Klarus AR10 - 1080 Lumens

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The Klarus AR10's Unique adjustable head is suitable for a variety of applications, with a beam angle of up to 90 degrees. To provide 'hands-free' illumination, affix the AR10 to a metal surface using the magnetic interface at the bottom of the flashlight or use the clip to secure the AR10, then adjust the head to obtain the required beam angle. The AR10 can be recharged rapidly and conveniently using any USB port. With a max output 1080 lumens and max runtime 220 hours, the side switch incorporates a specially designed lock function to prevent accidental illumination. This precludes power drainage during storage or travelling and prevents eye damage should children play with the flashlight.

The AR10 smart temperature control system protects the LEDs and internal components to ensure safety and stability. The battery capacity indicator light displays remaining charge, enabling you to control your lighting time by choosing the mode according to the battery capacity. Reverse-battery protection prevents damage and with its large smooth tail interface, the AR10 is able to stand upright for use as a candle.

Constructed with Aircraft grade aluminum and Military III hard anodic oxidation, the AR10 wear-resistant, portable and strong. It has a tempered glass lens with AR film plating for durability and scratch resistance. The Klarus AR10 unique design and ease of use make the AR10 your best choice for auto repairs, hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities. Battery included.


  • Has a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, up to 1080 lumens
  • Has a unique adjustable head with a beam angle of up to 90 degrees
  • Has a magnetic function allowing it to stay on a metal surface and provide hands-free illumination
  • Has six modes:
    • Turbo mode (1080 lumens) - 1 hour and 45 minute runtime
    • High mode (450 lumens) - 3 hour and 45 minute runtime
    • Medium mode (150 lumens) - 11.5 hour runtime
    • Low mode (10 lumens) - 220 hour runtime
    • Strobe mode (1080 lumens) - 4.5 hours
    • SOS mode (150 lumens) - 34 hours
  • Is rechargeable using any USB port
  • Has a side switch with lock function to prevent accidental illumination
  • Has a maximum beam distance of 153 meters
  • Is impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Is waterproof rated IPX-8 standard (submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Has a 5 year Klarus warranty

Included Accessories:

  • One pocket clip attached to flashlight
  • One Klarus rechargeable 2600mAh 18650 Lithium-Ion battery
  • One USB charging cord
  • One lanyard
  • One O-ring

• Utilizes CREE XM-L2 U2 LED for a maximum output of 1080 lumens

• Main Light has 4 lighting modes and 2 flashing modes

• Battery: 1x 18650 or 2 x CR123A ( Do not use 16340 batteries)

• Size:144mm(5.67")(Length)*24.8mm(0.97")(head)


• Net Weight:93g (without battery)

• Working voltage:3-6.4V

• Reflector:Newly designed reflector that provides both focused and floodlight, offering perfect

spot illumination

• Lens:Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

• Material:Aircraft grade aluminum, Military III hard anodic oxidation

• Body colour: Black

• Water proof: IPX-8 for use in adverse weather conditions

• Included accessories:Lanyard*1, O-ring*1,USB Charging Cable*1

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XMAS present

Product Reviews:
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Bought this light as a Christmas present for my father in law. Of course I had to check it out. I am very impressed with the design. The head rotates to 90 degrees or any position in between. It puts out great light for work projects like changing oil under the vehicle etc. It also has a pretty solid little magnet on the tail end. I tested it upside down and it held tight while adjusting the light. Two thumbs up to Klaus and Flashlights!

Great light- Great customer service

Product Reviews:
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Great customer service, I had an issue with my ar10-contacted customer service, returned per their instructions and received a new one several days later- I’m hoping the new light works for long time because the features of this light fit my job as a mechanical inspector perfectly.
The slim profile fits my jeans pocket perfectly, the lumens are great for going into a dark city basement, the rotating head allow me to look behind appliances without the fear of dropping it behind the appliance, the magnetic base allows me to mount the light as I write my reports, the battery last forever on a single charge, if needed it can be recharged just about anywhere.
I have tried a lot of lights and this one fits my needs perfectly.


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I own many flashlights (Nitecore, Olight, etc) and this ranks up there with those. I need to carry it (work, jogging, etc) and the charger is excellent. The price and quality are very reasonable and I highly recommend this flashlight.

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FlashlightZ Discussion

The Best LED Flashlight for Work

Author: Carolyn

As all-purpose or professional flashlights go, the Klarus AR10 is probably one of the best LED flashlights for the job. This light has a lot of great, unique, and useful features that really shine as an around the house flashlight or professional flashlight. If you find yourself requiring a flashlight to work around the house or for your job this is probably the flashlight I would most recommend. The AR10 delivers 1080 lumens of power. It's equipped with a CREE XM L2 U2 LED. One of the first things you'll probably notice with this flashlight is that it has an adjustable head. This means you can rotate the head 90 degrees. This allows for more versatility in application so it's really useful particularly with working on anything having to do with a house or building, plumbing, or any housework. It's really great for that. You can see on the reflector it has that orange peel texture which means it's going to give you a good amount of flood. You'll still get a good hotspot with the AR10. The distance is about 153 meters at max so it's definitely going to give you a lot more illumination of the area rather than a more focused beam.

Flashlight User Interface

Operating the AR10 is really easy with just that simple side switch design. You can pick up this flashlight and learn how it functions in just moments. To turn it on just click it and you can always get into the turbo mode by long pressing that side switch and it'll go into the turbo mode. Then to turn it off, you just need to long press the switch while the flashlight is on and it will turn off. Now for changing through the modes all you need to do is while the flash is on click through and it will go from turbo to high to medium to low. It also features a strobe and an S.O.S mode. So for that strobe mode you just need to double press and it will activate it. There is a lock out function that I'll get to in a minute. The strobe and S.O.S will not work when the lockout function is active and that's important to remember. To activate the S.O.S mode you need to first double press to enter the strobe mode and then double press again and you'll be in the S.O.S mode.

Now to take advantage of the lockout function all you need to do is hold down that side switch for about 5 seconds until the flashlight flickers twice and you will know that the flashlight is locked out so you won't be able to use it. This is excellent because you can put it in a bag without worrying about it accidentally illuminating, easily conserving the battery. It's always a great feature to have that lock out function. And then to unlock the flashlight you just need to press the switch three times quickly and the flashlight will once again flicker twice and indicate that it is active and ready to use. So the operations of the flashlight are really quite simple. Like I said you can pick it up and learn it in just a few moments and it really makes this flashlight great. The AR10 also has a built in memory function so when you turn on the flashlight it will always turn on to the last brightness level you used. This is a really great function to take advantage of. Not only can you conserve the battery by using this function but you can ensure that the flashlight always turns on to the brightness level you need it on. So when you are working on a particular project you'd not need to worry about turning on the flashlight then finding the right brightness level every time. You can just turn it on and it can be in the brightness level you need it to be.

So we talked about the flashlight having a strobe mode and S.O.S mode. It also features four brightness levels. You have turbo at 1080 lumens, high at 450 lumens, medium at 150 Lumens, and low at 10 Lumens. That low can actually run 220 hours on a fully charged battery. So that's very impressive. Between these four different modes you definitely have a lot of versatility. You can choose to use that turbo mode if you need a great deal of illumination or if you're just working up close and you don't need that much light, that 10 lumens in a low mode could be perfect.

USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The AR10 is also a USB rechargeable flashlight so you can easily charge it on the go or while you're working on your computer or while you're just hanging at home without any worries and it can be ready to go for the next time you need to use it. It can run on a single 18650 lithium ion battery or it can run on two CR123 batteries. However, in case you don't know, you are not able to charge the flashlight if you use CR123 batteries. The charging will only work if you use an 18650 battery. The AR10 does include a Klarus 18650 battery with a 2600 mAh capacity all ready to go. There's also a battery capacity indicator that is located on the side switch. If the capacity indicator is glowing green it means your battery is 70 to 100 percent charged and it's going orange it means that it is 30 to 70 percent charged. If it's glowing red that means it is 10 to 30 percent charged and if it is it's flashing red that means it is less than 10 percent charged and you need to charge your battery or replace the batteries.

So now I'll talk about a few other cool features of this LED flashlight. One of them is that it has a completely flat tail so it is able to stand upright. Pair that with the fact that you can rotate the head to a degree that will work best for you and you can easily use those light as a lantern for whatever you need. So if you are, say, underneath a car you can go ahead and shine this flashlight by putting it on the ground and angling the light in a direction that is best for you so you can work with both hands while still having that completely illuminated area. The tail cap is also magnetic so you can affix this flashlight to any magnetic surface when it comes to working. That is incredibly valuable. You can put this flashlight in many different places and illuminate the area you need to continue to work with both hands. So those features alone make this flashlight incredibly unique and very useful in many different settings.

Safety and Durability

Moving onto these safety features and durability of this LED flashlight, it does have a smart temperature control system and what the system will do is monitor the internal temperature and change the output accordingly to protect the LED as well as the internal components of this flashlight. So you don't need to worry about the flashlight burning out its own LED just through regular use. That is an amazing feature to have in any high end LED flashlight. You do have that reverse battery protection which will prevent any damage from happening to the flashlight or the battery if you load the battery in incorrectly. The AR10 is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and it has the military hard anodized finish making it really scratch resistant and nice. The lens is made from tempered glass and has A.R. film plating so it's durable and scratch resistant. It's impact resistant up to 1 meter so it can withstand any accidental drops. It is waterproof up to IPX8 standards so you don't need to worry about taking out in any sort of rainstorm. It is really a durable and safe flashlight that's perfect for any professional use.


So my final thoughts on this flashlight - it is the best flashlight for any professional work. I know many people use head lamps and while they're good, a lot of head lamps can cause people to have headaches or can just be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The reason I like the AR10 is because it is more versatile than a headlamp. It is the best flashlight that can be used for regular casual use. It can be affixed to a metal surface and you can use the flashlight and work with both of your hands with that magnetic tail cap. With the adjustable head and the tail stand capability, there is no end to how you can use this flashlight. It is even compact enough that you could easily carry it on your person. It does come with a pocket clip so you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. If you're looking for any flashlight for your job or honestly just a flashlight to have around the house or maybe a unique outdoor flashlight then definitely check out the Klarus AR10. You will not be disappointed.