Klarus G10 - 1800 Lumens

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The Klarus G10 is one of the most advanced and intelligent LED flashlights you'll find on the market today. It's compact and lightweight so that you can easily clip it onto your pocket with the removable pocket clip or carry it in an EDC bag. Although it's small, this flashlight is incredibly powerful, able to deliver 1800 lumens. Thanks to the short reflector with an orange-peel texture, the light will be diffused creating a broader beam. It is equipped with the latest CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED and has a maximum beam distance of 250 meters.

The G10 features a side switch and a tail switch that operate independently from one another and each have their own features. Both have access to a One-Touch Turbo and the tail switch has access to a One-Touch low. The side switch has a built-in memory function to turn onto the last brightness level you used. Both switches are able to be locked out to avoid any accidental illumination as well. It's a great user interface that is very easy to learn.The G10 also features 6 total outputs that include four brightness levels ranging from 10 lumens to 1800 lumens, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. The lowest output has an impressive maximum run time of 170 hours which means that the G10 can last 7 days on that low brightness level.

The G10 is compatible with a few different batteries. You can equip it with a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries. The G10 is also USB rechargeable and features an Intelligent Charging System (ICS) that monitors the charging status which you can see for yourself using the charging indicator located on the side switch. This system also prevents overcharging, limits the maximum charging current to 1A, and features a safer and faster charging function. The charging indicator also doubles as a battery level indicator that you can check whenever you first turn on the flashlight and know how much charge your battery has in it.

Klarus is known for making incredibly durable and long-lasting flashlights. The G10 is constructed from Aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish. It has a Tempered Glass Lens with a scratch-resistant coating that protects the LED. The G10 is impact-resistant up to one meter and waterproof up to IPX8 standards. This flashlight is excellent for a general flashlight to have around the house, a flashlight for work, or an outdoor flashlight. Battery included.


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED with a maximum output of 1800 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 250 meters
  • Orange peel aluminum reflector
  • Tail switch and side switch that function independently
    • Both switches feature One-Touch turbo
    • Tail switch features One-Touch Low
    • Side switch features built-in memory function
  • Lockout for both switches
  • Features 6 total outputs:
    • Turbo (1800 lumens) - 1 hour runtime
    • High (400 lumens) - 4 hour runtime
    • Medium (100 lumens) - 14 hour runtime
    • Low (10 lumens) - 170 hour runtime
    • Strobe (1800 lumens) - 2 hour runtime
    • SOS (100 lumens) - 38 hour runtime
  • 170 hour maximum runtime
  • Compatible with 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123A, and 2 x Klarus 16340
  • USB rechargeable
  • Features Intelligent Charging System (ICS) that monitors battery status, prevents overcharging, limits max charging current to 1A
  • Charging/Battery capacity indicator
  • Constructed from Aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 18GT-36 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with 3600mAh capacity
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Spare o-ring
  • Uses a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED
  • Working voltage: 2.5V-8.4V
  • Switch type: Tail Switch and Side Switch
  • Dimension: (Head) 25.6mm x (Body) 24.5mm x (Length) 120.1mm
  • 4 lighting modes and 2 flashing modes
  • Net weight: 80.2g (excluding battery)
  • Material: aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with HA-III hard anodized finish
  • Waterproof: IPX-8 (underwater 2 meters)
  • Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Included accessories: 18650 Battery x 1, micro USB charging cable x 1, lanyard x 1, spare o-ring x 1, holster x 1
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1800 Lumen Flashlight Klarus G10 FZ Opinion

Author: Carolyn

If I had to give the Klarus G10 another name it would be 1800 Lumen Pocket Beast. Now the G10 is such a compact light that you could easily clip it onto your pocket if you wanted to. It's a really lightweight flashlight so it's not going to weigh you down. It's less than 5 inches in length so I could see many users not wanting to carry this on their pocket. You can use the holster that's included with it or it can be slipped into a bag very easily. Either way it's very compact and very lightweight which is perfect for portability. Klarus really did a great job with this one.

Features of the Klarus G10

I'm excited to talk about all the features of the Klarus G10. I have spent a couple weeks with this flashlight and can tell you that it's absolutely one of my favorite lights. It has so many features that make it truly excellent and one of the best LED flashlights. So let's get started.

Ultra Bright Flashlight

1800 lumens is beyond bright for such a compact light. It really is an excellent flashlight for scouting your backyard or keeping around the house. It would also be an excellent flashlight for camping or any outdoor activities. It has a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED with a maximum beam distance of 250 meters. I was surprised to find out how far it can throw considering that it definitely has a broad beam pattern. It has a short reflector that has an orange peel texture so the light is very diffused and you can see all around you. Nevertheless, it's excellent to see that it does have a little bit of throw to it so that if you happen to live in the country and have a really large backyard you'll be able to see far into the distance as well as everything around you.

Multiple Outputs on the Klarus G10

The G10 features a total of six outputs for maximum versatility. You have 4 brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode getting you a lot of options. I found that I particularly liked using the high and medium modes when experimenting with the G10 outside in my backyard. However, that 1800 lumens really came in handy when I was wandering in the woods in the middle of the night. It lit up the area around me making me feel safer and knowing what was in front of me. The brightness levels range from 10 lumens to 1800 lumens and that low brightness level at 10 lumens features a run time of up to 170 hours so you can use this flashlight for a long time before you have to charge it up or replace the batteries.

LED Flashlight Easy User Interface

One of my favorite features about this LED flashlight is the user interface. The G10 LED flashlight features a tail switch and a side switch that function independently and have their own features. Both switches feature a One-Touch Turbo. The tail switch features of One-Touch Low while the side switch features a built-in memory function. I found that I like keeping the side switch in the medium or high mode and often used that One-Touch Low on the tail switch. It's a very intuitive user interface and it grows on you very quickly. Also, both switches are able to be locked out preventing the flashlight from accidentally turning on while in your pocket or in a bag. This is always a great feature to have because when it comes to a high intensity flashlight like the Klarus G10, you don't want that 1800 lumens accidentally turning on in your bag.

Rechargeable Flashlight

Nothing really beats the convenience of having a USB rechargeable flashlight which is exactly what the G10 is. There's a micro USB charging port located on the side of the G10. It's covered with a protective silicone piece that prevents dirt, grime, or water from getting inside. It has an Intelligent Charging System to make sure that the charging function is faster and safer. This system will prevent overcharging, monitors the charging status, and limits the maximum charging current to 1A. You are also able to monitor the charging status by checking the charging/battery indicator at any time.

The G10 comes with an 18650 battery but is able to run on different battery types. You can also use two CR123A batteries or two 16340 batteries in the G10. With that battery level indicator you can check and get an idea on what the charge of the batteries are which is a feature that I absolutely love. I’m able to plan my usage of the G10 based on how much charge I've got left in that flashlight and it lasts a good amount of time so you really don't need to charge it very often.

Conclusion on the Klarus G10

I can't recommend the Klarus G10 highly enough. From the baton body style design to the wonderfully diffused beam to the user interface, there's not a single thing I don't like about this flashlight. The G10 is truly one of the best LED flashlights you're going to find on the market today. It's compact enough that you can take it with you anywhere and it's bright enough that it'll light up the entire area around you even on a moonless night. If you live out in the country I highly recommend this flashlight for you because not only does it have a good throw to it, it allows you to see everywhere. Even if you don't live in the country I still recommend this flashlight because it's powerful and versatile. You really can't go wrong with a Klarus G10.