G700 LED Flashlight - A Closer Look

So, today I'm looking at the Lumitact G700 flashlight. And, right off the bat, I gotta tell you, the most notable thing about the G700 is the marketing. This is basically a cheaply made, subpar flashlight with some really incredible advertising surrounding it. Which, is maybe the big seller. So, more and more people are buying into the G700 flashlight, when what they really need to be getting is something that's gonna actually last them for a while, something that's actually durable, actually bright. So, the G700 is just not that. I think what's ... I think the best way to dispel the sort of intense marketing that the G700 has around it is to just go to the front page of its own website and just go point by point looking through all of it.

Marketing Language

So, this is the www.theg700flashlight.com. This is their main page and right off of the bat, you see some pretty questionable claims. The first thing you're gonna see is, "The new military G700 flashlight is a beast." Calling this a military flashlight is a pretty questionable claim all by itself. Now, there's no way that the US Army would ... would arm people who are going into life and death situations with a flashlight like this. There's a picture of the G700 with its sort of meaningless markings on the head representing the flashlight's level of adjustable zoom concentrating the beam. That's a popular feature on a lot of lights. You see that on the Klarus FH10 and on our own flashlight Z-Beacon. The reason that other manufacturers do not include the logos printed on the head of the light is that it's basically meaningless. This is ... A lot of markings to tell you essentially nothing. The adjustable zoom feature on the flashlight is concentrating your beam and it talks about how the beam is going from times one to times two thousand magnification. There's ... You know, a flashlight beam is not the same as a scope, so, the level of supposed magnification is not actually that important of a statistic. So, it's not something that's useful for the user to be quantified.So, let's just move on from that right away.


The next thing that this page boasts about is the light 700 lumens from which the G700 gets its name. The G700's 700 lumens is not bad. 700 lumens is not a bad amount of power for a flashlight. But, it is misleading to represent that brightness as if it is, you know, revolutionary. This paragraph actually ends with calling it, "The brightest military flashlight in the world," and that's basically wrong. And how there's a little graph next to it saying it goes from, you know ... Saying regular LED flashlights have your 120, 300 to 400 lumens and then there's something there showing the G700 at 700 lumens, this sort of represents the G700 as being at the top of the brightness game for flashlights of its size and that's just wildly incorrect.

Plenty of flashlights of the same size and, which are much more durable, have greater brightness. The Klarus XT11GT has 2000 lumens. Our beacon has 1000 lumens. There's plenty of Nitecore lights and Olight brand flashlights, which can boast the same. So, I would say that the norm for brightness for a light of this size, at this point in the industry, is about 1000 lumens, maybe more. The LED industry has seen a lot of change over the last few years. Lights are getting brighter, almost every day it seems like. So, 700 lumens is not just not the best, it's actually a little bit below average. So, don't be taken in by this claim that at 700 lumens, it's the brightest military flashlight in the world.


Now, as far as a design for combat, the G700 does seem to be produced from the aircraft grade aluminum that is standard in the tactical flashlight market. So, you can't fault it for that. It absolutely is tough enough that you should be able to run it over with a car. Calling it, though, durable and indestructible beyond any measure is again, such a wild exaggeration, that it's basically false. It's not enough for a flashlight to have a durable casing. That's just the start.

Most accidents that happen to a flashlight will involve a level of impact. You're not probably going to be setting it down gently on your driveway and then running it over with your truck unless you just wanna test out what they were doing in the commercial. Normally, if a light suffers some sort of accident, it's not going to be gentle. There's going to be ... There's gonna be an impact. This is why most flashlights advertise their impact resistance, you know, normally right on the box, right there in the product description online and tell you exactly how far the manufacturer promises the light can be dropped from. You don't see any claim of impact resistance on the G700. And this is because the internals are just not mounted as well as in other lights.

So, yes, the aircraft grade aluminum is definitely there and if any ... You know, no impact accidents happen, which have you ever heard of a no impact accident before? But, if you have a no impact accident, then you know, you should be fine. Anything that tries to squeeze your light, is probably not going to harm it. But, your light is ... Your G700 light is just not going to stand up very well to any kind of impact. You will be at great risk of damaging the internals. This makes the designed for combat claim sort of ridiculous.

Strike Bezel

The site also claims that the G700 has sharp tips capable of neutralizing an enemy. First of all, those tips are not that sharp. These are not ... This is not a crenulated bezel that can really boast a lot of strategic or tactical advantage. But, beyond that, the idea that your light will continue to work after slamming it against a person or any hard surface is probably false. The G700 is not likely to stand up to that kind of impact. The casing will be okay. Your aircraft grade aluminum will likely survive just fine. Maybe it's a little bit of scratches. Everything inside the light will be jostled hard and will be at great risk of functioning incorrectly after the impact. So, the whole idea that this is designed for combat falls apart the moment you realize that the G700 has no claim to impact resistance and that's ... that's gonna be a real issue.


Now, as far as the LED technology being revolutionary, that's plainly false. This idea that the technology is only used today by the military and NASA, this is standard technology in today's LED flashlight market. Any half decent flashlight you pick up will have the dame technology. Heck, at this point, it's making its way outside of tactical flashlights. You'll find the same technology in cheap plastic flashlights you find in, you know, gas store ... gas station convenience stores and even your grocery store. So, definitely the G700 has no claim on LED chips versus LED diodes.

Now, the focus is nice. This is another place where, you know, if they were just offering you like a very ... a sturdy, nice little light, the claim would be fine with the six different focus modes. I would say it's them pushing at a some sort of military grade equipment is where it starts to fall apart. So, the idea that the multiple focus ... Here's what's interesting about the multiple focus modes, it says, "It allows you switch from wide range to telescoping range," great. And then it also says, "It let's you go from sphere to square box." This is what I talk about when I say it's difficult to disentangle the light from the advertising. This is the situation with honestly most adjustable zoom, tactical lights. And, it's not something that's built in necessarily on purpose. You actually might call it incidental. As you adjust the zoom so that you're further concentrating the beam, the beam is so concentrated at the maximum zoom that the beam actually starts to straightforwardly reflect the shape of the LED chip. So, when it says that you're gonna be adjusting it from a sphere to a square box, that's just naturally what's going to happen as you adjust the zoom. This is just incidentally what all adjustable zoom flashlights happen to do.

So, that's our look at the bullet point list on the G700 website. So, if you were looking at the G700, and you're interested in a quality light about that price point, the $54, I'd recommend looking at the Klarus XT2C 1100 lumen flashlights. It's under $60.00. Very handy, very useful, durable flashlight. If you were thinking about spending a little bit more, you might look at the Klarus XT2CR, one of the new lights from Klarus. $74.95, very bright and rechargeable. Very, very durable light. And if you wanted to spend a little bit less, check out the flashlight Z-Beacon. $39.99, rechargeable, and with that adjustable zoom feature. No meaningless markings scuffing up its elegant look.