What's the Difference Between the Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight and MecArmy SPX10 Tactical Flashlight

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What's the Difference Between the Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight and MecArmy SPX10 Tactical Flashlight

Two tactical flashlights, both with a tail switch that can be operated from any angle. Talk about awesome! One is the MecArmy SPX10 flashlight and the other is the Klarus 360X1 flashlight. While they both feature an omni-directional tail switch, these flashlights differ in some major ways! If you’re looking for a compact flashlight that has this unique tail switch design, then one or both of these flashlights may be just right for you. Today, we’re going to take a look at the differences between these two flashlights so you can better decide which tactical flashlight you’d prefer.

MecArmy SPX10 Tactical Flashlight

tactical edc flashlight mecarmy spx10

Let’s start with the MecArmy SPX10 flashlight. This is a really neat compact flashlight that’s easy and fun to use. It delivers 1100 lumens and is compact making it great for taking it on the go. The design of the flashlight is fairly standard among MecArmy lights. It has an aluminum body, a hard anodized finish, and a pineapple texture to prevent any slipping. It’s an extremely sturdy and durable tactical flashlight.

Tactical Tail Operation

Time to get into the operation of this light. It features only one tail switch that’s protruding from the tail cap. The switch itself is a texturized rubber so that you have precise control over the light. The user interface is quite easy to learn and becomes second nature quickly. By half pressing the switch straight on, you get a momentary-on and a full press will give you a constant on. Once the flashlight is on, you can tap the switch to any side to cycle through the brightness levels. If you press and hold the switch to any side it’ll access an immediate strobe mode. You can access the strobe mode whether the flashlight is on or off.

durable tactical flashlight mecarmy spx10

Multiple Flashlight Outputs

The MecArmy SPX10 also features three brightness levels: low - 24 lumens, medium - 328 lumens, and high - 1100 lumens. This gives you a decent range to choose from and allows you to use the flashlight in multiple situations.

Rechargeable 18650 Battery

While the SPX10 tactical flashlight is not rechargeable, it does come with a MecArmy USB rechargeable 18650 battery. This makes it extremely convenient to charge the battery without worrying about purchasing a battery charger. Simply plug the battery into a USB port using a micro USB cable to plug into the battery and it’s charging away! The SPX10 is compatible with a single 18650 battery as well as two CR123 batteries, giving you a couple options in choose the power source.

Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight

led tactical flashlight klarus 360x1

Moving onto the Klarus 360X1, this is a more robust flashlight that offers quite a few more features than the SPX10. It delivers 1800 lumens of power while still remaining compact enough for edc. The design of the 360X1 is quite different from other Klarus tactical flashlights. While it does feature the durable aluminum body with the hard anodized finish, it also features a rubber coating along the body and tail cap which allows an extremely firm grip on the light at all times. Klarus designed this flashlight with extreme tactical situations in mind.

Tactical Tail Switch Operation

The Klarus 360X1 features two tactical tail switches with an omni-directional design. The main tail switch gives you a momentary-on and turns the light on and off. This switch sits and protrudes from the center of the tail cap. The secondary switch sits as a ring around the main switch. This switch allows you to cycle through the brightness levels by pressing the switch while the light is on and either access an instant strobe or an instant low by holding the switch down.

Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings

With the 360X1, you’ll get four brightness levels, a strobe, and an SOS. The four brightness levels range from 10 - 1800 lumens, giving you a wide range to pick from. Not only does this tactical flashlight feature many outputs, it also features two programmable settings that you can switch between at any time. The Tactical Setting, which is the default setting, cycles through three of the four brightness levels and gives you an instant access to the strobe mode. The Outdoor Setting will cycle through all four brightness levels and give you an instant low instead. The great thing about these two settings is that you can use the flashlight in many different situations from camping to law enforcement. You can also switch between the settings easily and at any time.

Rechargeable Flashlight

rechargeable tactical flashlight klarus 360x1

To add to the awesomeness of the 360X1, it’s also a rechargeable flashlight! So you don’t need to even remove the battery from the light. Just use a standard micro USB cable to charge the flashlight. It features a battery capacity indicator that doubles as a battery charge indicator as well. This way you can always know what the status of the battery is. The 360X1 flashlight is compatible with a single 18650 battery, two CR123 batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries. The 360X1 is extremely robust and allows the user to choose how they’d like to use the flashlight.


As you can see, while both of these flashlights feature an amazing tactical tail switch, they’re really quite different. If you’re wanting a simpler flashlight without any bells and whistles, the MecArmy SPX10 tactical flashlight is for you. If you’re wanting a more versatile light with lots of features, the Klarus 360X1 tactical flashlight fits the ticket. Both of these flashlights are amazing and come from reputable brands so whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

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