Brand New 3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight!

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Brand New 3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight!

We’re all blown away by the newest Klarus release - the Klarus XT11X tactical flashlight! This little beauty can deliver up to 3200 lumens of blinding power! We just got these amazing flashlights in. You can order your XT11X today and be sure you're one of the first to get this amazing flashlight. So now that you're hooked with that 3200 lumens, let's talk about some of the features of this amazing flashlight.

3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Features of the Klarus XT11X

First thing to notice is the size. The XT11X is a compact handheld flashlight that's less than 6 inches long. It's not the typical everyday carry flashlight, but it's still easy to carry using the included pocket clip or holster. It features an orange peel textured deeper reflector so you'll probably get a broad beam although the XT11X has a maximum beam throw of 283 meters so you do get a bit of throw in there. It features the stainless steel bezel that you can remove if you don't like it, but makes an excellent self-defense tool. The XT11X is made with versatility and power in mind. It has a triple switch design that includes dual tail switches and a side switch. So you can choose which you prefer to operate the flashlight with, either the side switch or the dual tail switches. The side switch features a One-Touch Low, lockout mode, and a mode memory function. The dual tail switches feature a momentary on, a lockout feature, a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low depending on which setting you choose which we’ll get to in a minute. So already you can decide how you prefer to operate the flashlight at any given time.

Best Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X

The XT11X also features multiple outputs including four brightness levels that range from 15 lumens to 3200 lumens, a strobe mode, and an SOS mode. The different brightness levels ensure that no matter the situation you're ready with the right lumens by your side. While 3200 lumens is incredibly impressive, it's very unnecessary in smaller rooms where 100 lumens would suffice and actually be softer on your eyes. With the strobe mode and SOS mode you are prepared for any potential emergency. The XT11X also features two programmable settings that you can choose between or switch between at any moment. The Tactical Setting gives you access to a One-Touch Strobe and a One-Touch Turbo. The Outdoor Setting gives you access to a One-Touch Turbo, a One-Touch Low, and the SOS mode. The main difference between these two settings is what the secondary tail switch can do when you press it down. If it's more important for you to have an instant strobe because you're using this flashlight for home defense or for security then the Tactical Setting would be perfect. If you're going camping or enjoying outdoor activities then the Outdoor Setting might be better for you because that low mode will really conserve the battery and will be more useful in close up settings. Like I said before, you can switch between these two settings at any time given your circumstances, allowing you to tailor the light to exactly what you need when you need it.

The XT11X is USB rechargeable making it even more convenient. There's a USB port located on the side of the flashlight that's protected by a silicone cover to ensure that water, dirt, or grime do not get into the port. This tactical flashlight has an Intelligent Charging System that monitors the charging status, prevents overcharging, and limits the maximum charging current to 1A to prevent damage and allow for safer charging. You can also monitor the charging status by referring to the charging indicator located on the side switch. The indicator will glow red while it's charging, green when the charging is finished, and yellow if the battery is not taking charge for some reason. The charging indicator also doubles as a battery capacity indicator that allows you to check the status of the battery while you're using the flashlight at any time. The indicator will glow green when the battery is 70 to 100% charged, yellow or orange when it's 30 to 70% charged, red when it's 10 to 30% charged, and it will flash red when it's under 10%. Once it starts flashing we highly recommend that you either charge your flashlight or switch the battery out if you need to continue to use the flashlight.

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Speaking of batteries, the XT11X comes with a high quality Klarus IMR 18650 battery with a 3100 mAh capacity. The XT11X can run on multiple battery types including an 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries. It's important to be aware that if you use a battery other than an 18650 you might not see the full 3200 lumens. The XT11X features an Intelligent Battery Identification System that will adjust the maximum output to match the equipped battery discharge capability. If a battery is not powerful enough to provide the 3200 lumens then the flashlight is not going to push it to do so. This is an excellent feature to have because it will ensure that your flashlight and your equipped battery remain safe. Either way, it's excellent that you can equip the XT11X with multiple battery types giving you more options.

You can expect a high quality product when buying a Klarus flashlight. The XT11X is constructed from a high quality aerospace aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish to resist wear and heat. The lens is super strong to protect the LED inside and the flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX8 standards. That’s one tough torch!

3200 Lumen LED Flashlight Klarus XT11X

Pre-Order the Klarus XT11X today!

Durable, safe, tactical, convenient, versatile, the positives for the XT11X goes on and on. We expect that this flashlight will be the most popular flashlight for 2018. This tactical flashlight is truly phenomenal with all the different features that it has and that 3200 lumen power is incredible. Be one of the first to get Klarus XT11X 3200 Lumen tactical flashlight.

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