Get Ready for Camping with the Klarus ST15R LED Flashlight

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Get Ready for Camping with the Klarus ST15R LED Flashlight

It’s starting to get warmer outside and it’s time to shed those winter coats. Camping season is just around the corner and many of us are thrilled about that! It’s important to make sure your camping gear is up to snuff. If you’re considering upgrading your camping flashlight we have a suggestion for you. Check out the new Klarus ST15R outdoor flashlight. This particular flashlight has a lot to offer and is a great tool to carry with you while camping, hiking, or pretty much doing any other outdoor activity. Let’s take a look at what the ST15R has to offer.

Powerful and Compact Flashlight

First, let’s talk about the size of this LED flashlight. The ST15R is a good carrying size at less than 5.5 inches in length. You could easily clip it onto your pocket or carry it in your bag. It’s made to travel wherever you go and it’s very lightweight so it won’t add hardly any extra weight to what you’re already carrying. The design on the ST15R is great as well. It features grooved lines that curve around the flashlight ensuring a firm anti-slip grip on the flashlight.

Equipped with a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED, the ST15R delivers 1200 lumens, perfect for illuminating around you. It features a wonderful focused beam with a good balance of spill so that you’re able to see into the distance while lighting up everything in front of you. The ST15R features a max beam distance of 260 meters which is a great distance for this compact flashlight.

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Klarus ST15R 1200 Lumen Flashlight

We also want to touch on the accessory items that come with this LED flashlight. Not only do you get a Klarus 18650 battery (which we’ll talk about more later), you also receive a bike mount, white diffuser, lanyard, USB charging cable, and spare o-ring. Some of those accessories are pretty standard when purchasing flashlights, but we’re particularly excited about the bike mount and white diffuser. Typically, you need to purchase these items separately so it’s great that it comes with the ST15R. Considering the price point of the flashlight and the accessories included, it’s a steal! Not to mention, the white diffuser and bike mount make the ST15R more prepared as an outdoor flashlight to meet your outdoor needs.

Simple LED Flashlight User Interface

There’s not much of a learning curve when it comes to operating the ST15R. If you’re familiar with other Klarus flashlights, especially their tactical flashlights, you may know that they really like to pack as many features into the user interface as possible. With the ST15R, the user interface is simple enough that playing with the flashlight for just a few moments will teach you how it works. It features a tail switch that turns on and off the flashlight along with a side switch that cycles through the modes. You also get a built-in memory function which is an excellent feature to have in an outdoor flashlight.

Multiple Outputs for Versatility

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Multiple Outputs for Versatility with the Klarus ST15R

With the ST15R LED flashlight you’ll have access to a total of seven outputs. This includes four brightness levels that range from 10 lumens to 1200 lumens. While it’s nice to have that 1200 lumens, it’s important to have lower brightness levels when it comes to outdoor flashlights. Not only does it help to conserve the battery, but it also won’t blind you and your companions in close quarters. Using the lowest brightness level, the ST15R can last up to 200 hours with a fully charged battery! If you plan your usage right, you wouldn’t need to change out the batteries or charge the flashlight on a weekend camping trip which is a plus.

Klarus also included three flashing modes in case of emergency. You have the strobe mode, SOS mode, and beacon mode. The ST15R is prepared for anything and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a way to defend yourself as well as call attention to yourself if anything were to happen. An SOS mode and a beacon mode are particularly good for outdoor excursions. If you were to get lost or injured you could use your ST15R to signal your location.

USB Rechargeable Flashlight

The ST15R is a USB rechargeable flashlight which adds to its convenience and ease of use. With a rechargeable flashlight you don’t need to worry about purchasing any extra batteries or battery chargers. The micro USB port is located on the side of the flashlight and is protected with a silicone cover. Just plug it into any micro USB cable and you’re good to go. Around the side switch, there’s also a charging indicator so you can know when the battery is charging and when it’s finished. Once you have a rechargeable flashlight it’s tough to go back to a non rechargeable one unless you already have a battery charger and back up batteries on hand. It’s always great to see a rechargeable flashlight like the Klarus ST15R.

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Klarus ST15R Rechargeable Flashlight

High-Quality 18650 Battery

As we mentioned before, the ST15R does come with a Klarus 18650 li-ion 2600 mAh battery. However, you’re able to equip it with other 18650 batteries, a pair of CR123A batteries, or a pair of Klarus 16340 batteries. This gives you a few options on what you’d like to power the ST15R with. It’s also great if you like carrying backup CR123A batteries. That charging indicator we mentioned before also functions as a battery capacity indicator which you can check to know around how much charge your battery has left. It’ll also warn you when it’s time to charge the battery which definitely comes in handy.

Durable LED Flashlight

With any outdoor flashlight it’s important to have one that’s durable and prepared for some rough conditions. The ST15R is constructed from a sturdy aluminum alloy and has a hard anodized finish. It’s impact resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX8 standards. It also features an Intelligent Temperature Protection System which will monitor the internal temperature of the flashlight and adjust the output accordingly to make sure the ST15R is performing at its best and safely.

Concluding Remarks

We’re definitely impressed by what the ST15R has to offer. It makes one awesome outdoor flashlight. Not only is it easy to use, powerful, and rechargeable, it also comes with so many great outdoor accessories. If you’re wanting to upgrade your outdoor flashlight, make sure to check out the Klarus ST15R today!

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