Klarus 360X1 and MecArmy SPX10 - What's the Difference?

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Klarus 360X1 and MecArmy SPX10 - What's the Difference?

A while ago, MecArmy released the SPX10 and SPX18 tactical flashlights. These were amazing tactical flashlights because they allow you to operate the flashlight from any angle and it was truly innovative! Just this year, Klarus released the 360X1 and 360x3 tactical flashlights which feature a very similar tactical tail switch to the MecArmy lights. Today, we want to talk about both the Klarus 360X1 flashlight and the MecArmy SPX10 flashlight. We’ll be going over the features of both of these tactical flashlights and discussing the differences between the two so you can decide which flashlight would be better suited for you.

Klaus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight

best tactica flashlight klarus 360x1

First, let’s start with the Klarus 360X1 flashlight. We were excited and amazed to see Klarus take on this innovative tactical tail switch design. As you can expect with most Klarus tactical flashlights, the 360X1 is packed to the brim with features making it extremely versatile. Let's take a look at some of those features.

1800 Lumen Flashlight

First things first, the 360X1 delivers 1800 lumens making it extremely bright. It features a very focused beam with a maximum throw of 246 meters. It's equipped with a Cree XHP35 HD E4 LED and can vanquish the night easily.

This tactical flashlight comes with an omni-directional tail switch design. The main tail switch is centered on the tail cap, slightly protruding from it. It turns the flashlight on and off and give you access to a momentary-on. The secondary switch which allows you to access the strobe mode as well as cycle through brightness levels, is a ring that sits around the main switch. This allows you to operate the flashlight from literally any angle.

Unique User Interface

rechargeable tactical flashlight klarus 360x1

The 360X1 tactical flashlight also features four brightness levels and two flashing modes. You also have the option of choosing between two programmable settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. In the Tactical Setting, the ring switch will give you access to a One-Touch Strobe whereas in the Outdoor Setting, the ring switch will give you access to a One-Touch Low. Since you can easily switch between programmable settings, this allows you to change the user interface on the flashlight to whatever you need it to be.

Rechargeable Flashlight

Along with being extremely versatile, the 360X1 is convenient, being a rechargeable flashlight. It does feature a micro USB port where you can plug a micro USB cable into to charge the battery. The flashlight does come with a Klarus 18650 high-drain battery and you can check the charging indicator located on the other side of the micro USB port to see when the flashlight is charging when it's finished. Also, the indicator will glow a certain color when you first turn the flashlight on to let you know the charge that is left in your battery.

The 360X1 tactical flashlight is extremely powerful, versatile, and convenient. It has a lot going for it and definitely has a learning curve to it, but it's still an excellent tactical flashlight. The omni-directional tail switch guarantees that you will be prepared for any tactical situation.

MecArmy SPX10 Tactical Flashlight

tactical flashlight mecarmy spx10

While the MecArmy SPX10 is a bit older, it's still a fantastic tactical flashlight today. It has a lot to offer the user and ensures that the user will always remain prepared no matter the situation. So let's take a look at the details of the SPX10 tactical flashlight.

1100 Lumen Flashlight

The MecArmy SPX10 is a compact flashlight that's easy to carry with you but still delivers a punch with 1100 lumens. It features a very focused beam and has a maximum beam distance of 224 meters. So this beam is going to be a little more focused than that of the 360X1. The SPX10 equipped with a Cree XM-L2 U3 LED and truly knows how to make the most of that 1100 lumens. It also features a unique tail switch design where the tail switch is protruding similar to that of the 360X1. We'll talk more about how to operate the SPX10 in the next section.

Unique User Interface

extreme tactical flashlight mecarmy spx10

The SPX10 features three brightness levels including two flashing modes. Operating this tail switch is a little bit different from the 360X1. You can tap it for a momentary-on or do a full press to turn it on and off. While the flashlight is on, you can press the switch to any side to cycle through the brightness levels. You can also press the switch to the side and hold it for a strobe mode. When the flashlight is off, it is an instant strobe making It a great flashlight for tactical situations.

Rechargeable 18650 Battery

The SPX10 flashlight comes with a USB rechargeable 18650 battery. This means that you can take the battery out of the flashlight and charge it with any micro USB charge cable. You can also equip this flashlight with any other 18650 battery you have and continue to use it while the original battery is charging.

The MecArmy SPX10 is a straightforward tactical flashlight that would be easy to carry with you. It's a powerful little flashlight that's always ready to go.

What Are the Differences in These Tactical Flashlights?

So if you've read the features above, you probably have already noticed the differences, but I'm going to summarize them up here. First, there is a rather big difference in brightness levels and the beam pattern. The SPX10 has less output but features more of a focused beam. So if you're really wanting that focused beam, look toward the SPX10, but if you're wanting a more powerful output then the 360X1 will be for you.

The interface is also quite different in both of these tactical flashlights. I would say that the SPX10 is a little more straightforward than the Klarus 360X1. The Klarus 360X1 does have the programmable settings and it also features an extra brightness level so if you'd like more versatility then the 360X1 would be the way to go. Both flashlights do have an instant turbo which is nice, but the tail switches and how you operate the two flashlights are extremely different. Make sure to decide which one you would prefer before making the plunge and purchasing either flashlight.

Another difference is that one flashlight is USB rechargeable and the other one isn't. The 360X1 is a rechargeable flashlight which is definitely nice because you can keep the battery in the flashlight and charge it whenever you need to. On the other hand, the MecArmy SPX10 comes with a USB rechargeable battery. Both of these options are great and it's really up to the user whether or not they want a flashlight that's USB rechargeable or a battery that's USB rechargeable. Having a USB rechargeable battery will allow you to charge the battery using a micro USB cord well equipping your flashlight with another battery so you can continue to use it. With the 360X1, you'll need to let the flashlight sit there while the battery is charging unless you have a seperate battery charger.


Both the Klarus 360X1 and the MecArmy SPX10 are excellent tactical flashlights. Their tail switch design and user interface makes them extremely tactical and prepared for any situation. Both flashlights give you a momentary-on, an instant turbo, and an instant strobe, which is exactly what you want in a tactical flashlight. They certainly have their differences, but they're both incredible flashlights. Check out the Klarus 360X1 and the MecArmy SPX10.

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