Klarus FH10 - 700 Lumens

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If you are looking for a high powered, long range, multi-color LED, hunting flashlight...the Klarus FH10 is it. Klarus has specifically designed this light to fit all the needs of the hunter. The Klarus FH10 has three separate LEDs to provide greater power and efficiency than simply swapping out a lens cover. What is most impressive about this light are the beam throws for each LED color. White LED: 500m / Green LED : 345m / Red LED: 225m. Also take note of the adjustable beam head to quickly move from a super-wide beam pattern to an extremely tight beam pattern with a simple twist of the head.

The Klarus FH10 Hunting Light can quickly be changed between LED colors by simply toggling a slider button near the head of the flashlight. The head diameter of the light is 49mm and body diameter is 25.4, which fits many standard gun mounts. The body is aircraft grade aluminum with Military III hard anodic oxidation.

The WHITE light utilizes CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and has a maximum output of up to 700 lumens. The RED light utilizes CREE XP-E2 P4 LED and has a maximum power of up to 3000mW. The GREEN light utilizes OSRAM LT CP7P LED and maximum power of up to 3000mW. Battery included.

Klarus continues to stand behind its flashlights and provides a full warranty for 5 years after purchase.


  • Three fast and easily interchangeable RED, WHITE, and GREEN colored LEDs that can be moved to the center of the lens providing an extra long throw
    • The RED light uses a CREE XP-E2 P4 LED that has a max output of up to 3000mW and a beam distance of up to 345 meters
    • The WHITE light uses a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED that has a max power of up to 700 lumens and a beam distance of up to 500 meters
    • The GREEN light uses OSRAM LT CP7P LED with a max power of up to 3000mW and a beam distance up to 345 meters
  • The RED and GREEN lights provide sufficient illumination for humans, but do not disturb animals, greatly improving hunting ability
  • Head can be rotated to adjust beam focus, changing between the spotlight mode and floodlight mode making the FH10 adaptable for long-range searching or short-range lighting
  • The head diameter is 49mmm and the body diameter is 25.4 mm allowing the FH10 to fit standard gun mounts
  • Has an aspheric lens, luminousness up to 97%+, toughened, high-temperature resistant ultra-clear glass
  • Has a Straight 2 Strobe function which allows the user to use the strobe mode whether the flashlight is ON or OFF
  • Is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters
  • Is waterproof rated IPX-6 standard
  • Has a 5 year Klarus warranty

Included Accessories:

  • One removable tactical ring
  • One holster
  • Two O-rings

• LED:

WHITE light utilizes CREE XP-L HI V3 LED;

RED light utilizes CREE XP-E2 P4 LED;

GREEN light utilizes Osram LT CP7P LED

• WHITE light, RED light and GREEN light each have three lighting modes and Strobe respectively

• Working Voltage: 3.0V-6.4V

• Compatible batteries: CR123A*2, 18650 battery with PCB protection *1

• Material: Aircraft grade aluminum, Military III hard anodic oxidation

• Colour: Black

• Lens: Glass lens

• Switch type: Tactical tail switch + Side colour selection button

• Dimensions: 180mm(7.09")(Length) x 25.4mm(1") (Body diameter) x 49mm(1.93") (Head diameter)

• Net weight: 265g (Excluding battery)

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The Truth about this light

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Below I've copied the performance functions for you and those are great, but many companies exaggerate their products selling points right? NOT THIS COMPANY

I actually tried to beat on and take this light to the limits and it kept going and going and going. The battery provided is a 2600 mah and it comes in at 2600 mah(Isn't that refreshing!?) and came to me at about 75% charge. It only took 45 mins to fully charge and it serves up a bright and strong 700 lumens. The button at the end allows for temporary turbo or you can depress it completely for permanent. Once depressed you can simply press the tactical strobe switch to bring you to medium and moonlight setting. The medium is plenty bright and the moonlight setting is perfect for discreet tactical or map reading.

The tactical strobe switch is activated simply by depressing the lever whether the light is on OR off. Held for two seconds it will stay secured on strobe and I must warn you do not point it at anyone or in the mirror it is blinding and easily will debilitate an attacker.

By simply pushing the buttons switch on the head of the flashlight to the right gives you the GREEN light for night hunting and night vision purpose while pushing to the left gives you the RED setting which is perfect for blood trails among other purposes.

The company is about the best in customer service I have ever dealt with. I spoke with them both by email and phone and didn't have to wait two days for a reply.

This is the flashlight to own for tactical/hunting purposes and can also be mounted to your weapon for extreme use. I was blown away by the brightness and quality of this light. The beam is also easily adjustable from flood to spot by turning the dial at the head of this amazing piece of equipment. We live in a world where your equipment MUST NOT FAIL. I can tell you after thorough testing that this is one of those pieces of equipment and I give it my highest rating.

Comes with a secure belt pouch that holds the head of the flashlight while the shaft is easily attainable in an emergency. Lanyard keeps this right on your person when detached from the sheath.

I received this at a discount in exchange for an honest review. No positive review was promised and the company wanted nothing less. Don't waste anymore time researching, this is the one. Quality and value in one shot....

Below are your itemized details for the KLARUS FH10

• Three fast and easily interchangeable RED, WHITE and GREEN coloured LEDs that can be moved to the center of the lens as required , providing ultra long-range lighting
• WHITE light utilizes CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, Maximum output of up to 700 lumens, beam distance up to 500m
• RED light utilizes CREE XP-E2 P4 LED, Maximum power of up to 3000mW, beam distance up to 225m
• GREEN light utilizes OSRAM LT CP7P LED, Maximum power of up to 3000mW, beam distance up to 345m
• The red light, excellent for illumination of targets at night while preserving night vision, is widely used for hunting and military purposes
• The green light can be used for hunting, searching in the dark or map-reading
• Although humans can see clearly with the Red and Green lights, they do not disturb animals, greatly improving hunting ability
• Head can be rotated to adjust beam focus, easily changing between spotlight and floodlight modes. This feature makes the FH10 instantly adaptable for long-range searching or short range lighting
• Uses one 18650 battery. The head diameter is 49mmm and body diameter is 25.4mm, fitting standard gun mounts. The FH10 is a highly compact but extremely effective hunting flashlight
• Unique aspheric lens, luminousness up to 97%+, toughened, high temperature resistant ultra-clear glass
• Dual tactical tail switch for easy non-visual, one-handed touch operation; Quick and easy to locate the switches in the dark
• Dual springs in head and tail for improved drop and shock resistance
• Reverse-battery protection prevents damage to both flashlight and battery
• Waterproof to IPX-6 Standard, for use in adverse weather conditions
• Aircraft grade aluminum, Military III hard anodic oxidation, sophisticated technology, durable and scratch resistant

Klarus FH10 - FlashlightZ Opinion

Author : David

Are you looking for a hunting flashlight? Do you feel like it's easier to shoot something if you can see it? Where you're in the woods out outside in general, you can't depend on civilization to take care of you. You can only depend on yourself, and your tools. Klarus knows this, and that's why they've put so much work into making the FH10 hunting flashlight a useful, intuitive, and durable tool that won't let you down when you need it.
First of all, the FH10 has an adjustable beam. This is a huge thing for a lot of people. When people call us at FlashlightZ and tell us what they want in a flashlight, an adjustable beam is a frequent request. And why not? Of course people want to be able to use the lumens their light is generating the way they want. Now the FH10, it's got a lot of lumens. Not as many as some other lights. 700 lumens. It's a fantastic output, especially when you consider that other known brands like SureFire regularly put out handheld flashlights only half as bright.

But when you concentrate that down at the maximum zoom setting, where you've got a beam that's very near a straight column. Because of this, the Klarus FH10 has one of the longest ranges of any light we carry. This is a light that can stretch to 500 meters. It's so far that it's actually a distance that's kind of hard to picture. That's more than six city blocks. It's nearly five and a half football fields. Imagine shining a light at one end of a football field and hitting, not just the goalpost at the opposite end, but a goalpost four more football fields away. It's nearly a third of a mile. If the FH10 shined much further you could see it in space.

So the FH10 has a range that most tactical lights, even with high-power LED technology, can't touch. But it also has great flood. This light has a fully adjustable zoom, which means the beam can be fully concentrated for maximum range, widely dispersed for great "flood" in the immediate area, or anywhere in between. It's super easy to adjust the light so that you have exactly the beam you need at that moment. It's as good as having several different lights, except that instead of buying different lights and carrying them around with you so you could have the style of beam you needed at that moment, you have just one light. And if you need to see something in front of you, 700 lumens is an incredible amount of light to spot it. It's most likely that you will not typically be using the full 700 lumen setting for short-range spotting. And this also means a longer runtime for you out in the field. The max runtime for this light, at the lowest setting of 15 lumens, is 160 hours from a full charge. At the medium brightness setting of 200 lumens (which is itself many times greater than your standard plastic flashlight), you still have 65 hours of continuous runtime. That means that, for a weekend camping trip, you could basically never turn it off and it would still work.
Now I feel like I've got long enough talking about the FH10 without mentioning one of its best features: its two other, colored, lights. This is not just a standard white beam flashlight. The FH10 also has a red beam and a green beam, giving it greater functionality in the field. It puts the light just about into a military operations standard. Obviously the red light is a very useful tool, but let's go through the reasons why just to make me happy. The red light has much less of an impact on your night vision, allowing you to illuminate your surroundings without losing your ability to see in the dark. When hunting at night or very early in the morning, this is a critical feature that you shouldn't be without. Bringing a flashlight with you is all about visibility, and if your night vision is impaired every time you turn off the flashlight, you're taking one step forward and one step back. Being out on your own is all about bringing the right tools, and a well-built flashlight witth a red beam (especially one that can stretch 225 meters) is an essential tool for the prepared outdoorsman. But then there's also the green light. The green light is basically for map reading, which sort of makes the fact that it can stretch 345 meters a moot point, but it's still cool. Essentially, when you're looking at a map at night, the green light blots out irregular forestry like trees, making vital points of reference like roads more visible. And need I mention that it's easier on your night vision? New Klarus flashlights are coming out with a ton of really cool features!
So all of this is nice, but we're talking about an outdoorsman light. A light which needs to bear up to the elements. Does it do that? The short answer is yes. This flashlight is actually one of the most impact-resistant flashlights you're likely to find, rated for impacts up to 1.5 meters. That's roughly an average man's height. Try dropping a plastic flashlight from that distance and watch it shatter into a million pieces. And this light is also completely weatherproof. It's got an IPX-6 rating, which, though not enough to be assured against a total dunking, is enough to stand up to any kind of rain. You earn an IPX-6 rating by being hit with powerful water jets and still coming out standing. So no matter the weather, this light is going to stand up to the punishment.
I've said a lot, but let me summarize it: this is a fantastic outdoor light. It's got all the essentials you'll need, plus it's insanely tough. If you're looking for a flashlight that you can take with you hunting or camping, that you need to be dependable but also useful, then I think this is very probably the light you're looking for.