Klarus H1A Headlamp - 550 Lumens

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Meet Klarus’ first headlamp - the Titanium H1A! This is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-bright headlamp that delivers 550 lumens. First of all, this compact headlamp is constructed from titanium for optimal heat dissipation. You certainly don’t want a headlamp getting hot while on your head! Talk about uncomfortable. The H1A is designed with heat dissipation and current control so it’s safe to use for a while at 550 lumens.

The H1A features three separate LEDs - a main light, a side area light, and a red light. The main light uses a CREE XP-L V3 LED while the side area light uses a neutral white for better color renditioning. The main light fades-on and fades-off to make the transition from dark to light and light to dark easier on your eyes. You can operate the H1A using the two switches at the top of the headlamp allowing you to easily switch between the LEDs. The headlamp itself is actually adjustable up to a 90° angle! So you can angle the beam down toward the ground or wherever you need it instead of having it shine right in front of you.

On the side of the headlamp there is a battery indicator to let you know what the charge of the battery is. Three flashes means the battery is over 70% charged. Two flashes means the battery is 30-70% charged. One flash means the battery is less than 30% charged. With this indicator you’ll more easily be able to plan your usage and know when it’s around time to change the battery. Speaking of batteries, you can equip the H1A with a AA battery or a 14500 lithium-ion battery. The H1A comes with a 14500 battery that has a micro-USB port so you can just charge the battery directly using a micro USB cable.


  • Ultra lightweight and ultra bright headlamp delivering up to 550 lumens with a 100 meter beam throw
  • Features three separate LEDs:
    • Main light uses a CREE XP-L V3 LED
      • Has a fade-on and fade-off function
    • Side light (white) uses a CREE XP-E2 R2 LED
      • Floodlight with even illumination, simulating natural light
      • Has an SOS function
    • Side light (red) uses a CREE XP-E2 R2 red LED
      • Penetrates through fog
      • Has a strobe function
  • Simple dual-switch operation
  • Lock out function to prevent accidental illumination
  • Titanium construction for superior heat dissipation
  • 90° angle adjustable
  • Intelligent Temperature Protection System
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Compatible with 1 x 14500, 1 x AA, and Ni-MH battery
  • Battery low voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Has a headband with reflector

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 14500 battery with micro-USB port
  • Carrying case
  • Headband

• Main lamp: CREE XP-L V6 LED, 50000 hours life.

Side lamp(white light): CREE XP-E2 R2 LED, (4000K), 50000 hours life.
Side lamp(red light): CREE XP-E2 P2 red LED, 50000 hours life.
• Main lamp: 3 lighting levels.
Side lamp (white light): 2 lighting levels, 1 flash/strobe level.
Side lamp(red light): 1 lighting mode, 1 flash/strobe level.
• Working voltage 0.9V-4.2V.
• Battery: AA alkaline, Ni-MH battery, and 14500 Li-Ion batteries.
• Reflector: Lens.
• Switch: dual switch at top.
• Size: 66mm (2.6")x40mm(1.57")x32mm(1.26") .
• Weight: 73g (2.58oz) (w/o battery).
• Material: Titanium.
• Waterproof: IPX6 waterproof.
• Accessories: Headband, Carrying Case, 14500 Battery with Micro-USB Charging Port.
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FlashlightZ Discussion

Best Headlamp

Author: Carolyn

As you may know, Klarus is the leading manufacturer in creating innovative, practical, and amazing LED flashlights. So we were excited to see that they came out with their very first headlamp the titanium H1A. This headlamp is incredibly lightweight and very bright delivering 550 lumens of light. Now for something so small that is a very very bright headlamp. The H1A features three different LEDs. It has a main light, a side area light, and a red light. The main light uses a CREE XP-L V3 LED and it is probably the brightest light. The side area light uses the CREE XP-E2 R2 LED and this light will simulate a more natural lighting whereas that main light will have a cooler white tint to it. Then you have the red light which uses the same LED as the side light except that it's red. The main light is definitely going to have the most range and reaches a max of 100 meters. The side light has more of a flood and a more even illumination. So between these three lights you have a lot of different options of what you can use depending on what your needs are. If you're working on something up close you might find that the side light is a little bit better because of the flood to it. If you are hiking and you want to see farther away that main light might be the best for you. Or if at night you want to read your map without disturbing your night vision the red light is probably what you'd be wanting to use for that situation. So each light is really unique and going to have its own function in different settings.

Headlamp User Interface

You operate the H1A with two switches that you'll find on the top of that light. The main switch is going to activate the main light whereas the side switch is going to activate both the side area light and the red light. So let's talk about the main switch. To turn it on you just have to press the main switch and then continue to press to go through the different brightness modes and then finally hold it to turn off that light. Now you can activate the low mode while the flashlight is off by simply pressing and holding the switch. This main LED has a unique function where it fades on and fades off. So when you turn on the light it will fade on to its full brightness giving your eyes more of an opportunity to adjust to the brightness and then as you cycle through the brightness levels it will continue to fade to each brightness level. And when you turn off the flashlight it will fade off. This is really great, giving your eyes a chance to adjust to the difference in brightness without overwhelming your eyes.

With the side switch you simply just press to activate the low mode of the white side light and then you can just click to change to the high white or the red light if you would like. Alternatively while the flashlight is off you can press and hold to activate the red light immediately. It does have a strobe and an S.O.S. If you double press the side switch it will activate the strobe. Once you're in the strobe mode you can double press that side switch again and it will enter the S.O.S mode. To get out of either mode you just need to click once and that's all. The H1A also has a lock out function. If you press and hold both the main switch and the side switch for three seconds the headlamp will be completely locked out. Then you press either switch three times quickly and the flashlight will become active again. So when you lock out or unlock the light the red light will flash to indicate any sort of status change and if you press any switch during the lockout the red light will flash three times indicating that it is locked out. It sounds like a lot at first but you will easily learn to use this flashlight. It does not take very much time to get to know how the flashlight works which is really great in a headlamp.

Another awesome feature of the H1A is the 90 degree angle adjustable head that it has. You can adjust the flashlight to where you need it so if you are looking at the ground or if you need it to shine in front of your feet you can angle it so that it is actually shining directly in front of your feet rather than just out in front of you. When you're working with a partner this can be really useful. You won't turn to look at them and accidentally blind them. I do want to mention quickly that I forgot before, the main light has three brightness levels ranging from 30 lumens to 550 lumens. The side area light has two brightness levels which are 10 lumens and 50 lumens and then that red light is going to be 10 lumens so that's quite a bit of versatility with those brightness levels.

USB Rechargeable Battery

You can equip the H1A either with a 14500 battery or an AA battery. Now I will say that with the AA battery you won't be seeing as much brightness as you would with the 14500 battery. So that is something to keep in mind. However, Klarus does include a 14500 battery and the battery actually has a micro USB port so you can charge the battery directly using any micro USB you have lying around the house. So that's really nice. You don't need a stock of 14500 batteries and you also don't need to just continually put in AA batteries and not get the brightness that you may want.

The H1A does have a cool battery capacity indicator and you are able to check those whenever you need to while the headlamp is off. You just press either switch three times and the red light will blink according to how the charge of the battery. So if it flashes three times you know your battery is over 70 percent charge and if it flashes two times you know your battery is 30 to 70 percent charged. Finally, when it flashes one time then your battery is less than 30 percent charged and this indicator gives you a pretty good idea of how much time you have and you can plan your usage according to this indicator. When the battery capacity is low the H1A will automatically lower the brightness modes in descending order and this is going to avoid battery over discharge. So that is going to protect your batteries which is really great because you definitely do not want to over discharge that really cool battery that they include with this light. It also has a reverse polarity protection so if you load the battery in incorrectly there won't be any damage to the battery or the flashlight.

The H1A also comes with a really comfortable soft flexible headband. The sweatband does have reflectors on it so that when you are running and not using a flashlight you can still be seen. So this headlamp is really great even for runners or anyone who works at night.

Titanium Headlamp

Let's talk about the body of the H1A. As you know it is the Titanium H1A so the body is made of beautiful titanium. Titanium has a great heat dissipation. It is resistant against corrosion and is all around a really great material to have for a flashlight. It's also incredibly lightweight and it's part of what makes this flashlight as lightweight as it is. On the sides of the H1A it does have heat dissipation grooves so that your flashlight is always functioning at its best. It also has ITS temperature control. This system will be monitoring the internal temperature of your flashlight and adjust the output based on what the flashlight needs. This will prevent any LEDs from burning out and it will also protect the internal components of the flashlight. This headlamp takes care of itself. It's also incredibly durable. It's impact resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX6 standards so you don't need to worry about taking it out in the rain. It'll be just fine.

Final Thoughts

All in all we are beyond impressed with this little headlamp. Klarus did such an excellent job with this headlamp that it really is going to be one of the best headlamps on the market today. So if you are looking for a new headlamp and/or you're wanting something a little unique, a little more versatile, definitely check out the Klarus H1A.