Holiday Sale on All Klarus Tactical Flashlights

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Holiday Sale on All Klarus Tactical Flashlights

Let's keep the holidays rolling with another holiday sale! From December 12th until December 22nd, you can save 20% on all Klarus flashlights! Whether you're wanting a tactical light, an outdoor light, or a light for work, Klarus has it all! Just use the coupon code HOLIDAY20 to save 20% on any Klarus flashlight. The coupon excludes refurbished items. Let's take a look at some of the awesome Klarus flashlights we have to offer.

Klarus XT21X 4000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

best tactical flashlight klarus xt21x

First, the king tactical flashlight of 2019 which is the Klarus XT21X! This amazing flashlight delivers 4000 lumens of power while still remaining fairly compact. It is an extremely bright flashlight that is also versatile so you can use it for multiple applications. It features a triple switch design with dual tail switches and a side switch that functions separately. The tail switches give you access to a momentary on, One-Touch Turbo, and One-Touch Strobe or One-Touch Low. Whereas the side switch will give you a built-in memory function along with a One-Touch Low and access to the SOS mode.

Along with its multiple brightness levels, this flashlight also features two programmable settings: the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting. The settings are only going to affect the tail switch operation. In the Tactical Setting, you'll have access to a One-Touch Strobe whereas in the Outdoor Setting, you will have access to a One-Touch Low. And as I said, the operation for the side switch will remain the same no matter which setting you have the flashlight in. It's quite easy to switch between settings whenever you would like, thus giving you more options and how you'd like to operate the flashlight.

The XT21X is a rechargeable flashlight and has a micro USB port located on it. So you never actually have to remove the battery if you don't want to. Just charge up the light and you're good to go. You can monitor the charging status and battery capacity status as well through the indicator located around that side switch. Speaking of the battery, the XT21X runs on a 21700 battery. This is quite a powerful battery with a 5000mAh capacity and Klarus does include one of these batteries with the XT21X. So make sure to check out the most popular tactical flashlight of this year, the Klarus XT21X.

Klarus XT11X Compact Tactical Flashlight

klarus xt11x 3200 lumen tactical flashlight

If you're wanting a flashlight that's a little more compact than the XT21X, then let's look at the Klarus XT11X. This is quite a compact flashlight, easy to clip onto your belt or pocket with the included clip. It delivers 3200 lumens of power with a wonderfully wide and diffused beam that allows you to see practically everything around you.

The XT11X features the same triple switch operation that the XT21X features. So you will get the dual tail switches and single side switch. It features multiple outputs as well as the same two programmable settings that the XT21X has. In fact, the XT11X has many similarities to the XT21X from the programmable settings to its USB rechargeability.

The main differences between these flashlights would be the output, size, design, and battery. The XT11X actually runs on an 18650 battery which Klarus does include with the flashlight. You can also equip the XT11X with two CR123A batteries or two Klarus 16340 batteries. So you have quite a few options of which power source you'd like to use with the XT11X. This is an excellent handheld tactical flashlight, check out the Klarus XT11X.

Klarus FX10 Adjustable Focus Flashlight

adjustable focus flashlight klarus fx10

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about the Klarus FX10. This is a fantastic tactical flashlight. Not only is it powerful enough to deliver 1000 lumens, but it also features an adjustable focus which allows you to choose between a spotlight and a flood light. Once you have a flashlight that features an adjustable focus, you won’t be able to turn back. They can quickly become your go-to flashlights simply because of how versatile choosing the beam pattern is.

The FX10 has a smooth adjustable beam that is seamless as you switch between the flood and the spot. The beam pattern with the flood and the beam pattern with the spotlight are both really great. Sometimes with adjustable focus flashlights, you may find that one or both beam patterns are a little wonky. Not so with the FX10. You'll get excellent beam patterns no matter which beam you choose to go with.

Operating the FX10 is exactly the same as operating the XT11X and the XT21X, so I won't go into it. Needless to say, you do have the triple switch design, you do have the programmable settings, you do have a USB rechargeable function, and you do have a battery capacity indicator. Klarus tactical flashlights are extremely versatile so that they're able to be used in different situations.

The Klarus FX10 is an 18650 flashlight, but can also be equipped with two CR123A batteries or two Klarus 16340 batteries. Klarus does include an 18650 battery with the purchase of this flashlight and that's always a perk. So when you purchase this LED flashlight you're ready to go on all accessories. If you're wanting an adjustable focus tactical flashlight, check out the Klarus FX10.

Concluding Remarks

So that makes three awesome flashlights listed above that you can save 20% on from December 13th through December 22nd. If one of these three flashlights doesn't strike your fancy, take a look at our Klarus flashlights and see which one calls out to you. We have several amazing flashlights to choose from and now is the perfect time to gift a friend or family member an amazing LED flashlight.

Remember, while checking out use the coupon code HOLIDAY20 to save 20% on any Klarus LED flashlight. This coupon code will end on December 22nd. This coupon code is not valid on any refurbished flashlights, Klarus accessories, or Klarus batteries. Happy shopping!

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