Klarus P20 - 230 Lumens


Looking for a compact and lightweight flashlight for work? The Klarus P20 might be just what you need! This penlight features a Nichia High CRI LED that delivers a soft diffused beam and simulates natural lighting allowing you to see better. It delivers 230 lumens, the perfect amount for a variety of professional fields including engineers, doctors, nurses, and more. The Klarus P20 features three brightness outputs: High - 230 lumens, Medium - 66 lumens, and Low - 4 lumens. The P20 produces such a soft light that the low mode can be used to exam eyes safely. Whether you’re an optometrist, a school nurse, or a parent, that low mode can really come in handy. You can also use the built-in memory function to ensure the P20 turns on in the low mode to prevent blinding your patient. Or you can have it remember and turn on in any mode you choose.

The P20 features a single tail switch allowing you to easily and simply operate the flashlight. With this single switch you can turn the flashlight ON and OFF and easily switch between modes for different situations. You can equip the P20 with a pair of AAA batteries which are quite inexpensive and very easy to come by. With two fully charged AAA batteries, the P20 can run for up to 193 hours on the low brightness mode. Equipped with a stainless steel pocket clip, the P20 can easily be carried in a pocket or on a bag. It’s slim and small enough that you’ll barely notice it.

Klarus has always delivered on quality and the P20 certainly won’t let you down. Made with CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum with a Mil-Spec hard anodizing finish, the P20 is durable and ready for anything! It features an anti-slip design allowing you to grip the flashlight better and more easily. The stainless steel bezel around the head protects the LED. The P20 is so durable that it’s shock-resistant up to 1.5 meters so it can handle accidental drops to the ground. It’s also waterproof up to IPX8 standards which means you can submerge the light in 2 meters of water for half an hour and the flashlight will work just fine. So you won’t need to worry about taking your P20 out into the rain or accidentally dropping it into a puddle. The P20 is an excellent flashlight whether you’re looking for a light for your job or you need a compact and simple EDC light. Batteries sold separately.


  • Has a Nichia High CRI 219C LED that delivers up to 230 lumens
  • Has a single tail switch design
  • Features three brightness levels
    • High (230 lumens) - 34 minute runtime
    • Medium (66 lumens) - 15 hour runtime
    • Low (4 lumens) - 193 hour runtime
  • Has a built-in memory function
    • Keep the P20 on for at least 3 seconds for the memory function to remember the brightness level
  • Compatible with 2 x AAA batteries
  • Has a stainless steel pocket clip
  • Made with CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum with a Mil-Spec hard anodizing finish
  • Shock resistant up to 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
  • Klarus 5 year warranty


  • Spare o-ring

• Features Nichia 219C LED, 5000K, 50,000 hours lifetime

• 3 light levels
• Batteries: 2 AAA alkaline or NI-MH batteries (can’t use 10440 Li-ionbatteries)
• Size: 133mm(Length)*14.2mm(bezel)*12.9mm(body diameter)
• Net weight: 26g(without batteries)
• Working voltage: 1.8-3.3V
• Lens: PMMA optical material, with light transmittance up to 92% light transmission
• Color: Black
• Accessories: O ring
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FlashlightZ Discussion

Klarus P20 Penlight

Author: Carolyn

There's something really cool about penlights. They're easy to carry around. They are really useful tools and are just in general awesome flashlights to have. Klarus came out with the P20 and this is their first penlight. I have to say I am really impressed with this light and I'm really excited to talk with you about it today.

As you can imagine a penlight is a flashlight that is roughly the same size as a pen. Now obviously most flashlights are going to be a little thicker or perhaps a little longer than a pen but they're still very easy to carry around just as a pen would be. And that is what makes these flashlights so great. The P20 has a nice Nichia High CRI LED that delivers a really soft diffused light. This kind of LED simulates a more natural lighting allowing you to see clearly without overwhelming your eyes with that really bright white LED tint that we typically see in these higher quality flashlights. This small flashlight delivers up to 230 lumens which is a great amount of light. This higher output is great for any everyday tasks or just bursts of brighter light that you may need. However the P20 does have three different brightness modes. It has the high at 230 lumens, the medium at 56 lumens, and the low at 4 lumens. The really neat thing about the brightness and the way the LED delivers that light - the low mode is actually such a soft light that it can be used to examine eyes safely. Now this feature alone makes it an excellent flashlight for nurses, parents, doctors, optometrists, and more. Another cool feature about this flashlight is that it does have a built in memory function so that you can always turn the flashlight on to that low brightness level if you'd like to. So whatever level you turn the flashlight off in, the flashlight will turn on again later in that brightness level.

Just like with all smaller flashlights, the P20 has some decent run times but they are not very long. So in the high mode you have a 34 minute run time, in the medium mode you have a 15 hour run time, and in the low mode you have a 193 hour run time. Now that 193 hour runtime is incredibly impressive for that light and if you continually use the flashlight in that low mode it's most certainly going to last you a very long time. However there will be times you will need to use it in the high mode and that is why that built in memory function is so great because if you prefer using the flashlight in the medium mode or the low mode you can have the flashlight automatically turn onto that mode every time you turn it on. And that's a really great feature. Now in order to use that memory function you need to make sure that the flashlight is turned on for at least three seconds and then once you turn it off, that output will automatically be memorized and turn onto that same output later.

Operating the Klarus P20

All right, so now moving onto the user interface, the P20 is controlled by a single tail switch. So it's a really easy flashlight to learn and it's a simple flashlight to use with a single hand. To turn on and off the flashlight you simply do a full press of that switch and then to cycle through the three brightness levels you can do a light press or a half press and it will switch through those levels. That is all you need to know about this flashlight and for that reason it is an excellent flashlight for any new flashlight user or any student or anyone who doesn't want a lot of bells and whistles on their everyday carry flashlight.

One of the highlights of the P20 is that it runs on a pair of AAA batteries. Now these are really inexpensive quite easy to find batteries. A lot of the time with high end flashlights you'll need to find specialized batteries. They may be a little tougher to find or they may be more expensive. Alkaline batteries are very inexpensive and very easy to find which is another reason why the P20 makes such an excellent gift for any beginner flashlight user. And I have to say it's really impressive that with two AAA batteries the P20 can run up to 193 hours on that low brightness mode. Even if that mode is only 4 lumens, 193 hours is very, very impressive.

I'll take a minute here to mention the beam of the P20. It has a really interestingly textured lens and that gives it this really soft diffused light perfect for working on anything up close. In fact this would be a really excellent flashlight for handymen or women, engineers, plumbers, or anyone who happens to be working in close quarters with dark lighting.

Durable Small Light

Klarus is known for making really high quality durable LED flashlights and the P20 is no different. It is crafted with CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum with a military spec hard anodizing finish and it gives it this really nice look and feel to it. When you have the flashlight in your hands you can feel that high quality aluminum and you can see how it is quite resistant to scratches which is exactly what you want because you know this flashlight will be lasting you quite a long time. The flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8 standards and this means that it can be submerged under two meters of water for 30 minutes and it will be absolutely fine. And this is really excellent because you won't need to worry about taking your flashlight out into a storm and using it or if you happen to accidentally drop it in a sink or puddle it will be OK. Speaking of dropping it, it is also shock resistant up to 1.5 meters. So you also don't need to worry about any accidental drops that might happen with this flashlight. Klarus designed the P20 to make sure you had a high quality everyday carry flashlight that you can rely on for years to come. Of course Klarus does back up all their products with their five year warranty. So you know that you're covered in case of any defects that may happen with this flashlight. But all in all it is really a high quality product.


So for my final thoughts, I personally use this flashlight as one of my everyday carry flashlights. It's really lightweight. It's easy to carry around and that pocket clip makes it very convenient. But if I don't want to use it on my pocket I can simply just put it in my car or in my bag and I'm good to go. I like that really soft lighting. I find that a lot of the time my eyes are overwhelmed by that white tints of many LEDs. So it's great that this Nicha High CRI LED is soft. I also like how diffused the light is. It's a very even light. Also, at the end of the body you can see it has a sort of textured design allowing you to grip the flashlight better and you can really feel the difference and tell that you have a much better grip on the flashlight thanks to that design pattern. It's great to see a flashlight that runs on alkaline batteries especially AAA batteries that you can find incredibly easily. You can pick up AAA batteries from any convenient store or most any store really. Most stores carry alkaline batteries or rather AAA batteries so it's really great to see that. Something to note though, it does not have a strobe and it does not have an S.O.S mode. This flashlight is really perfect for any professional or casual use. All in all this is an incredible everyday carry flashlight and it can serve a variety of people in different professions or, as I said before, can just be used casually which is what I do with this flashlight. So if you're looking for a new straightforward everyday carry flashlight definitely take a look at the P20 and see if it's the flashlight for you.