If you were to ask me which brand of flashlight is my favorite brand, I would say Klarus, hands down. They make incredible, high quality flashlights ranging from ones that have a simple user interface, ones that you can pick up, play around with for a few minutes and you're good to go, to really advanced flashlights that allow you to customize the light to what you need it to be.

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From tactical to everyday carry to casual, Klarus has a huge range of amazing flashlight products. So today, I'm going to talk about a few of my favorite Klarus flashlights and what makes them such incredible lights to have. I'll start with the XT11S. This flashlight is an upgraded version of the XT11, which is a straightforward, tactical flashlight that the flashlight world just fell in love with. The XT11S delivers 1,100 lumens, which is a great amount for a tactical flashlight. The beam on this tactical flashlight is incredibly spotty and very focused. It does have that dual tactical tail switch that is so popular among the XT Series Klarus flashlights.

If you're not really familiar with the tail switch, I'll explain it a bit. You have a circular main button that allows for momentary on and just simple turning on and off the flashlight. Then you have the secondary switch, or paddle. This allows you to cycle through the modes as well as access immediately that strobe mode. The great thing about having two completely different switches is that it's very difficult to confuse the two in the dark. Whenever you pick up that flashlight, you know immediately which button you are about to press.

However, you'll notice that it also comes with that side switch. And it seems a little busy at first. And this flashlight definitely requires a good read of the user manual. Don't be intimidated by the three switches though. You can operate the flashlight using either switch, whichever one you feel most comfortable with. This allows you to have an amazing amount of versatility with this flashlight. The XT11S also has three different programmable settings. In the default setting, you have what is classic in the XT Series user interface. You use the main switch to turn on the flashlight or off the flashlight. And you use the secondary switch to cycle through the different modes. And it allows you access to all the modes.

In the hunting or the outdoor mode, you'll have instant access to turbo and instant access to low using that secondary paddle rather than strobe. And in the advanced tactical mode, only two options will be available. The turbo and the strobe. The side switch will be completely deactivated. The default tactical mode and the outdoor mode seem to be the most popular with the XT11S. This tactical flashlight is also USB rechargeable, which is belong convenient in the flashlight market industry today.

Moving on to another one of my favorite tactical flashlights, and that's going to be the Klarus XT11GT. This is an upgraded version of the XT11S and has a lot of the same features. So rather than repeat myself, I'll talk about the differences between the XT11S and the XT11GT. The XT11GT delivers 2,000 lumens of power, which is incredible for a tactical flashlight of this compact size. There's also a really big difference in the beam between the XT11S and the XT11GT. As I mentioned before, the XT11S has a more focused beam. The XT11GT on the other hand, has a more diffused beam lighting up the area around you a lot better.

I'm not sure if words can really adequately express just how different these beams are, but it can often help make or break a decision when it comes to buying one of these two lights. 2,000 lumens sounds great, but if you're needing a tactical flashlight that has a more focused beam, the XT11S is going to be a lot better for you. One thing that I forgot to mention with the Klarus XT11S that is also a feature in the XT11GT, is the memory mode function. When you're talking about tactical lights, you absolutely want the flashlight to turn on to the turbo mode immediately.

However, the lower modes can also be incredibly useful in a tactical flashlight when you need to illuminate your path, but you don't want to draw attention to yourself. This memory function allows you to do just that. And it also allows for the XT11GT to have a great deal more versatility. You can easily take this flashlight on outdoor trips or when working on the car. The different outputs in the memory function allow you to use the flashlight in more setting than a flashlight that just had one output mode.

Let's talk about the next tactical flashlight, the Klarus G20. I would consider the G20 more of an outdoor-like than a tactical flashlight. However, it does have excellent tactical features that you would want in a tactical light. The amazing thing about the G20 is that it delivers 3,000 lumens, which is amazing for a flashlight that fits very comfortably into your hand or it can easily be put in an everyday carry bag. Like every tactical flashlight, it does feature a tail switch for incredibly easy operation. But it also has a side switch. You can use either switch to turn on and off the flashlight or to cycle through the brightness levels.

The awesome thing about the G20 is both switches actually have a momentary on in the turbo mode. Usually, you'll see only one switch, and it's usually the tail switch that has that momentary on function. So it's excellent that both switches have that momentary on. It may not sound like a big deal having the momentary on feature, but when it comes to a tactical situation, even having that extra half second or second to fully press the switch down and turn the flashlight on, can be a big deal. If you sense a threat, you're gonna want to be able to see as soon as possible. And that's where the momentary on function really shines. And that's also why it's excellent that the G20 has that function in both switches.

To access the strobe mode in the G20, you need to double click either switch. Some users say that tactical flashlight really need to have a one click switch for the strobe mode to be considered a tactical flashlight, and I disagree. I think with the double tap, it gets you into strobe mode quickly enough. And with the 3,000 lumens, if you have an attacker coming at you and you shine 3,000 lumens in their face, they're probably going to be temporarily blinded as it is.

The G20 is also USB rechargeable. And you'll notice that out of my picks of favorite flashlights, I'm almost always going to go with the USB rechargeable flashlights. Dealing with replacing the batteries or charging the batteries can be a pain. I lose batteries all the time. It's just easier if I can keep the battery in the flashlight and charge it from there. So it's really great that the G20 does have that mini USB port so you can just charge the battery. Especially since the Klarus G20 does use the Klarus 26650 lithium ion battery. This is not a super common battery and not all chargers can handle this kind of battery. So I really like that you can charge it directly in the flashlight itself.

It also has a batter power indicator that is in the side switch. I think once you have a flashlight with a battery power indicator, it's really hard to go back to a flashlight that doesn't have one. It's really great being able to monitor your battery's charge, and plan the usage accordingly. Maybe you used your flashlight a few times before you were going camping this weekend and you think it might be full, but you're not 100 percent certain. That's when that batter indicator will really shine. And if you're on a camping trip and you've used a good portion of the light, you'll be able to see that you've used it quite a bit and maybe you need to use it on a lower setting or plan your usage a little bit better.

Now, we are going to talk about the final tactical flashlight, which is the Klarus XT2C. I know I've talked about this flashlight before, but it is only because it is so great. This flashlight is smaller, more compact, more lightweight, and sleeker than any of the flashlight's I've been speaking about previously. It delivers 1,100 lumens of power, so already it rivals the XT11S. However, it does not come with nearly as many features as the previous three lights I spoke about. It is a very straightforward, very simple light.

The Klarus XT2C tactical flashlight doesn't have all these bells and whistles, but has everything you need in a tactical flashlight from the tactical dual tail switch to the powerful turbo mode to the multiple outputs and to the lightweight design, I would immediately point you to the Klarus XT2C because it is an excellent flashlight.

So that sums up my favorite Klarus flashlights. And obviously the flashlight list that I just said will change because Klarus keeps coming out with new and amazing flashlights. So stay up to date.