Klarus 360X1 - 1800 Lumens

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Meet the Klarus 360X1, the little brother of the 360X3 tactical flashlight. This compact flashlight is about five and a half inches in length making it easy to carry, but it's extremely powerful delivering up to 1800 lumens. It features a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED as well as a shorter smooth reflector that gives it a maximum beam distance of 246 meters. This compact flashlight has a lot to offer so let's take a look at some of the other features.

The 360X1 features dual tail switches with an omnidirectional switch ring that allows you to quickly operate the flashlight from any angle. Between these two switches you have access to everything you need including a momentary-on, a One-Touch Turbo, a One-Touch Low or a One-Touch Strobe, an SOS, and a switch lockout function. The 360x1 is truly prepared for anything.

The 360X1 features four brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode allowing you to use it in multiple situations. To add to its versatility, it also features two programmable settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting, you have a One-Touch Strobe whereas in the Outdoor Setting, you have a One-Touch Low as well as an SOS. Both settings are really great and give you more options on how you want to use this tactical flashlight. You can also switch between settings easily at any time.

The 360X1 is a USB rechargeable flashlight that features an Intelligent Charging System. This system features a fast charge up to 1A and will adjust the charging current as needed to make sure that the charging is safe and reliable. You can check the charging indicator to see if your flashlight is still charging or is finished charging. The charging indicator also functions as a battery level indicator. When you first turn on the flashlight you can check this indicator which will glow a specific color to let you know about how much charge your battery has left. The 360X1 is compatible with a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries.

Along with all of these unique features, the 360X1 comes with many safety systems in place and is an extremely durable tool. It features an Intelligent Thermal Protection System which will monitor the internal temperature of the flashlight and adjust the output accordingly to ensure that your flashlight remains safe and does not overheat. It also features an Intelligent Battery Identification System that will adjust the output according to the discharge rate of whatever battery is installed. It also features overcharging protection, over-discharging protection, high current protection, reverse polarity protection, and impact protection.

As we mentioned before, the 360X1 is extremely durable. It's constructed from Aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish making it lightweight yet incredibly robust and wear resistant. It features a tempered glass lens with a scratch resistant AR coating. This is a flashlight that will last a very long time. If you're looking to upgrade your tactical gear, then definitely consider the Klarus 360X1 tactical flashlight.


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED delivering up to 1800 lumens with a max beam distance of 246 meters
  • Has dual tail switches with an omnidirectional switch ring that allows you to quickly operate the flashlight from any angle
  • Features a momentary, a One-Touch Turbo, a One-Touch Low or a One-Touch Strobe, an SOS, and a lock out function
  • Six output levels
    • Turbo (1800 lumens) - 1.1 hour runtime
    • High (400 lumens) - 4 hour runtime
    • Medium (100 lumens) - 14 hour runtime
    • Low (10 lumens) - 200 hour runtime
    • Strobe (1800 lumens) - 2.2 hour runtime
    • SOS (100 lumens) - 42 hour runtime
  • Two Programmable Settings
    • Tactical Setting: One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Strobe
    • Outdoor Setting: One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Low, SOS
  • USB rechargeable with an Intelligent Charging System
  • Charging/Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Compatible with 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123A, 2 x Klarus 16340
  • Intelligent Thermal Protection System
  • Intelligent Battery Identification System
  • Features overcharging protection, over-discharging protection, high current protection, reverse polarity protection, and impact protection.
  • Constructed from Aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish
  • Tempered glass lens with a scratch resistant AR coating

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 18GT-36 18650 battery
  • Holster
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring

• CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED, lifetime up to 50,000 Hours.

• Tactical Setting by Default.

• Working Voltage: 2.5V-8.4V.

• Compatible Batteries: 1 x 18650(with protective circuit) or 2 x CR123A or

2 x KLARUS 16340.

• Charging Time: Depends on the battery capacity.

Formula: Charging Time = (Capacity of Battery/1000mA+1H).

Approximately 4 hours for included battery

• Reflector: Mirror Polished.

• Lens: Tempered Glass Lens; AR coated; Scratch resistant.

• Switch: 360-Degree Tail Cap Dual-Switch.

• Dimensions: Head – 29.0mm (1.14”) diameter

Body – 27.0mm (1.06”) diameter

Length – 141.8mm (5.58”)

• Weight: 113g (3.99oz) without battery.

• Material: 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing.

• Accessories Included: 1 x Micro-USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Spare O-ring, 1 x KLARUS 18650 Battery(18GT-36), 1 x Nylon Holster, 1 x Clip.
• Optional Accessories: USB Adapter, MGM-3, TRS1 Remote Switch.

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FlashlightZ Opinion: 1800 Lumen Compact Tactical Flashlight

Author: Carolyn

The Klarus 360X1 is certainly an interesting tactical flashlight. In most Klarus tactical flashlights, we often see a dual tail switch that many users fall in love with. Klarus has mixed things up a bit with this new tail switch that you can find on the 360X1 as well as a 360X3. The flashlight can be operated from any angle making it extremely innovative and extremely tactical. Let's take a further look into what this flashlight has to offer.

Powerful Compact Flashlight

First I'd like to talk about how compact this flashlight is. It features a baton-style design and is about 5 and 1/2 inches in length, which is excellent to carry around with you. It also features a stainless steel bezel for self-defense and comes with a really cool holster. This holster has a small plastic cap in it where the tail switch sits Safely tucked into that cap, the flashlight won't accidentally turn on while you're carrying it. If you're not a big fan of the holster, you can clip it onto your pocket. Either way, it's a great tactical flashlight to carry with you everyday.

The 360X1 has a CREE XHP35 HD E4 LED and delivers a maximum output of 1800 lumens. It has a smooth reflector so you're going to have a very focused beam with this flashlight and it features a maximum beam distance of 246 meters. For it size, it's an extremely bright LED flashlight.

Tactical Flashlight User Interface

Now onto the tail switch design. Klarus has introduced us to the 360 degree Omni-directional tail switches that you'll find on both of 360X1 and 360X3 flashlights. This tail switches will allow you to operate the flashlight from any angle. They have a textured rubber on them that almost sticks to your fingers, guaranteeing that you won't be fumbling around with the flashlight. You get a momentary-on, One-Touch Turbo, and a One-Touch Strobe or One-Touch Low depending on which programmable setting you have the flashlight in. This means that the 360X1 is ready for any tactical situation. You can just whip the flashlight out and immediately turn it on.

I was a little concerned at first that the tail switches would be a little too sensitive since they are protruding from the tail cap, but they're actually really good about not turning on with the slightest touch. It does take a bit of pressure to turn the flashlight on entirely and you can twist the tail cap a bit so that the switches are locked out. Also, that holster with the cap in it will ensure that the flashlight will not accidentally turn on.

The 360X1 features a total of six outputs and this includes two flashing modes and four brightness levels that range from 10 lumens to 1800 lumens. I mentioned before that it comes with two programmable settings, the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting, you're going to get a One-Touch Strobe and in the Outdoor Setting, you’re going to get a One-Touch Low. It's easy to switch between the settings and you'll be able to switch between them whenever you'd like. This is another great reason that you can carry it with you all the time. Whether you need it for tactical application or outdoor application, the 360X1 is perfect for you.

Rechargeable Flashlight

The 360X1 tactical flashlight is also USB rechargeable which is always great to see any torch. Anytime the battery is low, just plug the flashlight into any micro USB charging cord and you're good to go! On the opposite side of the micro USB port, you'll see an indicator that will glow red when the flashlight is charging and green when it's finished. That same indicator is also going to glow certain colors when you first turn the flashlight on, indicating what percentage your battery is at. You'll find that battery capacity indicators can be extremely helpful.

The 360X1 comes with a high drain 18650 battery with a 3600 mAh capacity. This is a very powerful battery and you'll be seeing good runtimes while it’s equipped in the 360X1. You can also use two CR123A batteries or two Klarus 16340 batteries in the flashlight if you'd rather. However, you won't get the same output or run times using these batteries that you would the 18650, which is something to keep in mind. The included battery is a high quality lithium ion battery is a great asset to the 360X1.

Sturdy Tactical Flashlight

The Klarus 360X1 is extremely durable. It's crafted from anodized aluminum alloy and has a rubber coating along the body. The rubber coating almost sticks to your hand so that the flashlight is not going to slip from it. The 360X3 and 360X1 are the first Klarus flashlights to have this rubber coating on the body and it’s definitely different. The way the 360X1 is built, there is no room for error and it guarantees that you will have a tactical flashlight that can activate in less than a second and grip firmly without worrying about the flashlight slipping from your fingers. It's IPX8 waterproof and it's impact resistant up to 1 meter so this flashlight is going to be able to stand what nature has to throw at it. Whether you’re planning on a camping trip or you need the flashlight for your job, the 360X1 is an excellent choice.

Concluding Remarks

If you're looking for an extreme tactical flashlight that's compact enough to carry with you, you can't go wrong with the Klarus 360X1. It's a sturdy, powerful, and versatile tactical flashlight that will quickly become a favorite. It's easy to carry with you every single day and it's packed with enough features that it will become your go-to flashlight. That omni-directional tail switch design is really quite interesting and makes it a little quicker to activate the flashlight You don't need to worry about finding different switches or adjusting the flashlight angle because you can operate this flashlight from any angle. It's definitely innovative and something that's really impressed us. The Klarus 360x1 tactical flashlight is truly a force to be reckoned with.