Coast Polysteel 600 - 710 Lumens


The Polysteel 600 is an extremely rugged and durable LED flashlight that is sure to impress. Equipped with an LED that is virtually unbreakable and Coast’s Pure Beam Optics System, the Polysteel 600 can deliver up to 710 lumens of pure power with a maximum beam distance of 810 feet. You can also twist the head to adjust the focus of the light. With its push button tactical tail switch, the flashlight can be operated with one hand and the user interface is very intuitive. It features two brightness levels: High - 710 lumens and Low - 73 lumens.

What makes the Polysteel 600 one of a kind is its stainless steel core and poly outer making this flashlight able to handle the toughest outdoor excursion. This flashlight can run on four AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about finding special or expensive power sources for it. Coast’s commitment to high-quality allows the Polysteel 600 to be impact resistant, waterproof, and weather resistant. The Polysteel 600 is covered under Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If you work or play in environments that constantly put stress on your equipment then the Polysteel 600 is the flashlight for you.


  • LED technology delivers up to 710 lumens and has a max beam distance of 810 feet
  • Features Coast's Pure Beam Optics System
  • Push button tail switch
  • Features two brightness levels:
    • High (710 lumens) - 2 hours and 15 minutes
    • Low (73 lumens) - 40 hour runtime
  • Adjustable focus by twisting the head
  • Runs on 4 x AA batteries
  • Features a stainless steel core and poly outer making
  • Impact resistant, waterproof, and weather resistant
  • Covered under Coast's lifetime warranty
  • Uses LED Technology
  • Compatible Batteries: 4 x AA
  • Reflector: Smooth reflector
  • Switch type: Tail Switch
  • Dimension: (Length) 7.87 in.
  • 2 lighting modes
  • Net weight: 12 oz
  • Material: stainless steel core and poly outer making