New, Innovative, Advanced, and Amazing! The MecArmy SPX10

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So today we want to talk about one of the most unique lights we’ve seen here at FlashlightZ: The MecArmy SPX10. As you can see in the picture above, the SPX10 has a beautiful sleek body with that classic dark chrome color that almost looks black. It also has that pineapple texture on the body that is common among MecArmy flashlights. This allows you to grip the flashlight without worrying aout it slipping even when wet.

MecArmy SPX 10 LED Flashlight

The truly amazing feature of this flashlight is the tail cap. It protrudes out of the tail of the SPX10 so that you can operate the flashlight from literally any angle! Simply press the button to turn the flashlight ON and then you can press the switch to any side to cycle through modes. While the flashlight is off you can press the switch to any side to immediately access the strobe mode. In an emergency situation you can just grab the flashlight and immediately press the switch from anywhere for non-lethal self-defense. There’s no fiddling with the switch or worrying about waiting a second or two to access the strobe mode. As soon as you press the switch from any angle the strobe turns on immediately. This innovative tail switch makes the SPX10 today’s most advanced tactical flashlight.

MecArmy SPX 10 LED Flashlight

Of course, the SPX10 has more awesome features than just the tail switch. It has a maximum lumen output of 1100 and anytime one of us from FlashlightZ turns it on it’s blindingly bright just to be around. It features three brightness levels and has a one inch body design so it can fit on most gun mounts. It also includes the unique MecArmy U18-34 battery that features a micro USB port directly on the body of the battery.

Check out the SPX10!
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