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Klarus MiX6 Ti - 100 Lumens
Retail: $69.95
Price: $37.99
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMIX6TI -

OUT OF STOCKUnfortunately, this flashlight is discontinued. Looking for a similar flashlight? Check out the Klarus Mi7!Capable of providing an output of 100 lumens on its highest setting, the Klarus MiX6 Ti is one of the brightest and most compact AAA flashlights you'll find anywhere in the world. Featuring three levels of intensity - 4 lumens, 30 lumens and 100 lumens - as well as a 100-lumen strobe setting, the MiX6 will run on just a single Ni-MH or Alkaline AAA battery for up to 66 hours...

Klarus MiX7 AL - 180 Lumens
Price: $35.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMIX7AL -

OUT OF STOCKOne of the smallest AA-battery operated flashlights to incorporate a side switch, the Klarus MiX7 AL features both easy and convenient operation one-handed and has a lightweight, compact design for everyday use. This tough little flashlight is only 95.4 millimeters in length and has a 17.6 millimeter diameter, fitting comfortably in the hands of anyone. With three steady light modes with a maximum output of 180 lumens and an additional strobe setting for emergency signaling or...

Klarus MiX7 Ti - 180 Lumens
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Retail: $74.95
Price: $25.00
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMIX7TI -

OUT OF STOCK Featuring a patented side switch, the Klarus MiX7 Ti is perfectly balanced for one-handed operation. Its lightweight, compact body made from TC4 titanium alloy is finished in a scratch and corrosion-resistant coating for permanent color, features a 126-hour maximum runtime on its lowest setting, and can blast out 180 lumens on its maximum setting, either as a steady beam or as a specialized strobe light for signaling or emergency purposes. All this functionality is powered by a...

Klarus P1A - 150 Lumens
Retail: $48.95
Price: $38.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLP1A -

OUT OF STOCKMade from anodized military-grade aircraft aluminum, featuring an ultra-clear toughened glass lens and a textured reflector for a smooth beam with a perfect balance of spill and throw, the Klarus P1A is a lot of flashlight in a little single-AA powered case. Providing a max output of 150 lumens and a reduced output mode that extends runtime to an impressive 28 hours, the P1A is simply the best in tactical flashlights with a forward switch that provides momentary activation...

Klarus P20 - 230 Lumens
Price: $29.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLP20 -

OUT OF STOCKLooking for a compact and lightweight flashlight for work? The Klarus P20 might be just what you need! This penlight features a Nichia High CRI LED that delivers a soft diffused beam and simulates natural lighting allowing you to see better. It delivers 230 lumens, the perfect amount for a variety of professional fields including engineers, doctors, nurses, and more. The Klarus P20 features three brightness outputs: High - 230 lumens, Medium - 66 lumens, and Low - 4 lumens. The P20...

Klarus ST10 - 1100 Lumens
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Retail: $69.95
Price: $39.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLST10 -

OUT OF STOCKIf you’re looking for a rugged outdoor flashlight then you’ll be happy to meet the Klarus ST10, a compact, rechargeable, and powerful LED flashlight. Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED it delivers a maximum output of 1100 lumens and has a max beam distance of 115 meters. Thanks to the optical lens on the ST10 you can a soft and even floodlight, perfect for lighting up an area in front of you or close up work. You can operate the ST10 with the side switch allowing for easy one-handed...

Klarus ST15R - 1200 Lumens
Retail: $69.95
Price: $54.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLST15R -

OUT OF STOCKKlarus has titled the new ST15R as the Night Guardian - an all-around excellent outdoor LED flashlight that will keep the darkness at bay. The ST15R is equipped with a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED and delivers a maximum output of 1200 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 260 meters. This beam will give you a nice hot spot while still Illuminating the area around you with a spill. With its constant current control, you will have a clear beam with no flickering, making it excellent for...

Klarus Upgraded XT1C - 700 Lumens
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Retail: $64.95
Price: $49.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT1C700 -

OUT OF STOCKThe upgraded Klarus XT1C is a wonderful everyday carry light at a little over 3 inches in length. Don’t let the size fool you! The XT1C can deliver up to 700 lumens of power thanks to its CREE XP-L HI V3 LED. It features a dual tacitcal tail switch and is very user-friendly with One-Touch Strobe, One-Touch High, One-Touch Low, and easy brightness level cycling. The XT1C is also programmable flashlight with two different settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. The...

Klarus XT12GT - 1600 Lumens
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Retail: $118.69
Price: $94.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT12GT -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus XT11S and the XT11GT impressed the flashlight community by taking the beloved XT11 and upgrading it into one of the most advanced flashlights! Now, Klarus has done the same thing with the beloved XT12 and introduced the XT12GT! The Klarus XT12GT is an awesome advanced tactical programmable flashlight. Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED, the XT12GT has a maximum output of 1600 lumens and has a beam throw of 603 meters! The size of the XT12GT is just a little over 6.5...

Klarus XT20 - 2000 Lumens
Retail: $159.99
Price: $99.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLXT20 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus XT20 is a rough-and-tumble dual-head tactical flashlight equipped with a pair of CREE XM-L2 U2 1A LEDs to provide a maximum of 2000 lumens of output on its highest intensity setting. Featuring easy one-handed operation thanks to its innovative dual-button tail switch, the XT20's ultra-bright and disorienting strobe function is just the touch of a button away, making it ideal for any emergency or self-defense situation that you might run into wherever you go. Featuring a...

Klarus Mi10 AL - 85 Lumens
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Retail: $44.95
Price: $29.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLMI10AL -

OUT OF STOCKUnfortunately, this flashlight is discontinued. Looking for a similar flashlight? Check out the Klarus Mi6!Simultaneously one of the brightest and smallest AAA battery flashlights you'll find anywhere, the Klarus Mi10 AL features the ability to output as much as 85 lumens on its highest setting - or the ability to run for 66 hours on its low 3-lumen output setting. Complete with a medium setting of 26 lumens and an emergency/signal strobe setting, the Mi10 AL features a...

Klarus RS11 - 930 Lumens
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Retail: $109.95
Price: $79.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Klarus Item #: FZ-KLRS11 -

OUT OF STOCKUnfortunately, this flashlight is discontinued. Looking for a similar flashlight? Check out the Klarus XT12S!Featuring a brand new ergonomic design complete with a recessed and enlarged main switch that prevents accidental activation yet can still be found even in the blackest of darkness, the Klarus RS11 can be operated, quite literally, with one hand tied behind your back. The new grip and switch is accompanied by a custom-designed Klarus 2600mAh 3.75 rechargeable Lithium-ion...

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• This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or product

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FlashlightZ Opinion

KLARUS Lighting is a flashlight manufacturer that was established in June 2011. Even though it's a relatively new flashlight company, their popularity and reputation have been growing rapidly. It's no surprise, considering all of their innovate flashlights and other products, including flashlight accessories such as gun mounts, remote pressure switches, and even wands you can put on the flashlight that diffuses the flashlight beam itself.

One of the great things about KLARUS is their wide range of flashlights. You can find a simple, tactical flashlight or you can find an advanced, versatile flashlight that's prepared for any situation. For example, you very the KLARUS XT11. This is one of their most popular flashlights in the original XT series. The XT11 is a straightforward, tactical flashlight that provides a maximum lumen output of 1,060. It has a dual tactical tail switch, which has become popular and beloved among the KLARUS flashlights. In fact, in many KLARUS flashlight reviews, you will see that reviewers just fall in love with that tactical tail switch. It makes it easy for you to pull your flashlight out and immediately turn it on or immediately use the strobe if necessary. The secondary switch on that tactical tail switch allows you to activate that strobe mode immediately, whether the flashlight is on or off, making this a supreme self-defense tool. That strobe mode can blind an attacker easily and allow you to escape quickly.

Of course, that's not all the Klarus XT11 has to offer. It also features four different settings, the strobe mode, which I already mentioned, and three other brightness settings, the high, medium, and low modes, so you can choose which mode is necessary at the time. The high mode, as I've mentioned, delivers 1,060 lumens or 1,060 is probably a better way to say that. But you don't need to use the high mode all the time. The low mode really shines in situations where you need to read something maybe at night or you just kind of want a little bit of illumination in front of you but you don't really want to draw attention to yourself. This is where the low mode really shines.

The Klarus XT11 is also really compact and comes with a pocket clip, so you can carry it on your person at any time. It also comes with a holster if you don't want to use that pocket clip and just want to attach that holster onto your belt, you can carry that flashlight around quite easily.

Of course, every KLARUS flashlight is incredibly high quality. So, the XT11 is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and is impact resistant, up to 1 meter in waterproof, up to IPX-8 standards, which means that you can put it under water for 2 meters and for 30 minutes and it'll work perfectly.

This is a complete straightforward, tactical flashlight. You can pick up this flashlight, mess with it for a few minutes, and know everything about it. Exactly how it works, exactly what you need to know. You can pick up the flashlight every single time and not have to question which button does what. It is incredibly intuitive.

For first-time tactical flashlight buyers, I would recommend the XT11 simply because you are getting a high quality product and a high quality flashlight. You know that this flashlight is going to last you but you don't need to worry about any advanced settings such as different programmable settings or anything like that. It's just straightforward. You just mess with it for a few minutes and you're good to go.

There's a reason the Klarus XT11 is so popular and the rest of the flashlights in the XT series, for that matter. Each flashlight in the XT series is tactical, high quality, innovative, and quite versatile. If you watch several KLARUS flashlight reviews, you'll see the same patterns continually pop up. KLARUS really does like that tactical tail switch and, for a reason, that dual tactical tail switch. It'll have that momentary on function that is so important in tactical flashlights, that it allows you to access the turbo mode immediately without having to press the button down all the way. And, as I said before, it has that secondary switch that allows you to access the strobe mode. However, when the flashlight's on, it also allows you to access the other brightness levels.

If you're wanting a more advanced flashlight than the simple XT11, then I would probably direct you to its upgraded version, the Klarus XT11GT. This flashlight is quite the flashlight to learn. It does not have a simple interface like the XT11. It delivers 2,000 lumens and features three different switches. It has that dual tactical tail switch and it also has a side switch and you can choose which switch you prefer. It does have a lockout function for the side switch if you'd rather not use the side switch.

The reason the XT11GT is so advanced is because of the three different operation settings that you can choose between. Each operation setting is meant for a specific situation which, of course, you can choose which setting is the best for which situation you're about to enter. Whether it's an outdoor setting or a more tactical setting, that's up to you.

While we're excited about all of these advanced and innovative products, I can't help but look back at the simple products that KLARUS has made that has caused their reputation to rise in popularity, and that's the XT11 and the other XT series flashlights. KLARUS began by making these simple, intuitive, tactical flashlights that simply didn't exist on the market at the time. KLARUS brought something new to the flashlight world and the flashaholics are incredibly grateful for it. KLARUS flashlights can be used in a myriad of different settings and professions, anywhere from law enforcement, to security, search and rescue, camping outdoors, or even just to have around the house for an emergency. These flashlights will not let you down.

Another great thing about KLARUS is that they're always pushing the boundaries and challenging themselves to see what more they can come out with. This year, they came out with the XT30R, which was considered a hunting/search light. This light was amazing. It delivered 1,800 lumens and had a beam distance of 820 meters. That was insane. Whenever you took the flashlight out in the yard, just seeing how bright it was and how far it reached, was beyond impressive.

But then, KLARUS comes out with the G35. This is the grandest, brightest search light you will find. It delivers 2,000 lumens and reaches 1,000 meters, which the human eye can't even see that far. But, nonetheless, you see just how brightly it illuminates everything. If you watch or read any KLARUS flashlight review about this G35, it's amazing just to see how bright it is. That being said, not everyone needs a flashlight that can have a beam throw that's so incredibly far. Many people prefer having a more floody beam rather than a focused beam, and that's fine. KLARUS definitely has many of those, too. In fact, the XT11, while it has a focused beam, it has a good amount of spill to it as well, so you can illuminate the area you quite easily. Most KLARUS flashlights are like that. While many have a focused beam, they will also have a decent amount of spill, so you'll always see a good amount of the area around you.

KLARUS has truly made some innovate, amazing products and any time they're going to come out with something new, we are always excited to hear and share it with everyone. These flashlights are incredible and if you are looking for a high quality flashlight that you can rely on time and time again, I will always point you to KLARUS because I do really believe KLARUS is one of the best flashlight companies and manufacturers that you'll find.

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