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Say hello to the Klarus Mini One, Klarus’ first keychain flashlight! The Mini One is compact enough that it can easily fit onto a keychain without adding too much extra bulk. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 16 grams and that includes the battery. It features a CREE XP-G3 LED delivering a maximum of 130 lumens with a max beam distance of 30 meters. With the specially designed optic lens, this flashlight illuminates a soft diffused light without any glare. You have two options: the Mini One and Mini One Ti. As you can guess, the Ti stands for Titanium which is what the Mini One Ti is expertly crafted from. Titanium is a lightweight and rugged material that is anti-corrosive and has good heat dissipation. The Mini One is bullet shaped and has anti-slip grooves allowing you to hold the flashlight easily without it slipping.

You can operate the Mini One using the rotary switch design. Simply twist it to enter the low mode at 8 lumens and twist it further to enter the high mode at 130 lumens, then twist it back to turn the flashlight off. It’s wonderfully straightforward and exactly what you would expect from a keychain flashlight. You can also tail stand the Mini One to illuminate the area you’re working on completely hands-free. When you’re repairing something in the house or the car, that tail stand feature is extremely valuable.

Klarus included a rechargeable 10180 lithium ion battery with this keychain flashlight. The great news is that you don’t need to remove the battery and charge it in a battery charger. The Mini One is USB rechargeable so you can plug it into a wall adapter, car adapter, or your computer to let it charge. It also has a handy little battery power indicator to let you know when the flashlight is charging and when it’s completely charged. Equipped with front and rear mounted springs, the battery remains safe from accidental drops. In fact, the Mini One is very durable. It’s waterproof and dust-proof up to IP68 standards and is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters.

*The Mini One is crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy rather than titanium.


  • Equipped with a CREE XP-G3 LED delivering a maximum of 130 lumens with a max beam distance of 30 meters
  • Compact and lightweight keychain flashlight
  • Has a rotary twist switch
  • Features two brightness levels
    • High (130 lumens) - 24 minute runtime
    • Low (8 lumens) - 5 hour and 12 minute runtime
  • Ability to tail stand
  • USB rechargeable
  • Charging indicator
  • Anti-slip groove design
  • Mini One Ti is crafted from high-quality titanium/Mini One is crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Specially designed TIR optic lens
  • Front mounted spring
  • Waterproof and dust-proof up to IP68 standards
  • Impact resistant up to 1.5 meters


  • 10180 Klarus Lithium-Ion Battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Keychain ring
  • Spare o-rings

• CREE XP-G3 LED, up to 50,000 hours of service.
• Mode: 2 lighting modes.
• Working Voltage: 2.7V-4.2V.
• Compatible Batteries: 10180 Li-ion Battery x 1.
• Reflector: Lens.
• Switch type: Twist.
• Mini One Ti Dimension: (Head) 14.9mm (0.59”) × (Body) 13.5mm (0.53”) × (Overall Length) 44mm(1.73”).
• Mini One Ti: Net weight: 16g (0.56oz) (with battery)

• Material: Titanium Body (Mini One Ti)/Aluminum Body (Mini One)

• Mini One Dimension: (Head) 14.9mm (0.59”) × (Body) 13.5mm (0.53”) × (Overall Length) 44mm(1.73”).
• Mini One Net weight: 13g (0.46oz) (with battery).

• Waterproof: IPX8 (underwater 2 meters).
• Included accessories: Spare O-Ring x 2, Keychain Ring x1, Micro-USB Cable x 1, 10180 Li-ion Battery x 1.

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FlashlightZ Discussion

Keychain Flashlight - Klarus Mini One Ti

Author: Carolyn

I'm really excited to talk with you today about Klarus' first keychain flashlight the Mini One Ti. We've seen a lot of keychain flashlights and they're very popular for a reason. People really enjoy carrying such a small tool on their keychain so that they can have this all the time. Even if you're not a flashlight enthusiast, having a keychain flashlight is always a great thing. And many people who have keychain flashlights will attest that they use it more frequently than you would expect. So back to the Mini One Ti - this flashlight is 44 millimeters in length which means it's about 1.73 inches. That is incredibly tiny. It's really easy to fit this flashlight on your keychain or, if you would prefer, you can just put it in a bag. That way you always have it with you. It's not going to take up hardly any space and that's exactly what you want in such a compact light like this. It's equipped with a CREE XP G3 LED. This little beast delivers 130 Lumens and has a max beam distance of 30 meters which is actually very impressive for a light that is less than two inches in length. When you actually think about this tiny flashlight illuminating up to 30 meters you can't help but be impressed. An aspect of this flashlight that I find rather interesting is that optic lens that has the diffused surface. If you look at the lens you can see that it has these little bumps or ridges on it and that helps to give you that soft even light without any glare and that's perfect for a flashlight that you're going to be carrying with you all the time.

Operating the Mini One Ti

The Mini One Ti has a simple rotary twist switch. So to turn it on all you need do is twist the head of the flashlight and it actually features two brightness levels. You have the high brightness level at 130 lumens and the low brightness level at 8 lumens. Now it's important to be aware that with these tiny keychain flashlights you're not going to see a long run time on them. So the high mode has a 24 minute run time and the low mode has a 5 hour and 12 minute run time to help conserve the battery. When you first turn the flashlight on it's going to be turned onto that low mode. That way you aren't using too much energy, but 8 lumens will actually illuminate more than you might think. If you dropped something underneath the couch or perhaps you lost something in your car, 8 lumens is plenty of light for you to be able to look for that. And 8 lumens is actually a great amount of light for everyday tasks like that.

Another cool thing about the Mini One TI is that you can tail stand it and use it as a small lantern. So if you're working on something in the house and you require both hands but you also need that illumination, rather than awkwardly putting your flashlight in your mouth and using it to illuminate the area you can just tail stand the Mini One Ti and it'll illuminate that area for you. Once you have a flashlight that can tail stand you'll find it almost annoying to have a flashlight that doesn't.


With this EDC flashlight you get a Klarus 10180 lithium ion battery. If you've never seen this battery before it is tiny. It is minuscule. The good news is the Mini One Ti is USB rechargeable so you don't have to worry about finding all these extra batteries. Nor do you have to worry about buying a separate charger to charge this tiny little mini battery. If you're familiar with keychain flashlights and USB rechargeable keychain flashlights at that then you know that the micro USB port is typically behind the head of the flashlight or underneath the head of the flashlight. It's no different with the Mini One Ti. You do need to unscrew the head of the flashlight in order to access that micro USB port. However what I find unique is that with most keychain flashlights you'll remove the head completely, but with the Mini One Ti the head of the flashlight actually stays on. So you can unscrew the head of the flashlight to reveal that micro USB port, but the head's not going to come off further than that and this is actually an excellent design. Because the keychain flashlights are so small you risk potentially losing a piece of the flashlight. You could be the most careful person in the world with your tools, but if you have kids or animals or an earthquake happens or what have you, you could very easily lose the head of the keychain flashlight. So it's really great that Klarus makes the head stay on the flashlight that way. There's absolutely no risk of losing any parts of the flashlight. Also on the other side of the USB port you will notice there is a little indicator light and this will let you know whether it's charging or complete. If the battery is charging the indicator will glow red. And if the charging is finished it will glow green.

Durable and Safe

So I want to talk about the body design now. As you can imagine the Ti in Mini One Ti stands for titanium. Titanium is a very high quality lightweight material that is resistant to corrosion and has really good heat dissipation. You can also see that the Mini One Ti just looks fantastic with that titanium body. It does have that rugged pineapple texture that prevents the flashlight from slipping in your fingers. So you know you'll have a good grip on this flashlight when you use it. On the inside of the flashlight it has a front mounted spring and this protects the battery from any potential impact. So the Mini One Ti is actually impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. This means that if you accidentally drop it, it will be working just fine. Now I don't recommend you go making a habit of dropping it but it can definitely withstand the occasional drop.

It's also waterproof and dust proof to IP68 standards. What IP68 means is that it is completely protected from any dust getting into the flashlight and it is protected from any long term immersion. So you can use the Mini One Ti out in a rainstorm or if you drop it in a puddle. No big deal. Once again, don't go making a habit of submerging your flashlight, but if you use it in the rain it will be absolutely fine. So the Mini One TI is probably going to be one of the best flashlights you'll find on the market. Especially one of the best keychain flashlights. It has a great look to it thanks to that beautiful titanium and it has a wonderfully diffused light thanks to that TIR optic lens. It's got that rotary switch making it easy to operate the flashlight with a single hand that is very important in any keychain flashlight. You have the two brightness levels and you are able to charge the flashlight using just the simple USB cables so you can charge this flashlight while driving around doing errands or working on your computer or what have you. It also has the ability to tail stand which is such a valuable feature and excellent to have any flashlight especially any everyday carry flashlight.


So all in all the Klarus Mini One Ti is a really impressive keychain flashlight. We're hoping that we see more flashlights like this from them. We've definitely seen a lot of tactical flashlights and Klarus definitely makes some of the best tactical flashlights. But I'm really excited to see them working on more flashlights like the Mini One Ti or the Mi1C because Klarus really did a great job with them. And if you are looking for a high quality keychain flashlight that you can rely on definitely check this one out.