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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG20 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus G20 is an amazing practical flashlight equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED delivering up to 3000 lumens! Less than 5 inches long, the G20 can easily fit in a pocket or in an edc bag. The G20 features a tail switch and a side switch and has four brightness levels and two specialty modes. You can turn the flashlight ON and OFF and adjust the brightness level using either the side switch or the tail switch. While the flashlight is OFF, pressing the tail switch activates the...

MecArmy SGN7 - 550 Lumens
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MecArmy Item #: FZ-MASGN7 -

The MecArmy SGN7 is an updated version of the incredibly popular SGN3! This awesome new tool is a multifunction flashlight with a few unique features and comes in a variety of colors. Equipped with a CREE XP-G2 S4 LED, the SGN7 delivers 550 lumens which is a great amount for an everyday carry flashlight! It features two switches, the larger main switch and triangular secondary switch. The main switch accesses the four different brightness levels. One click goes straight to the lower brightness...

MecArmy SPX 10 - 1100 Lumens
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Price: $65.99
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MecArmy Item #: FZ-MASPX10 -

Innovative and tactical, the MecArmy SPX 10 is a patented new LED flashlight The most unique features of the SPX 10 is the advanced tail cap switch. This switch protrudes from the tail of the flashlight and can be operated from any angle. This means the user can press the switch to the side to cycle through modes. In an emergency situation, the user can press the switch to any side to immediately activate the strobe mode with the flashlight OFF. Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U3 LED, the SPX 10...

Nitecore EA41 - 1020 Lumens
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Price: $69.95
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCEA41 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Nitecore EA41 is a revolutionary compact handheld search light. Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED and a smooth reflector, the EA41 delivers a maximum output of 1020 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 335 meters. A truly incredible feat for a flashlight that runs on AA batteries. The EA41 features a dual side switch design. One switch turns ON and OFF the flashlight while the other switch cycles through the modes. There are five different brightness levels with the EA41:...

Klarus AR10 - 1080 Lumens
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Price: $59.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLAR10 -

OUT OF STOCKThe Klarus AR10's Unique adjustable head is suitable for a variety of applications, with a beam angle of up to 90 degrees. To provide 'hands-free' illumination, affix the AR10 to a metal surface using the magnetic interface at the bottom of the flashlight or use the clip to secure the AR10, then adjust the head to obtain the required beam angle. The AR10 can be recharged rapidly and conveniently using any USB port. With a max output 1080 lumens and max runtime 220 hours, the side...

Klarus G30 - 2450 Lumens
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Price: $64.50
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLG30 -

OUT OF STOCKUtilizing the latest CREE MT-G2 LED with a max output of 2450 lumens, the Klarus G30 is truly impressive. Klarus has developed a compact and highly efficient handheld spotlight. It has two mode switches, one on the side and one on the back, to allow the user to control the flashlight from multiple hand positions, adding increased versatility. You can instantly go to Turbo mode or Moonlight mode with a single press of a button, which is ideal for emergency use. With six different...

Nitecore MH20GT - 1000 Lumens
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Price: $99.95
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Nitecore Item #: FZ-NCMH20GT -

OUT OF STOCKThe MH20GT is part of Nitecore's Multitask Hybrid series and is equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED delivering a maximum output of 1000 lumens. It features a concentrated beam and a smooth reflector for a maximum beam distance of 362 meters. The MH20GT features five brightness modes: turbo - 1000 lumens, high - 410 lumens, medium - 230 lumens, low - 50 lumens, and moonlight - 1 lumen. It also features three specialty modes: strobe to disorient an attacker, SOS to signal for help,...

Klarus RS20 - 1050 Lumens
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Price: $64.50
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLRS20 -

OUT OF STOCKThis 3-in-1 flashlight combines a primary LED with several side-mounted LEDs to combine long throw capabilities of a flashlight with those bike and lantern light with a diffused short-ranged flood light. With a 1050-lumen primary output thanks to its CREE XM-L2-U2 LED, the RS20 can shine a beam of light to a maximum of 316 meters ahead, while LEDs on the side can display blue, green, red and white light to provide a number of options for close-range lighting, serving as an area...

Klarus RS18 - 900 Lumens
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Price: $69.95
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Klarus Item #: FZ-KLRS18 -

OUT OF STOCKUnfortunately, this flashlight is discontinued. Looking for a similar flashlight? Check out the Klarus XT2CR!The Klarus RS18 is a compact rechargeable flashlight that provides a maximum 900 lumen output thanks to its CREE XM-L2-U2 LED and its powerful 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery; meanwhile, on its lowest output setting the RS18 has a prodigious runtime of 1475 hours straight on just one charge. Thanks to its patented magnetic FAST charger system that features...

Fenix CL20R - 300 Lumens
Retail: $52.00
Price: $39.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-CL20R -

OUT OF STOCKWith a compact, stylish design, the CL20R all-season camping lantern features cold-weather operation down to -40 degrees. The CL20R comes equipped with sixteen neutral white LEDs and two red LEDs and a specially designed anti-glare dome to provide up to 300 lumens of light to illuminate the inside of your tent or to provide light for organizing your camp at night. Built-in magnets and a hanging loop make it easy to place the CL20R anywhere, and an additional pair of red LED lights...

Fenix CL25R - 350 Lumens
Retail: $89.95
Price: $59.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-CL25R -

OUT OF STOCKThis compact and light all-season camping lantern, which measures less than 10 centimeters long and weighs only 130 grams, packs quite a punch with a maximum output of 350 lumens, making it easy to see in an area as large as 25 meters in diameter. With a Micro-USB charging port and built to resist the cold, the CL25R can deliver more than 600 hours of function across 6 different output modes, including ultra-efficient moonlight, red light, and turbo modes. The CL25R is amazingly...

Fenix HL60R - 950 Lumens
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Price: $74.95
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Fenix Item #: FZ-FXHL60R -

OUT OF STOCKReady for a compact headlamp? The Fenix HL60R is only 6 ounces with the included 18650 battery. Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, this headlamp delivers 950 lumens and has a maximum beam distance of 116 meters which is more than enough for a headlamp! The LED is a neutral white color for optimal color rendition. It features five brightness levels: Turbo - 950 lumens, High - 400 lumens, Medium - 150 lumens, Low - 50 lumens, and Moonlight - 5 lumens. The HL60R also features a red...

Flashlights are important illumination tools that every house should have in case of emergencies. Emergency flashlights are not something to scrimp on. When an emergency situation strikes, you want to make sure you have a reliable LED flashlight ready to go. Survival flashlights and emergency flashlights will usually run on more than one kind of battery. Many of these flashlights are tactical, but some users prefer smaller everyday carry flashlights for emergencies.

FlashlightZ carries a wide range of long lasting flashlights that can serve as a survival flashlights and/or an emergency flashlights. There are rechargeable, multi-function, lanterns, headlamps, and more that can fit your needs perfectly. Survival flashlights and emergency flashlights will usually have one or more flashing modes to help disorient an attacker or signal for help.