• Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3
  • Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumens - FZ-KL360X3

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    Ultimate Tactical Flashlight - the Klarus 360X3

    Author: Carolyn

    When Klarus first announced the 360X3 tactical flashlight, there was a lot of excitement about it. While the flashlight looked amazing and the output was impressive, I still had my doubts at the time about it. With its unique tailcap design the main question in my mind was how to prevent the flashlight from activating unintentionally. I was excited to get it and see what Klarus had done to prevent accidental illumination. I'm happy to say that when we got it in I found that it was very difficult to accidentally activate and that the flashlight was something brand new from Klarus that was really quite impressive. So I will be talking about the Klarus 360X3 tactical flashlight including some of its features and my opinions in general about this torch.

    Tactical Flashlight Delivers 3200 Lumens

    I'll go ahead and start with what everyone is interested in and that is the output. The Klarus 360X3 delivers a blinding 3200 lumens that, once you have the flashlight fully charged, is quite impressive. The beam itself is wide and dispersed so that you're able to see the entire area in front of you. It certainly wouldn't be considered a throw light and has a maximum beam distance of 283 meters.

    I want to talk a little bit about the look of the flashlight because this is a newer look for Klarus. The 360X3 looks quite similar to the Klarus XT11X, but it actually differs quite a lot. The flashlight is made of an aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish, but both the body and the tail are covered by a textured rubber coating. This rubber coating prevents any slipping when you hold the flashlight. Klarus made this flashlight for extreme tactical situations and ensuring that your grip remains firm on that flashlight definitely fits with what they were going for.

    Unique Tactical User Interface

    Let's move on to the user interface of this flashlight. Now if you have had a Klarus XT series flashlight before such as the XT11GT or XT11X then you're familiar with the triple switch design. The 360X3 tactical flashlight still features that triple switch design as well as multiple outputs and programmable settings, but I want to focus on the tactical tail switch first. This tail switch design was a big selling point of the Klarus 360X3 and it's no surprise why because you really can activate the flashlight from any angle. The main switch and secondary switch are not easily confused and after carrying on my person for a couple weeks I can definitely say that I felt pulling the flashlight out and activating it was a little faster. The tail switches are also textured so that your fingers will not slip from one to the other and I really appreciated that.

    The tail switch gives you a momentary on, a One-Touch Turbo, and a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low while the side switch gives you access to a built-in memory function and a One-Touch Low. I think it's really great that Klarus made the flashlight so that you can use it the way you want to. Some users prefer using the tail switches and other users prefer using side switches and this way you can pick whatever you need whenever you need it. Personally, I found myself using the tail switches more often, but I certainly used the side switch especially with that built-in memory function.

    Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings

    The Klarus 360X3 has a total of six outputs and that includes four brightness levels that range from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens as well as a strobe and SOS mode. Something I wish that Klarus would include with their tactical flashlights is a moonlight mode especially because they do have that Outdoor Setting. I think a moonlight mode would be quite invaluable especially for the Outdoor Setting. However, 15 lumens is still a fairly low amount of light and does the job in close quarters which is good. It's great that Klarus has so many different outputs to choose from allowing the 360X3 flashlight to be used in more situations.

    If you are familiar with other Klarus flashlights you may already know about the programmable settings. The Klarus 360X3 tactical flashlight features two programmable settings and those include the Tactical Setting as well as the Outdoor Setting. Both of these settings only affect the tail switches so the side switch remains the same in either setting and I do really like that aspect a lot. In the Tactical Setting the only thing that really changes is that the secondary tail switch gives you access to a One-Touch Strobe. You also will only be able to access three of the brightness levels using the tail switch. However you can still access all four brightness levels using the side switch.

    The Outdoor Setting, on the other hand, gives you a One-Touch Low when you hold down that secondary tail switch and you can access all four brightness levels using the tail switches. It's fairly easy to switch between settings, but unless you do it often I recommend keeping that user manual handy. Thankfully, Klarus does include the user manual on their site in case you do lose it. If you were to ask me what my favorite setting is between the Tactical Setting and The Outdoor Setting, I couldn't tell you. I can tell you that I really did enjoy both settings and they’re both absolutely useful.

    Rechargeable Flashlight

    I love rechargeable flashlights. While I do have battery chargers I always appreciate being able to charge the battery through the flashlight directly. The Klarus 360X3 is a rechargeable flashlight that has a micro USB port to charge it, which is wonderfully convenient considering that you can easily find USB adapters pretty much anywhere. While you're charging the flashlight there is an LED indicator around the side switch that will glow to let you know if the flashlight is charging or if it's finished charging. Just like many other rechargeable flashlights from Klarus, if the flashlight is unable to take a charge the indicator will flash orange. I haven't seen this happen with this flashlight yet but I have seen it with other Klarus flashlights and, more often than not, I have found that it usually means there is a problem with the adapter that is being used or the charge cord. I have seen issues with an overly discharged battery as well. It's always important to know that if your battery is overdischarged it will not charge through a USB function and you will need to jump start it through a battery charger. However, the Klarus 360X3 does come with a battery capacity indicator that lets you know how much battery life you have left when you first turn the flashlight on. That indicator will glow a certain color to give you an idea of what percentage life your battery still has. I'm a huge fan of battery capacity indicators and I heavily rely on them. In fact, I'm a little lost if I don't have one. I love that the Klarus 360X3 does come with a battery capacity indicator so that I have an idea of how much longer I can use the flashlight for.


    All-in-all, I was incredibly impressed with the Klarus 360X3 flashlight. As I said before, I carried it for a couple weeks and it didn't turn on accidentally at all. I did clip it onto my pocket as well as carry it within its holster and I want to also comment that I really do appreciate the plastic cap that is attached to the holster to prevent the 360X3 from turning on. I think that was a great idea on Klarus. If you are wanting an extreme tactical flashlight then the Klarus 360X3 is it. It's extremely powerful, it's rechargeable, it's got a tactical user interface but can be used for multiple situations, and is an all-around excellent tactical flashlight. We consider it to be one of the best tactical flashlights in fact!
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