Klarus XT Series Tactical Flashlight Accessories

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Klarus XT Series Tactical Flashlight Accessories

You may have heard of the Klarus XT11GT, Klarus XT11X, Klarus XT12S, and more. The Klarus XT series flashlights are the most popular out of all the Klarus flashlights! They’re extremely tactical, versatile, powerful, and convenient. For this blog we want to talk about some awesome accessories that you may not know you could get for your XT series flashlight. So let’s get started!

Best Tactical Flashlights

Klarus has a lot of flashlights in their XT series and here’s a list of their most recent ones:

  • Klarus XT11S
  • Klarus XT11GT
  • Klarus XT12GT
  • Klarus XT12S
  • Klarus XT11X
  • Klarus XT2CR
  • Klarus XT30R
  • Klarus XT32
  • Klarus XT1A 2018 Version
  • Klarus XT1C

These flashlights range in a few ways, but they are all built to be tactical and versatile! They range in size so that you have more options in choosing what you need. So you can pick between an everyday carry flashlight and a larger throw light to put onto your rifle. There are a few things that all these flashlights have in common and one of the most prominent is the tail switch design. Each flashlight on this list features a dual tactical tail switch with a rubber main round switch and a metal paddle secondary switch. Users love this tail switch design because it’s easy to find in the dark, intuitive to use, and the switches are easy to differentiate between.

An important thing to consider when purchasing any flashlight is the accessories it comes with and the accessories you can purchase. It’d be unfortunate to purchase a hunting light but discover you can’t find remote pressure switches or filters that are compatible. So we want to cover some flashlight accessories that you can add onto your XT series flashlights. The accessories we talk about in this blog don’t apply to the smaller EDC lights, but they do apply to the majority of the lights on this list.

Tactical Flashlight Bezel

tactical flashlight bezel
Klarus BZ-1 Tactical Bezel

To start with, let’s talk about a bezel. Most of the XT series flashlights already come with a bezel that you can remove if you’d like to. For some of these flashlights, you can actually add a more aggressive bezel if that’s your style. The bezels are CNC machined from 304 stainless steel billet with a smooth finish. You have two bezels to choose from. The Klarus BZ-1 bezel fits on the XT11GT, XT11S, and XT12S. The Klarus BZ-2 bezel fits the XT2CR. With these bezels, your flashlight goes from tactical to aggressive.

Remote Pressure Switches for Tactical Flashlights

tactical flashlight remote pressure switch
Klarus TRS1 Remote Pressure Switch

All of the tactical flashlights on the list, except the XT1C and XT1A, are compatible with the Klarus TRS1 remote pressure switch. This pressure switch features dual switches that give you access to a momentary-on and all the outputs that the flashlight it’s connected to features. This is a great accessory especially if you plan to mount your flashlight onto a rifle. Check out the Klarus TRS1 remote pressure switch.

Tactical Flashlight Gun Mount

flashlight gun mount
Klarus Flashlight Gun Mount

We mentioned mounting your flashlight onto your weapon earlier, but you need a gun mount to do that. Klarus has three different gun mounts that includes one offset and two onset. These fit standard picatinny rails and are compatible with any flashlight that has a body diameter of an inch. Peruse the Klarus gun mounts to see if you want one for your Klarus flashlight.

Hunting Filters for Flashlights

tactical flashlight filters
Klarus Tactical Flashlight Filters

If you plan on hunting with your flashlight then you may be interested in some filters. Filters can be extremely useful especially for preserving night vision and not scaring off the wildlife. The good thing about filters is that they’re easy to pack, easy to put on and take off, and can be really helpful even just to diffuse the light. We have a variety of filters and colors to fit many of the tactical flashlights we have listed here. Check out our Klarus filters for your tactical flashlight.

Klarus 360T1 Tail Cap

tactical tail switch
Klarus 360T1 Tactical Tail Cap

You may have heard of the Klarus 360X3 and 360X1 tactical flashlights. Klarus impressed its audience with the innovative tail switch design. The tail cap has an omnidirectional tail switch that allows you to activate the flashlight from any angle. The main switch sits center on the tail cap while the secondary switch circles the main one. This way you can pull the flashlight out and immediately use it.

A little after these flashlights were released, Klarus released the 360T1 tail cap that can be used for almost all of the XT series flashlights! Rather than the rubber coating that’s on the tail caps on the 360X3 and 360X1 flashlights, the 360T1 has a smooth anodized finish to match the XT series flashlights. If you’re wanting your XT series flashlight to have this innovative tail switch design, check out the Klarus 360T1 tail cap.

Concluding Remarks

The good thing about Klarus tactical flashlights is that they already come with a bunch of goodies to get you started. However, sometimes you need some different accessories for different tasks or just because you want them. The good news is that most Klarus flashlights, but especially the XT series, is compatible with many different accessories. You can purchase the gun mount, filters, and remote pressure switch to have the ultimate hunting flashlight.

If you’re interested in some Klarus tactical flashlights then we certainly have many suggestions for you. Check out the Klarus XT series flashlights today!

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