Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens

  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
  • Klarus RS30 - 2400 Lumens - FZ-KLRS30WITHBATT
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The first Dual Head Rechargeable Flashlight from Klarus!

The Klarus RS30 is a compact and lightweight dual head LED flashlight that is designed to be versatile and ready for any situation. The RS30 has independent battery slots which means the light can operate if there is only one battery in the body. This allows for greater flexibility in situations with limited power sources. The RS30 also has a patented USB 5V magnetic recharging system with a rapid charge function. This rapid charge function is great for times when you don't have all night to charge.

This light also has battery capacity indicators that display the remaining charge to allow the user to determine how much time is needed until recharging. The RS30 is a great survival or emergency light. It has a max runtime of 1000 hours at its moonlight mode of 5 lumens. For the compact size of the light, the RS30 has a pretty good beam throw of up to 260 meters and has a SOS mode for emergency situations. Batteries included.


  • A compact and lightweight Dual Head Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Is specially designed for higher brightness, dual beam strength, excellent grip and convenience, making the RS30 a distinctive rechargeable flashlight
  • Has 7 lighting modes:
    • Turbo (2400 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 1 hour and 50 minute runtime
    • High (880 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 4 hour runtime
    • Medium (380 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 10 hour runtime
    • Low (140 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 29 hour runtime
    • Moonlight (5 lumens) - 1000 hour runtime
    • Strobe (2400 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 5.5 hour runtime
    • SOS (140 lumens w/ two 18650 batteries) - 87 hour runtime
  • Has an intelligent power management system, highly compatible with different batteries, can use one or two batteries, can even function when battery types are mixed
  • Uses 2 CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs with a maximum output of 2400 lumens and a maximum runtime is 1000 hours
  • The two sides battery capacity indicators work independently and display remaining charge enabling the user to control the lighting time by choosing the mode according to the batteries capacity
  • Has a patented USB 5V magnetic recharging system with rapid charge function ensuring that either one or two 2200mAh 18650 batteries are fully charged within 2.5 hours
  • The two sides battery charging indicator work independently
  • The batteries charge separately, so the RS30 can charge either a single battery or two batteries
  • Has a smart temperature-control system that protects the LEDs and internal components to ensure safety and stability
  • Has a dual switch design for convenient and easy operation
  • Can go directly to the Turbo or Moonlight mode by one step operation
  • Has a maximum beam distance of 260 meters
  • Is impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Is waterproof up to IPX-8 standard (submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Has a 5 year Klarus warranty

Included Accessories:

  • Two rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries
  • One charging cable
  • One holster
  • One lanyard
  • One O-ring

• Utilizes 2 CREE XM-L2-U2 LEDs, Max lifespan 50000 hours
• Battery:
Use 2*18650 or 4*CR123A or Mixed using 1*18650+2* CR123A
While use 1*18650 or 2*CR123A, could illuminate only one side light
(Note: Only the 18650 battery with PCB protection can be used. Only 18650 battery with PCB protection can be recharged in the flashlight, the CR123A can not be recharged in the flashlight.)
• Dimensions: 139mm(5.47")(Length) x 50mm(1.97")(Width)x27mm(1.06")(Height)
• 5 lighting modes and 2 flash modes
• Net Weight: 251g (Without battery)
• Working Voltage:3-8.4V
• Reflector: Newly designed reflector that provides both focused and floodlight,offering perfect spot illumination
• Lens: Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant
• Material:Aircraft grade aluminum, Military III hard anodic oxidation
• Body colour: Black
• Water proof: IPX-8 (Under water 2 metres)

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FlashlightZ Opinion

Author : Carolyn

Klarus has always done a great job of surprising and pleasing their consumers. They're always excited to talk about the next awesome product they've come out with and recently they've definitely been coming out with some pretty amazing tactical flashlights and outdoor or other LED flashlights.

But I want to step back and look at one of their older flashlights that is still a favorite among users and among us here at FlashlightZ today, and that's the Klarus RS30. The RS30 is Klarus' first dual head rechargeable flashlight, and it's packed with features. The RS30 has a maximum output of 2400 lumens and lights up the area around you splendidly. You would think that with a dual head flashlight that delivers so many lumens, it would be quite massive, but the RS30 is actually fairly compact and can easily be held in one hand.

It's around five-and-a-half inches in length and about a little less than two inches in width. It probably wouldn't be the best everyday carry flashlight, but it's definitely an excellent flashlight that you could just put in your bag or slip it in its holster and carry it around that way. The user interface on the RS30 is really interesting and quite simple. It has a dual switch design and as you can see, one of the switches is black, one of the switches is orange, and it's a pretty fricking vibrant orange. You're probably going to be able to see it at night.

To use the black switch to turn it on, it will turn on to the brightest mode and then you use the orange switch to cycle down. If you want to cycle back up to the brightness levels to say, the higher modes, you use the black switch to cycle up to the higher modes. Then you can use either switch, double tap and you will get strobe.

The Klarus RS30 also has an SOS mode which you can get into by first entering the strobe mode, then double tap again on either switch and you'll enter the SOS mode. There are several aspects that I like when it comes to the interface. First of all, I really do like that orange button. A lot of flashlights will have a darker colored side switch and it'll be a little more difficult to find at night. That bright orange is going to be pretty easy to see so I won't have to be fumbling around so much. If I can find that orange switch, I know that the black switch is just right above it so it'll be easy for me to find in the dark.

I also really like that you can access both strobe and SOS using either switch. If there's an emergency situation, I don't want to have to be guessing at which switch I need to be pressing, fumbling around, looking for the right switch. I like that either way, no matter which switch that I double tap it's going to get me into strobe. And because it does take a double tap to get into strobe, I wouldn't consider it an instant strobe, so I especially like that I can get to that strobe a little bit faster using either switch, rather than finding the correct one.

I also really like that if you press the orange switch, while the flashlight is off, you will immediately enter that lower mode. I know I've mentioned in my review before how much I love having an instant access to that low mode and I do. For me, it's a big selling point. On all my flashlights, I use that lower mode very frequently, so it's always a great thing to have in my opinion.

The Klarus RS30 has seven outputs, which is insane. You have the turbo mode which is 2400 lumens, the high mode which is 880 lumens, the medium mode 380 lumens, the low mode 140 lumens, moonlight mode 5 lumens and then of course you have the strobe and the SOS mode.

When I first saw the RS30, I was thinking that the beam pattern on it would be kind of weird. Because it has a dual head, it does have two different LED emitters and I was expecting the hotspot to be just an odd shape, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the hotspot is more or less circular. Maybe a little oval or squared off, but it's still very circular. It's a really nice hotspot and beam pattern. Klarus really did a great job making sure that this flashlight is similar to a single head flashlight but with significantly more power behind it.

This LED flashlight has a pretty unique power management system. You can equip it with two 18650 batteries and you'll be guaranteed to get that high turbo mode, or you can equip it with CR123 batteries, four of those. You could use a mixture or a combination. You could use one 18650 and two CR123's or a single 18650 to light up only one of the flashlight heads or a couple of CR123's which will only light up one of the flashlight heads.

So it's pretty cool. You have quite a bit of versatility with this. If your batteries die and you're not able to recharge the light, you have quite a few options as to what you can do to make sure that you're not stuck in the dark. It's a really cool function to have and I always like flashlights that give you more than one option of battery to use. There are a lot of lights that require just 18650's and you can't use anything else. I really do like that it gives you the option that you can use CR123's as well, because those are great backup batteries.

I mentioned the recharging function and I'm going to talk about that now because it's actually a really cool feature of this flashlight. It does have a magnetic charging port and if you're familiar with the XT12, that tactical flashlight that everyone loved, then you know about which charging port I'm talking about. The RS30 comes with a magnetic charging cable that you plug into any USB port and you can charge your flashlight by simply connecting it to the RS30 magnetically. It does have this little self-location function, I guess you would call it. You can just put the magnetic head right next to the port and it'll immediately attach. It's a really cool feature to have.

On the downside, since it's not USB rechargeable, or it doesn't have a micro USB port, you do need that charging cord so that is definitely something to keep in mind. According to Klarus, the batteries take 2.5 hours to fully charge, whether there is one or two batteries in the Klarus RS30. I think that's really cool. Two-and-a-half hours is not a long time to charge a flashlight that is so powerful. Also, the magnetic charging port doubles as a battery capacity indicator, so when you turn on the flashlight, you'll see a little LED ring around that charging port. It'll glow a specific color and let you know the charge of the battery.

If it glows green, your battery or batteries are 70 to 100% charged. If it's orange, your batteries are 30 to 70% charged. If it's red, your batteries are less than 30% charged. And if it's flashing red, then you have less than a 10% charge and should consider either changing your batteries or charging the flashlight.

Final thoughts on this flashlight, I would definitely give it nine out of 10. The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 out of 10, is because I'm not really big on proprietary cables or chargers. I do really like that magnetic charging cable but I think I do prefer a USB. Regardless, there is so much to love about this flashlight. First, it's really frigging bright. If you want to see how bright it is, I recommend watching tactical flashlight reviews on YouTube. There are several reviewers that have reviewed the RS30 and you can see that this is an amazing Klarus flashlight.

I also really like the interface. It's very simple and intuitive and I know I said this before, but I do like that big bright orange button on it. I like the power system management on it. I like that I could use a variety of batteries, as well as a single 18650 battery if I needed to or just two CR123 batteries if I needed to. Obviously the flashlight's not going to be as bright because it'll only be using one of the heads if I use only one battery but need to be using the 2400 lumens anyway, so it's definitely not a big deal to me.

My other favorite feature is the battery capacity indicator. Klarus has unique battery capacity indicators. You see them on the Klarus XT12GT, XT11GT, and I think that these battery capacity indicators are a great feature. I know you do have flashlights that will just flash red, whenever the batteries are close to dying. I like how specific this one is with the different colors. It gives me a better idea of where my battery is at.

All in all, Klarus has made a phenomenal light with the RS30 and I hope to see another flashlight like the RS30 soon.