Why Purchase a Battery Charger

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Why Purchase a Battery Charger

Most tactical flashlights usually run on high drain 18650 lithium ion batteries. The good news with these batteries is that they are rechargeable and, depending on which flashlight you get, you'll need to purchase a battery charger or charge the battery directly using a rechargeable flashlight. As flashlights continue to come out, more and more of them are rechargeable because of the convenience and popularity. Just a few years ago, it was more common for flashlights to be non-rechargeable and for the user to have to purchase a battery charger or purchase multiple backup batteries. Despite the rise in rechargeable flashlights, battery chargers can still come in handy today. So today we're going to talk about why you would consider purchasing a battery charger even if you had a rechargeable flashlight, along with some battery chargers we have that you may be interested in.

Rechargeable Flashlights

best rechargeble flashlight
Klarus ST15R Rechargeable Flashlight

Don't get me wrong, we are big fans of rechargeable flashlights. When all you need is a micro USB cable and a wall adapter, you can charge your flashlight anywhere and not worry about having to change out the batteries. However, a battery charger is still a great thing to have for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is because many battery chargers can revive a dead battery. For example, most rechargeable flashlights will come with a low voltage warning so that you know it's time to charge the flashlight. If you ignore this warning and continue to use the flashlight or turn the flashlight off, put it away for a few hours or days, and try to use it again, that battery could die. If the voltage and the battery is too low, you won't be able to charge it using a micro USB charging port. This is where a battery charger would come in and save the day by reviving that battery.

Another excellent reason to have a battery charger is because it allows you to use your flashlight immediately. For example, let's say you have one tactical rechargeable flashlight and two 18650 batteries. When one battery runs out of power, you can easily switch out the other battery so that you can continue to use the flashlight. However, you're going to need that flashlight to charge one or both batteries later rendering the flashlight pretty much useless until those batteries are charged. With a battery charger, you can charge one 18650 battery when the voltage is low on it, and use the other 18650 battery in the meantime. This allows your flashlight to always be operable.

Finally, many battery chargers will also function as power banks. So if your phone runs out of energy, you could use your 18650 battery in the charger to give your phone a little bit more power. It's a really great feature of many battery chargers.

Best Battery Chargers

So now you know the perks of having a battery charger even if you do own a rechargeable flashlight. The good thing about chargers is that you don't need to get a huge bulky one. In fact, all the chargers that I talk about below will be small enough that you could easily take them with you anywhere. They are single bay chargers which means it can only charge one battery at a time, but they have some features that you may be interested in and are quite affordable. Let's get started.

Klarus CH1 Charger

Single Bay Battery Charger Klarus CH1

First, I want to talk about the Klarus CH1 because this is my personal go-to battery charger. It's compatible with many different batteries ranging from 10440 batteries to 18650 batteries. You're also able to charge some Ni-MH batteries, specifically AA, AAA, and C. This battery charger is extremely lightweight and easy to carry with you. You could tuck it into your pocket or carry it in a bag to keep on you. When you're charging the battery it has a little indicator to let you know when the battery is charging and when it's finished. It also functions as a power bank and you'll see a blue glow coming from it when it is functioning as a power bank. Check out the Klarus CH1.

Efest Xsmart Charger

18650 Battery Charger Efest Xsmart

The Efest Xsmart is also a really great battery charger and is compatible with a wide range of lithium ion batteries. It holds the battery a little more securely than the CH1 does, but it is a little bit bigger also. The Xsmart is still compact and lightweight enough that you could easily carry it with you. It even comes with a handy carrying pouch!

When you're charging the battery you’ll see an indicator that lets you know if the battery is charging or if it's finished. The Xsmart also functions as a power bank so you can use this battery charger to charge up your smartphone, iPad, mp3 player, what have you. Check out the Efest Xsmart battery charger.

Folomov A1 Charger

Battery Charger Folomov A1

We’re on to the last battery charger which is also the smallest one. The Folomov A1 magnetic battery charger is extremely convenient to slip into your pocket and carry around with you. All you need to do is connect the magnetic ends to the ends of the battery, plug the charger into any USB port, and the charger will charge your battery. It has a wider range of lithium-ion batteries to charge. It can charge batteries ranging from the size 10340 to 26650. Just like the CH1 and Xsmart, the A1 is able to activate your 0 voltage battery which is a big reason to have a charger.

You will see a flashing green indicator to let you know that the battery is charging. The A1 is also a power bank so you can use it to charge up other USB devices. You'll see a blue LED flashing indicator if the battery is discharging into another device. So if you're looking for something extremely portable, the Folomov A1 is the perfect battery charger.


Battery chargers can really come in handy especially if you have multiple flashlights that use different lithium-ion batteries. The ones I listed above are inexpensive, compact, lightweight, and can even function as power banks! If none of these chargers appeal to you, you can check out our other battery chargers.

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