Klarus XT11X Vs Klarus XT12GT: Which is Right for You?

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Klarus XT11X Vs Klarus XT12GT: Which is Right for You?

With a glance, the Klarus XT11X and XT12GT tactical flashlights may look like the same flashlight, or at least very similar. However, these two flashlights have some major differences! In this blog, we will be comparing these two tactical flashlights, outlining both similarities and differences. We hope to give you a better idea of what flashlight would work better for your needs, and that brighter doesn’t always mean better. Let’s get started!

Klarus XT11X and Klarus XT12GT Similarities

First, we’ll talk about the similarities between these two flashlights. With any Klarus flashlight you can expect high durability and high-quality. Both the XT12GT and XT11X are long-lasting flashlights that are built from a sturdy aluminum alloy and feature a hard-anodized finish. Let’s dive into more similarities between these two awesome tactical flashlights.

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Programmable Settings

Multiple Outputs and Programmable Settings

Both of these flashlights feature multiple outputs and programmable settings making them very versatile. The programmable settings are Tactical and Outdoor. In the Tactical Setting, you have access to a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Strobe. In the Outdoor Setting, you have access to a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Low. What’s great about these settings is that you can easily switch between them whenever you need to.

Rechargeable Flashlights

It’s always handy to have a rechargeable tactical flashlight and the XT11X and XT12GT are both rechargeable, though they do charge in different ways and we’ll address that later. While charging, you can see an indicator glow to let you know when the flashlight is still charging and when it’s finished. You can also see how much charge the battery still has with that indicator. It’ll glow a certain color for a few seconds after turning on the flashlight and you can plan your usage based on how much charge is left.

Durable Flashlights

Waterproof, impact resistant up to 1 meter, ITS, these flashlights are built to last. The XT11X and XT12GT can withstand the elements and go with you when you’re camping, you’re on duty, or you’re just hanging out in your house.

Ultra durable flashlight klarus xt12gt
Durable Flashlight Klarus XT12GT

Klarus XT11X and Klarus XT12GT Differences

As I mentioned before, there are quite a few differences between the XT11X and XT12GT and those differences can be major. In this next section, we're going to talk about some of these differences and it will help you decide which flashlight is really the better one for you to choose. While both flashlights are great, there are pros and cons to each and each flashlight may be better suited for different tasks than the other.

LED Flashlight Beam Pattern and Output

Let's start with the most obvious difference, the output. The XT11X has double the output that the XT12GT has. While the XT11X does feature 3200 lumens making it extremely powerful, it also features a very diffused and wide beam allowing you to see everything in front of you. The XT11X does not have the greatest beam throw and only has a maximum beam distance of 283 meters. It can still see far into the distance but it certainly is not a throw light.

The XT12GT, on the other hand, has an excellent throw to it. With its 1600 lumens, it features a very focused beam that has a maximum beam distance of 603 meters. With that in mind, the XT12GT may be the better flashlight to mount on a rifle when hunting or if you need to look far into the distance. It's important to know the difference between these two beam patterns because different situations may call for different being patterns. Not to mention, some prefer a more focused beam while other users enjoy having a wider beam. It can boil down to preference as well as need.

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Klarus XT12GT 603 Meter Beam Throw Light

Tactical Flashlight User Interface

The user interface is slightly different on both of these tactical flashlights as well. The XT11X features a triple switch design that includes a side switch that functions separately from the tail switches. The XT12GT features only the dual tactical tail switches making the user interface a little more straightforward and simple. Both flashlights feature the same tail switch, which is nice since it’s one of Klarus’ most popular tail switch designs. The side switch does allow a little more versatility and options in how you would like to operate the XT11X. However, many users like a more simple user interface and that could be a big aspect consider when choosing between these two lights.

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Versatile Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Compact Flashlight Design

Both the XT11X and XT12GT are quite compact flashlights. The XT12GT is a bit bigger in length by almost half an inch and features a wider head diameter as well. So if you're wanting something more compact then the XT11X maybe the way to go. However, both flashlights are very compact and come with a holster as well as removable pocket clips to make carrying easier.

Rechargeable Flashlights

While both tactical flashlights are rechargeable, they charge in different ways. The XT11X features a micro USB port located on the side so that you can plug any micro USB cable into the flashlight to charge it. There is a small silicone cover that protects the micro USB port from getting dust, dirt, and grime into it. What's handy about this is that micro USB cords are incredibly easy to find and you probably have a few lying around your house now. The bad news is if you lose that micro USB cover your micro USB port is exposed to the elements.

Best Rechargeable Flashlight
Klarus XT12GT Rechargeable Flashlight

The XT12GT, on the other hand, features a magnetic charging function. On the side of the flashlight you'll see a magnetic charging port and the flashlight comes with a USB magnetic charging cable. This cable can plug into any USB port, such as a USB wall adapter, and it attaches easily onto the magnetic charging port on the XT12GT. The good thing about this is that you don't need to worry about fumbling around trying to plug a micro USB into the port and it doesn't need a cover to protect the charging port. The most you'll need to do is wipe the charging port down if dirt or grime gets on to it. The bad news is that the charging cable is proprietary and the XT12GT comes with one so if you lose it you will need to purchase another one and there are a little harder to find than your standard micro USB cables.

Concluding Remarks

There you have it - many of the similarities and differences between these two amazing tackle flashlights, the XT11X and the XT12GT. Both of these flashlights have a lot to offer and can be used in a lot of different situations. We've had users love both of the flashlights and they both will last you a long time. Based on what you need your flashlight for may depend on which flashlight you end up choosing. Make sure to check out both the Klarus XT11X and the Klarus XT12GT tactical flashlights.

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