There are certain features that go with the different switches. For example, the dual tail switches come with a momentary on, One-Touch Turbo, and a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low depending on which setting you have the XT11X in. The side switch gives you access to a One-Touch Low, SOS, and a built-in memory function. This user interface is very robust and it may take you a little while to get the hang of it or remember what all the features are. if you're wanting a straightforward and simple flashlight then I would definitely steer you away from the XT11X. However, if you want a versatile and robust flashlight that can be useful in a myriad of situations, then the XT11X is definitely the way to go. You’ll just need to put the time in to learn about this LED flashlight and its user interface.

With the XT11X, you also have 4 brightness levels and 2 flashing modes, which are strobe and SOS. The brightness levels range from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens. I know that there are going to be some users that would prefer the XT11X have a moonlight mode of about 1 lumen. However, with the diffused beam. I think that 15 lumens is perfectly acceptable and does a great job in smaller areas like a closet or a garage.

Finally, let's talk about the two programmable settings. I want to say that the side switch remains the same in both settings. The differences are in the tail switches. First, you have the default setting which is the Tactical Setting. In this setting you will have a One-Touch Turbo with the main tail switch and a One-Touch Strobe with the secondary switch. Now, the XT11X will only be able to cycle through 3 out of the 4 brightness levels using the tail switch in the tactical setting.

Next, we have the Outdoor Setting where you have a One-Touch Turbo with the main tail switch and a One-Touch Low with the secondary tail switch. You'll also be able to cycle through all 4 brightness levels using the tail switch in this setting. You can choose which setting you prefer to keep your flashlight in and you can easily change settings at the drop of a hat whenever you need to. That's the beauty of this tactical flashlight. It can be whatever you need it to be at any time.

USB Rechargeable Flashlight

So you now know about the user interface, the multiple outputs, and the two programmable settings. Already the XT11X LED flashlight is packed to the brim with excellent features. Believe it or not, we are not actually finished with the features. This tactical flashlight also is a USB rechargeable flashlight and features an Intelligent Charging System and an Intelligent Battery Identification System. I'll start by talking about the Intelligent Charging System. This system will monitor the charging process, prevent overcharging, and limit the charging current to 1A for safer charging. The Intelligent Battery Identification System will adjust the maximum output to match the equipped battery so that way you can easily use your flashlight without worrying about damage to the battery or the flashlight. The XT11X does feature a charging indicator that doubles as a battery capacity indicator. You can also equip the XT11X flashlight with a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries. Either way, you have a lot of options in the battery department with this rechargeable flashlight.

Concluding Remarks

We could go on and on about this flashlight but there's no reason to talk your ear off. We've covered pretty much everything with this flashlight. One last note I'd like to make is that the XT11X is very durable and very rugged and will last you a long time. If you're looking at high intensity flashlights then definitely check out the Klarus XT11X. It's an ultra bright flashlight that is one of the best tactical flashlight you'll find on the market today.