Klarus CH1X Powerbank/18650 Battery Charger


The Klarus CH1X is a 2 in 1 power bank and 18650 battery charger. It's a wonderfully compact tool that you can easily carry with you wherever you go, perfect to carry with you everyday or when you travel. It's also incredibly durable, crafted of an aerospace aluminum alloy housing with an anodized finish making it robust and scratch-resistant. It includes a high-performance 3400 mAh 18650 battery. You can easily replace the battery at any time if you'd like to swap it for a different battery. The CH1X has a charge current up to 2A for faster charging but it features an Intelligent Charging Current Adjustment. This means that it will recognize the maximum charging current of the device that it’s charging and match that charging current for safer and more stable charging. You can charge a variety of devices so long as they have a USB port from iPhones to Android phones to smart watches to tablets and more.

The CH1X features a battery capacity indicator that you can refer to an anytime. While charging, the CH1X will show red to indicate that it's charging, green to indicate that the charging is complete, and orange to indicate that the battery was loaded incorrectly and needs to be adjusted. When the CH1X is discharging, you'll see a green light that indicates the battery is 70 to 100%,an orange light indicates that the battery is 30 to 70% full, a red light indicates the battery is 10 to 30% charged, a flashing red that will indicate the battery capacity is less than 10% and it's time to charge the battery or swap it out.

The Klarus CH1X is also very durable and very safe. It features a high-quality Panasonic battery core with an advanced circuit protection chip, increased stability for output current, as well as safe charging and discharging. You also have other protections in place such as overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection. Klarus has got you covered if you're looking for a battery charger and/or a power bank. The CH1X is durable, portable, and practical.

  • Combining power bank and battery charger functions in one device, CH1X can charge 18650 Li-ion batteries and supply power for all USB devices.
  • Compact and convenient for carry, pocket sized, only 30g.
  • Micro-USB and Type-A charging ports design, capable of charging and re-charging simultaneously.
  • High capacity 3400mAh internal Li-ion battery, compatible with 18650 Li-ion batteries, fully charged in just 2.5 hours.
  • Micro-USB fast charging with current up to 2A.
  • Power bank function for mobile phone and other electronic devices, with current up to 2A.
  • Intelligent Battery Capacity Indicator: Check the remaining capacity at any time.
  • Charging Indicator: Monitor charging status in real time and prevent over-charge for safe and reliable function.
  • Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 construction, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing, robust and scratch resistant.
  • Multiple Safety Protections: Over-Charging Protection, High Current Protection, Over-Discharging Protection, Short-Circuit Protection and Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Charging Time: 2.5hours
  • Material: Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing
  • Product Size: Head body 23mm (0.91”) x Body Diameter 23mm (0.91”) x Length 94.5mm (3.72”)
  • Weight: 30 (1.06oz) without battery
  • Accessories Included: 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Klarus18650 Battery