Klarus Custom Bi-Directional 18650 Battery (3400 mAh)

Retail: $24.95
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The Klarus Custom 18650 rechargeable battery is a high performance and long lasting battery made to power specific Klarus flashlights. This battery is bi-directional with no positive or negative sides to it. This allows the user to load the battery in whichever way he or she desires without worrying about loading the battery incorrectly. The Klarus Custom battery is recommended for these Klarus flashlights: XT15, XT12, RS20, RS20 UV, and the FL18.

Battery Size18650
Battery Capacity3400mAh
Battery ChemistryLi-Ion
Battery TypeCustom
Battery Shelf Life3 Years
Battery Voltage3.7
Associated Battery Sizes168A, 18650, 19670, Protected 18650, Unprotected 18650