Klarus G20L - 3000 Lumens (Refurb)

Retail: $146.95
You Save: $60.00 (40.8%)

The Klarus G20L is refurbished, has been tested, and looks new or gently used, and functions normally. This refurbished item may or may not come with the original box or packaging. BATTERY NOT INCLUDED!

Warning: Do not use 18650, CR123, or 16340 batteries


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, delivers max output of 3000 lumens and max beam distance of 300 meters
  • Brand new reflector design - perfect balance between floodlight and spotlight
  • Side Switch and Tail Switch that operate independently
  • Lockout Function
  • Built-In Memory Mode
  • Four brightness levels and two flashing modes:
    • Turbo (3000 lumens) - 45 minute runtime
    • High (650 lumens) - 4 hour 30 minute runtime
    • Medium (160 lumens) - 19 hour runtime
    • Low (15 lumens) - 150 hour runtime
    • Strobe (3000 lumens) - 1 hour 30 minute runtime
    • SOS (160 lumens) - 51 hour runtime
  • Battery power indicator
  • Charging Indicator
  • USB rechargeable
  • Runs on 26650 battery (not included)
    • Warning: Don't use 18650, CR123, or 16340 batteries
  • ITS - Intelligent Temperature Protection System
  • Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with hard anodizing finish
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Klarus 5 year warranty

Included Accessories:

  • USB charging cable
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring

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• CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED; 50,000 hours life.
• 4 lighting levels, 2 strobe modes.
• Battery: Li-ion 26650 Battery x 1 (Use only 26650 Li-ion batteries (included), Do not use 18650 /16340 / CR123A batteries).
• Working Voltage: 2.5V – 5.0V
• Dimension:(Head) 49mm (1.93") x (Body) 34.5mm (1.36") x (Length) 150mm(5.91").
• Weight:168g (5.93oz) (Without battery).
• Material:Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing.
• Lens:Hardened Mineral Glass; AR coated; Scratch resistant.
• Reflector: Orange Peel.
• Body Color:Black.
• Switch: Side Switch + Tail Switch.
• Waterproof:IPX8 (underwater 2 meters).
• Accessories Included: 1 x Klarus Charging Cable, 1 x Klarus 26650 Battery, 1 x Spare O-Ring, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Nylon Holster.

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FlashlightZ Discussion

Outdoor LED Flashlight Klarus G20L

Author: Carolyn

Klarus wanted to combine a spotlight with a floodlight and they've definitely achieved that with Klarus G20L. This LED flashlight is an upgraded version or variation of the original G20. It delivers the same 3000 lumens and has the same interface but this flashlight can actually throw significantly farther than the G20. So let's get into the features of the G20L. First of all it's equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED and as I said before it does have that max 3000 lumen output which is extremely bright. It also has a maximum beam distance of three hundred meters. But just because it has that max beam distance does not mean it loses a lot of flood. It actually has a good amount of flood to go with it so that you can have a good throw while at the same time seeing around you.

Klarus accomplished this goal with this new reflector design and if you look at the the reflector on the flashlight you can see it has a really nice orange peel texture. The reflector itself is a very deep reflector and this allows it to have that magnificent throw and flood giving you the perfect balance of the two. Because of this reflector the G20L is a bit bigger than the G20. However it is still compact enough that you can easily carry it with you. So since we're on the appearance of the flashlight I'll go ahead and talk about the body design. It has an excellent design with that anti-slip pattern on the body of the flashlight and it has several really deep heat dissipation grooves. So you know this flashlight is going to take care of itself when it comes to the heat of that LED. It is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy and it's got that really nice hard anodizing finish so that gives it that really nice sleek look.

You'll notice the G20L has two switches; it has one on the side and one on the tail. The switches work independently so you can alternate or choose which switch you like to use. One difference between the two switches is that the side which does have that built in memory function so if you want to take advantage of that function then it's best to operate the G20L using that side switch. You can also lock the switches out and unlock them. It's fairly easy to lock out the switches - simply hold down both detail switch and the side switch at the same time for a couple of seconds and it'll enter that lockout mode and the flashlight will blink twice so you know that it's locked out. Then to exit the lockout mode you can click either switch 3 times and the flashlight will once again blink twice to signify that it is out of the lockout mode. While in the lockout mode if you press any switch the indicator light on the side switch will flash 3 times to let you know that the flashlight is, in fact, locked out. It's definitely easy to remember and really easy to do.

Moving onto the different modes - the G20L has a total of six different brightness modes and that includes for brightness levels and two flashing modes. So you have turbo at 3000 lumens, high at 650 lumens, medium at 160 lumens, and low at 15 lumens. As for the two flashing modes, you have a strobe mode and an S.O.S. mode. Side note here: having both of these modes is always excellent. There is always an ongoing debate about which mode is better, the strobe mode or the S.O.S. mode, and with these recent Klarus flashlight you do not need to worry about which mode is better because they come with both modes. As for the brightness levels, you definitely have quite a bit of variety there ranging from 15 lumens to 3000 lumens. The run times are excellent on the low mode with a fully charged battery, the G20L will last 150 hours. That's incredibly impressive and what you would look for in a really good outdoor flashlight. The G20L does have a one-touch turbo and a one-touch low. To access the one-touch turbo all you need to do is hold down either switch and it'll enter that turbo mode instantly. For the one-touch low all you need to do is click the tail switch once while the flashlight is off and it'll enter that low mode. Having a one-touch turbo and a one-touch low is incredibly handy when it comes to any outdoor flashlight whether you're fishing, camping, hiking, or doing any other outdoor activity. The G20L would make a great companion and tool for that.

The G20L runs on a 26650 battery and it is important to note that you cannot use 18650 batteries, CR123 batteries, or 16340 batteries. It only runs on a 26650 battery. Fortunately the flashlight does come with a Klarus 26650 battery that has a 5000 mAh capacity. It is a USB rechargeable flashlight so you can easily recharge it while you are working on your computer or just using any USB wall adapter or car adapter. It also features a battery power and charging indicator. I believe I mentioned before that there is an indicator on the side switch. That is also the indicator for the battery power and the charging progress. So when you plug the flashlight into charge you'll see that side indicator glowing one of three colors. It will either glow red which means it's charging, green which means it's charged, or orange which means it's unable to charge. This could be due to a variety of things including just a bit of dirt or dust that's getting in the way of the charging function or perhaps the battery is loaded incorrectly. But it's great that gives you that heads up that it's not able to charge and you need to inspect it to find out why it's not able to charge. The battery capacity indicator is also great because it gives you a really good idea of where your charge is at. So if the indicator's glowing green that means it's over 70 percent charged, if it's glowing orange the battery is 30 to 70 percent charged, if it's glowing red it's 10 to 30 percent charged, and if it's under 10 percent of its charge the indicator will flash red and lets you know that it's time to charge a flashlight or change out your battery.

The G20L also has an Intelligent Temperature Protection System which is something you want to look for in any high end LED flashlight, especially if you're going to be using it outdoors. What this system does is it monitors the internal temperature of the flashlight and is going to adjust the output accordingly. This way the flashlight is performing at its best and there's no concern that the LED is going to burn out or that it's going to harm you in any way. Because flashlights can get hot enough that they can actually burn you pretty easily. LEDs are incredibly powerful so it's excellent that the G20L has that feature.

This light would not be considered an EDC flashlight at all. It's far too large to be an everyday carry flashlight. However, it does come with a few accessories that may make carrying the G20L a little easier on you. It does come with a holster and it does come with a lanyard. So you are still able to carry your flashlight if you needed to use it for work or if you would just prefer it remain on your person while you are doing some form of outdoor activity like camping. It also comes with a USB charging cable and a spare o-ring so you get quite a few goodies with this flashlight.

So all in all Klarus did a great job with this LED flashlight. It is a great combination of a floodlight and a spotlight. It is excellent for any outdoor activity or if you perhaps have a larger backyard. This would be a great flashlight because it will illuminate the entire area and give you quite a bit of throw so you can see out quite far. Just so you can get an idea of the beam pattern because it's a little difficult to explain in words, I would highly recommend you watch YouTube reviews of the G20L where the reviewer will take the flashlight outside at night and you can see the beam pattern on it. This light is completely packed with features and if you're looking for a powerful flashlight that comes with a variety of features the the Klarus G20L is the flashlight for you.