Klarus 360T1 Tail Cap


If you're wanting to take your Klarus tactical flashlight to the next level, then you'll want this omnidirectional tactical switch the 360T1. This switch can fit on a variety of Klarus tactical flashlight models and allows you to rapidly operate your flashlight from any angle. The main tail switch is a round button that protrudes from the top while the secondary tail switch circles around the main switch, giving you the ability to operate your flashlight easily. With its ergonomic switch design and premium grade silicone with anti-slip dots, the 360T1 provides precise operation without concerns about slipping or fumbling. Make sure to grab this new accessory for your Klarus tactical flashlight.

Compatible Klarus Flashlight Models

XT11S / XT11GT / XT12GT / XT12S / XT30R / XT32 / XT2CR / XT11X / 360X1 / 360X3 / XT11UV / FX10

• Switch: Primary Switch + 360° Ring Switch

• Dimensions: Diameter 28.00mm( 1.10”) x 36.46mm(1.44”)

• Weight: 25.8g(0.91oz)

• Material: High quality silicone

• 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing