Klarus FT11 Filter


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One of the best flashlight accessories you can get are filters for your flashlight. Filters make your flashlight more versatile, allowing you to use it in more situations. The Klarus FT11 filters are made of colored glass that is protected by a high elastic silicone frame. It’s easy to fit onto your flashlight and you don’t even need to remove the bezel. The FT11 is compatible with flashlights that have a 35mm bezels and works great on these Klarus flashlights: XT10, XT11, XT12, XTQ1, XT11S, XT11GT, XT12S, and RS11.

You have a variety of colors to choose from and each has its own uses.

Red Filter - this filter is great for hunting because it won’t alert prey and preserves your night vision. It’s also great for penetrating fog or smoke and can be used for traffic, emergencies, and more situations.

Green Filter - Green also doesn’t disrupt night vision and is great to use when reading maps at night. It’s also great for hunting and hiking or other outdoor night time activities.

Blue Filter - This filter is great for tracking game, night fishing, and close-up reading

White Filter - With this filter, you can turn any spot light into a flood light. It softens the hotspot on the beam allowing the light to be more diffused and light up more area that’s close up rather than far away.

  • High elastic silicone frame gives a good protect to the glass, making the filter fit many flashlight models in almost any environment
  • Red filter- Used for emergencies, caution, traffic signal and Hunting to not spook game. Great for penetrating fog or smoke. Does not disrupt night vision
  • Green filter-Used for hunting and hiking. Green is also very popular for night time map reading and covert operations because it does not disrupt night vision
  • Blue filter- Used for night fishing, tracking wounded game, and close reading
  • White diffuser filter- Makes the flashlight beam more gentle, hotspot is diffused so the light gives a flood beam. It is suitable for close distance lighting and the uniform beam distribution is very suitable for area lighting
  • FT11:can be compatible with 35mm bezel(like XT10/XT11/XT12/XTQ1/XT11S/XT11GT/RS11)