Turn your Klarus XT11X into a Hunting Flashlight

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Turn your Klarus XT11X into a Hunting Flashlight

One of the great things about the Klarus XT11X is just how versatile this tactical flashlight is. While, it's excellent for law enforcement and security, it's a flashlight that can be used for much more than that. Thanks to its triple switch design, you can choose to use this flashlight in tactical situations, outdoor situations, and general situations. It also features two programmable settings which makes it more versatile. So today, let's talk about The features of the XT11X and how to turn this tactical flashlight into the ultimate hunting flashlight.

Klarus XT11X Tactical Flashlight

It's no surprise that when Klarus released the XT11X, users were thrilled about it. It's a compact, handheld flashlight that delivers a maximum output of 3200 lumens. It features a wide and dissipated beam, but still has a very distinct hotspot giving a good balance between a focused beam and a spill.

Tactical Operation

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The XT11X flashlight features a triple switch design which we already mentioned before but we'll get into more now. You have a dual tactical tail switch that gives you a momentary-on, constant-on, cycles through the brightness levels, and gives you a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low depending on which setting you have the flashlight in. The side switch also operates the flashlight and allows you to turn it on and off, cycle through the brightness levels, gives you a built-in memory function, and gives you a One-Touch Low. You're able to lockout the switches to prevent any accidental illumination as well.

Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings

With the XT11X, you have six total outputs which includes four brightness levels, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. These different modes allow you to use the flashlight in more situations than you'd expect. Those lower brightness levels are really great for illuminating small enclosed areas. They're also great for conserving the battery and for reading maps at night. With any hunting or outdoor flashlight, it's important to have easy access to a low brightness level to conserve the battery, keep yourself hidden from prey, and to illuminate small areas such as inside a tent. The XT11X LED flashlight also features two programmable settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting, the dual tail switches will give you a One-Touch Strobe and cycle through three out of the four brightness levels. In the Outdoor Setting, the dual tail switches will give you a One-Touch Low and will give you access to all four brightness levels. The side switch will remain the same in either setting.

If you're wanting to use the XT11X as a hunting flashlight, you may find that the Outdoor Setting is best for you. It can be really nice to use the tail switches to access the One-Touch Low rather than the side switch. Especially since you'll still have the momentary-on and One-Touch Turbo in the Outdoor Setting as well.

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USB Rechargeable Flashlight

The XT11X is an 18650 flashlight, but it can run on two CR123A batteries or two Klarus 16340 batteries. This allows you to pick which batteries you prefer to use. Many hunting and outdoor enthusiasts prefer having CR123A as backup batteries rather than carrying 18650 batteries. It's always great to have a flashlight that can take different batteries.

This torch is also a USB rechargeable flashlight which means that you can plug it in using a micro USB cord and charge your flashlight easily. While it's charging, you'll see an indicator on the side switch that will glow red while the battery is charging and green when it's finished. This indicator also serves as a battery capacity indicator. When you first turn on the flashlight, you'll see the indicator glow a specific color for a few seconds to let you know the charge that's left in your battery.

So that's the gist and the main features of the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight. You can see based on everything we talked about just how versatile this flashlight is. It makes a great addition to hunting and outdoor gear. Make sure to check out the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight.

Accessories for a Hunting Flashlight

While the XT11X comes with many accessories including a high drain 18650 battery, a holster, a lanyard, a USB charging cable, and an extra o-ring, sometimes you may need a few more accessories to get the most out of your tactical flashlight. We do have a few accessories that turns the XT11X into the ultimate hunting flashlight.

Gun Mount for Hunting Flashlight

gun mount for tactical flashlights

If you plan on using the XT11X as a hunting flashlight, you may want to mount the flashlight onto your weapon. We do have a few Klarus gum mounts that allow you to mount the flashlight how you want to. You can choose between an onset gun mount or an offset gun mount, both of which are high quality and durable. Both of these metal weapon mounts will secure your flashlight to standard picatinny rails. These gun mounts aren't just for the XT11X, they function with the majority of the Klarus XT series tactical flashlights. You can also use this gun mount for any flashlight that has a 1-inch diameter body. So check out the Klarus onset gun mount and offset gun mount.

Klarus TRS1 Remote Pressure Switch

remote pressure switch for klarus xt11x tactical flashlight

So you have your flashlight mounted onto your weapon and things are looking pretty good. However, you may find that messing with the switches while the flashlight is mounted can be a little tricky. This is where the Klarus TRS1 remote pressure switch comes in. This remote pressure switch replaces the tail of the XT11X flashlight and has an 8 inch cable with a dual switch pad attached to it. This pad will give you access to a momentary-on, constant-on, and all of the same outputs that your XT11X has. With this remote pressure switch, you can choose where you want your switches to be so that you can easily access them while using your weapon. Check out the Klarus TRS1 remote pressure switch.

Concluding Remarks

By itself, the XT11X flashlight is excellent for so many applications. Whether you're in law enforcement, in the military, an outdoor enthusiast, a hunting enthusiast, or you just want a tactical flashlight to have around the house, you can't go wrong with this 3200 lumen flashlight. Make sure to check out the Klarus XT11X and all the awesome accessories that go with it.

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