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Introducing the mini and incredibly powerful flashlight: the Klarus Mi7! This flashlight is less than 4 inches and, equipped with a powerful CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, delivers a maximum output of up to 700 lumens. This flashlight is small enough that you can easily put it in your pocket or carry it in a bag, but it delivers enough lumens to properly illuminate a specific area. You can get the flashlight in several different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Olive, and Silver. With an orange peel reflector, the Mi7 creates a smooth broad beam. The Mi7 can be equipped with a 14500 lithium ion battery or a AA battery. However, the 14500 battery allows the flashlight to have significantly more power and is recommended for use with the Mi7. This incredible flashlight features a stainless steel side switch that allows you to easily operate the flashlight. The Mi7 has three different brightness levels that range from 5 lumens to 700 lumens. It also features two Specialty modes: the strobe mode which can be used for self-defense, and the SOS mode which can be used for emergency situations. The Mi7 also has a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation and has a flat tail cap which allows you to stand the unit up right.

As mentioned before, the single switch allows for easy operation. You can immediately access both the Moonlight and the High mode. To instantly enter the High mode from the off position you just need to press and release the side switch and press it again to enter the Low mode. To access the Moonlight mode just press and hold the side switch while the flashlight is in the off position. For an emergency situation simply double click the side switch to enter the strobe mode and another click will change the light to the SOS mode.

A great feature of the Mi7 is that it has a unique battery capacity indicator to let you know when the power is low. To check the status of the battery all you need to do is click the side switch 3 times when in the off position. If a battery has over 70% of its power left the indicator will flash 3 times. If the battery has between 30 to 70% of its power then the light will flash twice. Finally if the battery is lower than 30% of its power the indicator will flash only once. To prevent any damage to the flashlight or the battery the Mi7 has reverse polarity protection in case the batteries are inserted incorrectly. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with a military grade hard anodizing finish, this EDC flashlight is incredibly durable and even waterproof up to IPX8 standards. Of course, the Mi7 Ti is constructed from titanium and makes a rugged and awesome EDC flashlight.


  • Uses a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED with a maximum output of 700 lumens.
  • Features a stainless steel side switch for easy operation.
  • Features 3 brightness levels:
    • Using a Lithium-Ion 14500 Battery
      • High (700 lumens) - 53 minute runtime
      • Medium (90 lumens) - 3 hours and 45 minute runtime
      • Low (5 lumens) - 67 hour runtime
    • Using an Alkaline AA Battery
      • High (330 lumens) - 55 minute runtime
      • Medium (90 lumens) - 1 hour and 50 minute runtime
      • Low (5 lumens) - 40 hour runtime
  • Has an orange peel reflector for a smooth broad beam.
  • Features two Specialty modes: the Strobe mode and the SOS mode.
    • Strobe Mode with 14500 battery (700 lumens) - 1 hour and 46 minute runtime
    • SOS Mode with 14500 battery (90 lumens) - 11 hour and 20 minute runtime
    • Strobe Mode with AA battery (300 lumens) - 1 hour and 50 minute runtime
    • SOS Mode with AA battery (90 lumens) - 5 hour and 30 minute runtime
  • Has a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation.
  • Features a flat tail cap which allows you to stand the flashlight on its end.
  • Immediate access to the moonlight and high mode.
  • Immediate access to the strobe mode for emergency situations.
  • Features a battery capacity indicator.
  • Features reverse polarity protection.
  • Compatible with one Lithium-Ion 14500 battery or 1 Alkaline AA battery.
  • Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with military-grade hard anodizing finish.
    • Mi7 Ti constructed from titanium
  • Has a hardened anti-reflective coating mineral lens to protect LED.
  • Features multiple color options
  • Is waterproof up to IPX8 standards.
  • Has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Included Accessories:

  • 1 x AA battery
  • 1 x Split Ring
  • 1 x Spare O-ring
  • 3 brightness levels and 2 specialty modes
  • Max lumens: 700
  • Working Voltage: 1.0V - 4.2V
  • Battery: 1 x 14500 / 1 x AA
  • Reflector: Orange Peel Texture
  • Dimensions: 87.2mm (length) x 19mm (bezel diameters) x 17.6mm (body diameter)
  • Net Weight: 0.93 oz (without batteries). Mi7 Ti: 40g (1.41oz) (w/o battery)
  • Material: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Mi7 Ti: Titanium
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
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Awesome AA light

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Great light, very bright with rechargeable 14500 battery. Quality light at a great price. Highly recommend this little light! Can’t go wrong!

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Klarus Mi7 - Excellent

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I carry my Mi7 at the bottom of a rear pocket of my jeans. Since the Mi7 has a lockout feature, the light does not inadvertently come on when I sit on it.

The light output and battery life are fantastic. This is a lot of illumination to always have at the ready.

I have four models of Klarus lights. All are well thought out and well made. Klarus has become the only light brand that I buy.

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Klarus Mi7 - FlashlightZ Opinion

Author : Carolyn

I'm super excited to talk today about the Klarus Mi7, my personal favorite, everyday carry LED flashlight for many reasons. First, I'll tell you a little bit about the flashlight and then I'll tell you why it is my favorite go-to flashlight and why I even own two of them. First off, let me start by saying Klarus flashlights are amazing flashlights to own. They are high quality. They are valuable and they are just wonderful flashlight. So the Mi7 is an everyday carry flashlight that's less than four inches in length and it is equipped with that CREE LED technology that you definitely want in any high end flashlight. It's small enough that you can carry it in your pocket or put it in a bag but not so small that you're going to lose it. This can be a problem with key chain flashlights. If you don't actually have it on your key chain, there's a good chance you're going to lose it especially if you're like me.

The Klarus can run on either a double A battery or a lithium ion 14500 battery. So you can use the double AA battery. It won't be quite as strong or powerful in lumens but it still be a great EDC flashlight. I recommend using the 14500 battery. The Mi7 can deliver up to 700 lumens but you won't get all that power without that 14500 battery. The Klarus Mi7 does come with a double A battery and it's really great that it comes with a double A but ideally you'd want to use that 14500 battery. It delivers 330 lumens on the high mode while using a double A. Now, it's really great that you can use an alkaline battery with this because lithium ion batteries can be a little harder to come by or a little more expensive. If you want to buy the Klarus Mi7 as a gift for someone, it's really great that they have the option to choose an easier to access battery. Not everyone is a flashaholic who prefers those lithium ion batteries.

So this EDC flashlight has a stainless steel side switch so it only has one switch, it's really easy to figure out the interface with this flashlight. You can just mess with it for a few minutes and you can figure out all the modes and how to access all the modes. One concern with any flashlight is will the flashlight accidentally turn on in your pocket or in a bag. With the Mi7, it does come with a lock out feature so the flashlight will not turn on and you'll have to lock out that switch so that you don't have to worry about any accidental illumination.

The Mi7 has a total of five different brightness modes including two flashing emergencies modes. One of the great aspects of the Mi7 is that you can access the high mode or the low mode immediately. To enter the high more, all you have to do is press and release the side switch and then press it again to enter the low mode. But if you just want to enter the low mode right at the start, press and hold down the switch and then the flashlight will turn on to the lower mode. This is really great especially when you're closer quarters, you don't want to be blinded by those 700 lumens or maybe you just want to read something in the dark or maybe you just need to illuminate your lock whenever you're trying to put your key in the lock in your door. That's where the lower or moonlight modes really shine the most.

I mentioned that it has two flashing modes for emergency situations. One is the strobe mode which is an excellent mode that you're going to want in an everyday carry flashlight. If you see an attacker coming at you or anyone coming at you, you can turn the strobe mode on and it will blind them and you can escape, run away, call for help, whatever you need to do. The other mode is an SOS mode which is a great mode to have, especially if you're outdoors camping, maybe your car breaks down at night, put on that SOS mode and it will signal for help.

The Klarus Mi7 also features a battery capacity indicator. This is a really convenient feature to have in any flashlight and not all high end flashlights come with this feature. So when a flashlight does come with this feature, it's really exciting. With this battery capacity indicator, you can get a general sense of the power of your battery, about when maybe the battery will be depleted. It gives you a great chance for your usage if you need to conserve the battery or maybe even replace the battery if you rather do that and you can charge the ... If you have the lithium ion battery, you can easily just charge them.

Of course, because it's Klarus, you can expect the best, most durable flashlight. This Klarus flashlight is waterproof up to IPX8 standards so you can take it out in the rain, not worry about it at all. I mean, the heaviest rainstorm, you can take it out and know that this flashlight is going to be okay. It's also impact resistant up to one meter, which, if you're like me, that's a really important feature to have. I drop things all the time and my flashlights really need to be able to take the beating. The Klarus Mi7 definitely can do that.

If you want Klarus flashlight reviews on the Klarus Mi7, you'll see why it's such an incredible flashlight. Users fall in love with it immediately because it's just so easy to use. It fits so well in your hand or in your pocket and it's just a great everyday carry flashlight. It has an orange peel textured reflector which makes the beam a lot more floody versus focused and I think that it really works well for an everyday carry flashlight. It's nice to be able to have a focused beam but when it's everyday carry, you really ... I think it's more important to see your surroundings, everything that's around you versus to be able to pinpoint something far in the distance. The Mi7 does a great job of spilling the light so that you can illuminate an entire room with this flashlight and it doesn't even have to be on the high mode for that.

So as I said, if you watch these Klarus flashlight reviews on the Mi7, you can see that really nice flood beam and that's really what you want in an everyday carry flashlight. You want something that's going to light up everything around you versus something that's going to have a bit more of a focused beam. Okay, so why is the Mi7 my favorite everyday carry flashlight and why do I have two of them? Well, I'll be honest. I got two of them because there are so many colors of this flashlight and I simply could not choose between ... I just couldn't choose one so two it was.

You have this red, green, pink, blue, black, this olive green and the silver. I believe they also have an Mi7 Titanium which is absolutely beautiful looking and just looks so sleek and amazing. Klarus also released the red blaze Mi7 which is a little more vibrant and sort of a firetruck red whereas the original red is I guess more of a rose red. It's a really subtle difference but I guarantee you, users will notice a difference and obviously pick whichever one is their favorite.

In the flashlight industry, there are always blacks, chromes, silvers, titaniums, just typical, these are typical flashlight colors. When you're talking about a tactical flashlight, you're probably going to want those colors. But when it comes to an everyday carry flashlight, I think having a variety of colors like the Mi7 is excellent. They make great gifts for people. It's a great way to pick something that's just a little out of the ordinary. So kudos to Klarus for that.

Another reason I really love the Mi7 is because I do like that you can use either a double A battery or a 14500 battery. I do use the 14500 battery but if that battery runs out and I need to charge it, I always have a double A battery lying around somewhere around the house that I can use if I still need that flashlight. 330 is still plenty of light for me to be able to see what I need to do. Finally, the Klarus Mi7 is such a small flashlight. It's so easy for me to carry it around, in my pocket or in my bag. When I go out, like I said, I drop stuff all the time. One of the things I drop, my keys. That flashlight comes in handy so many times. I often will drop my keys and have to pull out that flashlight to look for them and I find my keys instantly, without that flashlight, who knows how long I'd be looking for them.

So that's my personal Klarus flashlight review of the Mi7. It really is a great everyday carry light. If you're looking for an everyday carry flashlight, I strongly recommend the Mi7, even if you're looking for a present to give to someone, I strongly recommend the Klarus Mi7. It is an excellent flashlight.