Sale On High Drain 18650 Batteries

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Sale On High Drain 18650 Batteries

For those of you who read our newsletter that we sent out last Friday, you already know about the awesome battery sale we have going on. For those of you who haven't read the newsletter or have not signed up, I highly recommend you sign up to hear more about sales and promotions. We are currently having a sale on Klarus 18650 3100 MAH batteries and the more you buy the more you save.

If you purchase one 18650 battery you can save 20%

If you purchase two batteries you can save 30%

If you purchase three batteries you can save 40%

If you purchase four or more batteries you can save 50%!

Just use the coupon code MOREBATTERIES and see how much you save.

The Klarus 3100 MAH battery is a high quality 18650 battery that is rechargeable, powerful, and is often found in Klarus’ most popular tactical flashlights. It's an extremely reliable battery that we like to use ourselves in flashlights. The sale ends today so make sure to get all the batteries you need and save more money with more batteries you buy!

18650 Rechargeable Battery

You’ll often find that tactical flashlights frequently use 18650 batteries and this is because they provide a lot of power while making sure the flashlight is still compact and lightweight. 18650 batteries can be recharged using a battery charger or, if you have a rechargeable flashlight, you can charge a battery directly through the flashlight. These are incredibly handy batteries to have especially if you're a flashlight enthusiast or a frequent flashlight user.

The Klarus 18GT-IMR31 battery, which is the battery we've been talking about, can be found in a couple of Klarus tactical flashlights that I want to talk about. Let’s take a look at these flashlights!

Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

best tactical flashlight
Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight

The first flashlight you'll find this 3100 MAH 18650 battery in is the Klarus XT11GT. This battery is able to help the XT11GT deliver that full 2000 lumens and ensures that it has decent runtimes. This flashlight is easy to carry with you but is powerful enough to deliver 2000 lumens of blinding light. It features a triple switch design with dual tail switches and a side switch that functions separately giving you more versatility on how you would like to operate the flashlight. You're also able to lock out the side switch if you prefer not to use it. It features multiple outputs and three programmable settings for you to choose between. The settings are easy enough to switch between which allows you to use the XT11GT tactical flashlight in more situations than you can imagine.

The XT11GT is rechargeable so you won’t need to worry about getting a battery charger to charge the 18650 battery. It charges through a micro USB charging port that's located on the side of the flashlight. You can monitor the charging status using the indicator on the side switch to let you know if the battery is charging or when it's finished. You can also use this indicator to let you know the general charge of the battery when you're out using the flashlight. There's a lot to love about this flashlight and it's no wonder that it's been so popular. It's been an excellent light for tactical flashlight users, law enforcement, security, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. If you're interested in it, make sure to check the Klarus XT11GT out today.

Klarus XT11X 3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

high powered tactical flashlight
Klarus XT11X Tactical Flashlight

Another extremely popular tactical flashlight that uses this Klarus 18GT-IMR31 battery is the Klarus XT11X. This flashlight delivers a whopping 3200 lumens and delivers a wonderfully wide and diffused beam so that you're able to see everything in front of you. It's a little bit bigger than the XT11GT, but it's still compact enough that you can easily carry it in its holster. You could also clip it onto your pocket using the removable pocket clip if you'd like. Once again, that powerful battery allows this flashlight to deliver the power it does while having decent runtimes.

The XT11X also features a triple switch design just like the XT11GT. In fact, the XT11GT and XT11X user interfaces are almost identical. So you'll still be able to use the side switch separately from the dual tail switches and you'll be able to lock out the side switch as well as the tail switches. With a tactical flashlight you also have multiple outputs and two programmable settings. Just like with the XT11GT, it's easy to switch between the different settings on the XT11X. And these settings allow you to use the flashlight in multiple situations and pick the programmable setting that is more suitable to you at any given time. Klarus has implemented this user interface with many of their tactical flashlights and we are big fans of it. The programmable settings really do allow you to use the flashlight exactly how you want to.

The XT11X is also a rechargeable flashlight so you can recharge that 18650 battery directly inside the flashlight. Just like the XT11GT, the XT11X does feature both a charging indicator that doubles has a battery capacity indicator. Basically, you can know the status of your battery at any given moment while you're charging it or whether you're using it. If you're interested in this tactical flashlight, check out the Klarus XT11X.

Upgrade Your Flashlight with a Higher Power Battery

Many tactical flashlights that use 18650 batteries come with an 18650 battery with a 2600 MAH capacity or may not come with an 18650 battery at all. If that's the case, definitely look into the Klarus high-quality 18650 battery with a 3100 MAH capacity. You'll get decent run times with your flashlight using that higher milliamp. In fact, if you've been using a 2600 MAH battery you'll notice a difference when using a 3100 MAH battery. The long times certainly extend quite a bit.

Concluding Remarks

With Klarus, you can expect high quality and the best whether it's tactical flashlights or batteries. Remember, the more Klarus 3100 MAH batteries you buy, the more you save, up to 50% off! This has been one of our best sales this year and we want to make sure that everyone gets all the 18650 batteries they need for backup purposes, to upgrade their flashlights, or to make sure they have high quality batteries on hand. When you purchase one 18650 battery you will save 20%, purchase two and you'll save 30%, purchase three and you'll save 40%, and purchase four or more and you'll save 50%. Remember, the sale only lasts until the end of the day today so use the coupon code MOREBATTERIES and get these high drain 18650 batteries today.

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