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    FlashlightZ Discussion

    The Klarus XT11S - Programmable Tactical Flashlight

    Author: Carolyn

    As Klarus' first programmable flashlight, the XT11S really set such a high bar for tactical flashlights in the flashlight industry today. The XT11S is an upgraded version of the original Klarus XT11. This particular flashlight is a beloved tactical flashlight because it is so powerful and so compact. The XT11S is just as compact but a lot more powerful. Equipped with a CREE XP HI V3 LED, the XT11S can deliver up to 1100 lumens and has a max beam distance of 330 meters. So this flashlight has quite a good focused beam on it. Now buckle up because there are a ton of features to this flashlight.

    First I'm going to start about with how compact this flashlight is. It's about five and a half inches in length so it's actually quite easy to carry on your person. It does come with a pocket clip so you can use that pocket clip or you can use the included holster that comes with this flashlight. It's a perfect little handheld flashlight. Simply how compact it is makes it an excellent flashlight for law enforcement, security, any outdoor activities, and more.

    User Interface

    To operate the XT11S you can use the dual tactical tail switches or you can use the side switch. It's really great that the XT11S gives you these options. So if you would prefer to use the XT11S in a more tactical way you can use the tail switches or if you prefer to use it in a more casual way you can use the side switch. Also, if you would rather not use the side switch at all, you can take advantage of that built in lockout function that will completely lock out that side switch allowing you to only use the dual tail switches.

    The XT11S has a total of 6 lighting modes. You have the four brightness levels which range from 10 lumens to 1100 lumens and then you've got two flashing modes - strobe and S.O.S. The variety in brightness levels and the two flashing modes alone make this flashlight incredibly versatile. One thing that's really nice about that side switch is that it does have a built in memory function so if you want to take advantage of that built in memory function definitely use that side switch.

    Programmable Settings

    The XT11S also has 3 different programmable settings. You've got the Conventional or Classical Tactical Mode, the Hunting Mode, and the Ultimate Tactical Mode. Now we'll start with the Conventional Tactical Mode. If you've ever used an XT series Klarus flashlight, you know what the user interface is like and the Conventional Tactical Mode is very similar to that. Looking at the dual tail switches, you have the primary switch and the mode switch. With the primary switch you have a momentary on that will immediately go into turbo. You can also turn on and off the flashlight using this switch. With the mode switch you can immediately access the strobe simply by pressing it down. Even if the flashlight is on you'll still be able to access the strobe mode. You also have easy mode cycling whenever the flashlight is turned on. So simply click the mode switch while the flashlight is in the on position and you can cycle through all the brightness levels. Now I cannot tell you how important it is in any tactical flashlight to have an immediate strobe mode. So the fact that this strobe mode is so easy to get it really makes the XT11S shine. The side switch is also able to cycle through the brightness levels and it's also able to access the strobe mode and the S.O.S mode. So you just double tap to get into the strobe mode and double tap again and you'll be in the S.O.S mode. So that's really nice. So this classical setting is really excellent for just a casual user or anyone who wants immediate access to that strobe mode. It's great for any potential tactical situation. The Conventional Tactical Setting may be the most versatile setting out of the three.

    The next thing I want to talk about is the Hunting Setting or the Outdoor Setting. This setting, as you can imagine, is excellent for any outdoor activities: camping, hiking, hunting, what have you. With the tail switches, you still have the momentary on and turbo with the primary switch and with the mode switch, rather than the strobe, you will have the low mode when you press down on it. Of course you can cycle through the different brightness levels as well. The side switch functions exactly the same as it functions in the Conventional Tactical Setting so I won't need to explain that again. Like I said this is really great for any outdoor activity because you can immediately access that low mode when you're camping. It's imperative that you access the lowest mode or at least have a built in memory function because if you're in a tent and you need to read a map or look into your bag you don't need to blind yourself and your other campers with 1100 lumens of light. Not only does that waste the battery but it disorients you as well.

    Finally we're onto the last setting which is the Advanced Tactical Setting or the Tactical Assault Setting. This setting is for extreme tactical situations and honestly probably won't be used nearly as often as the other two settings. So in this setting you only are able to access the two tail switches. The side switch is completely locked out. With the primary switch you can access the momentary on turbo and with the mode switch you can access the strobe and that's it. You will not be able to access any of the brightness levels and as I said before this is for extreme tactile situations. Between these three programmable settings you have everything you could possibly need in a flashlight. Not to mention it's really easy to carry around with you so this could easily become your go to flashlight.

    USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    Next I'm going to talk about the batteries. The XT11S does run on an 18650 battery but you can also use a pair of CR123 batteries. It does come with an 18650 battery already so that's nice. The XT11S is a USB rechargeable flashlight so you can recharge it using a micro USB making it extremely convenient. You don't need to buy any expensive chargers and you don't even really need to buy backup batteries, although I would recommend it. It does have a charging indicator lights and battery indicator light located on the side switch. While charging it the indicator light will be glowing red. Whenever it's completely charged the indicator will glow green. And if there is some problem with the charging process the indicator will glow orange letting you know that something's going on and it's not able to charge. With the battery capacity indicator, it will shine green whenever the battery is 70 to 100 percent charged, orange when the battery is 30 to 70 percent charged, red when the battery is 10 to 30 percent charged, and it will flash red when it is less than 10 percent charged letting you know it is time to charge the flashlight or at the very least change out the batteries.

    Safety and Durability

    Next I want to talk about the safety features and durability of the XT11S. This flashlight comes with a smart ITS temperature control system and this system monitors the internal temperature of the flashlight and will adjust the output of the brightness to protect the LED and the internal components. This ensures that your flashlight will work safely, stably, and have the best performance that it can ultimately have. When you are purchasing a high end flashlight you absolutely want this feature because you do not want to have to worry about the LED burning out or the components being damaged just through use alone. This flashlight is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish giving it that really nice sleek look. The dual springs in the flashlight protect the battery so it is impact resistant up to 1 meter so you don't need to worry about any accidental drops. Also, the flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8 standards which means you can submerge the flashlight in water up to two meters and for 30 minutes and it will be working just fine.


    So final thoughts with this flashlight: there is a lot going on with the XT11S. It is so versatile and it has so many features that it is just an excellent flashlight for anyone in any field. Definitely an extreme tactical flashlight.

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