Tactical Flashlight Accessories - Upgrade Your Flashlight

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Tactical Flashlight Accessories - Upgrade Your Flashlight

Flashlight are extremely versatile tools that you can use in a myriad of settings. Just by themselves, tactical flashlights are often used for law enforcement, security, engineers, plumbers, camping, hiking, hunting, and just around the house. As versatile as tactical flashlights are, there are many accessories you can add to them to increase your flashlight’s versatility even more. So let’s get started and talk about some accessories that you can get to upgrade your flashlight!

Tactical Flashlight Remote Pressure Switches

tactical flashlight remote pressure switch

The first accessory I want to talk about is the remote pressure switch. This accessory is perfect for hunting because it allows you to mount your flashlight onto your gun and operate it easily. You just attach the remote pressure switch to your flashlight. Then you can place the opposite end with the switches anywhere you would like so that you can operate the flashlight the way you'd like to. The great thing about pressure switches is that they allow you to put the switch that operates the flashlight anywhere you'd like and they are extremely quiet when you activate them.

We have several Klarus remote pressure switches that fit a variety of Klarus flashlights. Each pressure switch features dual switches, has a momentary on function, and provides all the outputs to match whatever flashlight the remote pressure switch is attached to. It's extremely durable and features in 8 inch cable that will integrate with most rifle applications. Check out the remote pressure switches we have to offer!

Tactical Flashlight Filters

Another excellent tactical flashlight accessory is a filter or, better yet, multiple filters. Filters allow you to diffuse the light, switch the color of the beam, as well as use the flashlight in more situations. Filters typically come in four colors: white, green, red, and blue. The white filter is great for just diffusing the light and allowing you to use the flashlight for up close work. This is a great accessory to have especially if your flashlight has a very focused beam.

The red filter will preserve your night vision and will not alert prey making it essential for hunting. It's also really great at penetrating through fog or smoke.

The green filter will also not disrupt night vision and is really great for reading maps at night during a camping trip. This makes it ideal for many outdoor activities.

Finally, the blue filter is great for tracking game, night fishing, and close up reading.

We offer multiple Klarus filters that can fit a variety of flashlights. They are made out of colored glass and protected by a high elastic silicone frame. Not to mention, they're extremely compact and easy to carry with you If you are planning an outdoor adventure. Check out the various Klarus filters we have to offer.

Tactical Flashlight Gun Mounts

One tactical accessory that is essential for hunting is a gun mount. Gun mounts allow you to do exactly as it sounds, mount your flashlight onto your weapon. Klarus offers both an onset and offset gun mount that fits a standard picatinny rails. You can use this gun mount for almost all of the Klarus tactical flashlights, but you can also use this gun out for any flashlight that has a one inch body diameter. So if you're wanting to add a flashlight onto your weapon, then definitely check out our gun mounts.

Best Tactical Flashlight

So we pretty much covered some amazing tactical flashlight accessories, so let's take a look at some of the best tactical flashlights. We decided to narrow this down to two flashlights: The Klarus XT11X and the Klarus XT11GT. These flashlights are compatible with most of the accessories we talked about on this list and make excellent tools to have with you. Let's get started!

Klarus XT11X

3200 lumen tactical flashlight klarus xt11x

The Klarus XT11X is a 3200 lumen tactical flashlight that is incredibly bright and extremely versatile. It features of triple switch design allowing you to choose how you’d like to operate the flashlight. You have the dual tail switches which are perfect for more tactical operation as well as a side switch that functions independently, allowing you to use the flashlight for more general use or outdoor use.

On top of that, the XT11X offers multiple outputs and two programmable settings so that you can further decide how you would like to operate the flashlight at any given time. It's USB rechargeable, runs on an 18650 battery but is compatible with other battery types, and features multiple protections in place to make sure the flashlight lasts a long time.

For the XT11X, you can find a remote pressure switch that will fit it along with a gun mount to mount on your weapon. Make sure to check out the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight.

Klarus XT11GT

best tactical flashlight klarus xt11gt

The next flashlight we want to talk about is the Klarus XT11GT. For this tactical flashlight, you'll find that we have filters, gun mounts, and a remote pressure switch that are all compatible with it. The XT11GT delivers 2000 lumens and features an excellent balance between a focused beam with a good amount of spill which gives you the best of both worlds. It's extremely compact and easy to carry with you making it ideal for law enforcement or security.

Just like the XT11X, this tactical flashlight features the same triple switch design and the same two programmable settings. It also features multiple outputs which gives the XT11GT even more versatility. It is an 18650 flashlight that is compatible with two CR123A batteries as well. It's USB rechargeable making it extremely convenient and features multiple protections in place to ensure that it is safe and long-lasting. Check out the Klarus XT11GT flashlight.

Concluding Remarks

While we only listed a couple flashlights on here, the accessories we listed are compatible with multiple Klarus flashlights. If you have a Klarus flashlight and you're looking to upgrade it in one way or another, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to suggest accessories to go with your flashlight. These accessories really make a flashlight go above and beyond the average tool. You can check out more of our flashlight accessories today!

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