Looking for a Pocket Flashlight? We've Got You Covered!

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Looking for a Pocket Flashlight? We've Got You Covered!

For many of us, a pocket flashlight is as necessary to carry as our wallets. So we're always looking for the best of the best with pocket flashlights since they're used on a daily basis. Pocket flashlights are extremely handy and if you've carried one for more than a day, you'll quickly come to find out how useful they are. Today we're going to talk about four pocket flashlights that are durable, small, and great everyday carry flashlights.

Klarus Mi1C Titanium EDC Light

klarus mi1c titanium everyday carry flashlight

The first flashlight I want to talk about is a titanium one. For those of you out there who are titanium flashlight fans, this is the pocket flashlight for you. It's extremely small and fits comfortably inside your pocket. Despite its size, it delivers a whopping 600 lumens with a wonderfully diffused beam. That 600 lumens really packs a punch and is extremely bright. Not to mention, the flashlight has a unique feature where it fades on and fades off to give your eyes a better way to adjust to the difference in brightness.

The Mi1C Ti pocket flashlight is operated using a side switch so won't take too long to learn about operating this flashlight. It features six outputs which includes four brightness levels ranging from 1 lumen to 600 lumens along with both a strobe mode and an SOS mode. It's really handy to have a strobe mode with a pocket flashlight. Strobe is an excellent feature for self-defense and it's great to have that with a flashlight you're carrying all the time. You can lock out the side switch to prevent any accidental illumination.

The Mi1C can run on a 16340 battery or a CR123A battery. If you use a CR123A battery, you're not going to see the max output of 600 lumens. The good news is that Klarus includes a USB rechargeable 16340 battery. So even though the light itself is not USB rechargeable, the battery is which really comes in handy. You just take the battery out and charge it up.

Another fun aspect of this flashlight is that it has a magnetic tail cap. This means you can attach the light to any metal surface and illuminate the area completely hands-free. You'll find that this feature is really handy when it comes to projects around the house or working on tasks. Check out more on the Klarus Mi1C Ti flashlight.

Klarus Mi7 Pocket Flashlight

best pocket flashlight klarus mi7

Another excellent everyday carry flashlight is the Klarus M7. This is a slender, small flashlight that fits easily into your pocket. It delivers a maximum output of 700 lumens and also has a diffused beam. You can operate them Mi7 using the side switch which makes it easy to learn the user interface.

This EDC flashlight features five outputs with three brightness levels along with a strobe and an SOS mode. You also get some shortcuts with the side switch. You can access an immediate turbo or an immediate low which is really nice. You can also lock out the side switch to prevent any accidental illumination.

The Mi7 is compatible with either an AA battery or 14500 battery. You're not going to see 700 lumens with the AA battery so if you want that power, you'll definitely need a 14500 lithium ion battery. Nevertheless, it's really great to have a pocket flashlight that can take multiple battery types. Many users prefer having an AA flashlight to carry with them all the time because those batteries are so easy to come by.

It's also important to know that this flashlight comes in different colors! This makes it a fun and perfect gift for someone and also adds a bit of flare to your pocket flashlight. Check out the Klarus Mi7 EDC flashlight.

MecArmy PT14 Everyday Carry Flashlight

mecarmy pt14 edc flashlight

If you're wanting a beast of a pocket flashlight, you can't go wrong with the MecArmy PT14. This is an extremely compact flashlight that delivers an amazing output of 900 lumens. This is our brightest pocket flashlight in this size. It features three LEDs which is partly why you get such a big output.

The PT14 is operated using a side switch and features five outputs which includes four brightness levels and a strobe mode. You have a quick shortcut for an instant turbo as well as an instant strobe which is really nice.

One thing that's great about the PT14 is that it is USB rechargeable. So you can easily recharge the battery without having to take it out of the flashlight. You'll see a charging indicator as well to let you know when the flashlight is charging and when it's finished. Having a rechargeable pocket flashlight can be extremely handy.

The PT14 flashlight is only compatible with a 14500 battery. Thankfully, MecArmy does include this battery with the flashlight. However, some users prefer not to have a flashlight that only accepts one battery. Nevertheless, it's great that this light is rechargeable and has such a massive output. Check out the MecArmy PT14 everyday carry flashlight.

MecArmy SGN7 Pocket Flashlight

550 lumen edc flashlight mecarmy sgn7

We're onto our last pocket flashlight. This is a very unique one and if you're wanting a flashlight for emergencies, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for. The MecArmy SGN7 pocket flashlight is small, compact, and has a unique shape to it. It delivers a maximum output of 550 lumens and features 5 outputs that includes four brightness levels and a strobe mode.

This EDC flashlight has two side switches. One of the switches operates the flashlight including turning it on and off and cycling through the brightness modes. The other switch is for emergencies. When it’s pressed, it will activate the strobe mode along with a very shrill alarm. This is perfect if you are wanting to carry a flashlight with you at night to protect yourself. If there was someone around with the intention of harming you, you can activate this alarm and strobe which will not only blind and shock the attacker, but will also alert anyone nearby and allow you time to get away. This is an excellent multi-function flashlight.

It's also USB rechargeable which makes it extremely handy. It has a built-in lithium polymer battery so you want need to worry about taking the battery out at all. Just charge the flashlight using any micro USB charging cable. This flashlight can also function as a power bank for other USB devices. So if you find that your phone is needing a little bit of a charge, you can use the SGN7 to give it some power. This is very handy feature of this flashlight.

Finally, this is another flashlight that comes in a few different colors making it a little more personalized to you. Make sure to check out the MecArmy SGN7 everyday carry flashlight.


So that's our list of the four best pocket flashlights for right now. We may choose to update this list later, but for now we are happy with our choices. You have a great variety to choose from between the different sizes, features, and outputs. Everyone is unique so of course, everyone is going to have a different opinion about what makes a great pocket flashlight. If you’re interested in other everyday carry flashlights, check them out here.

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